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So, I"m only using one warder, so it's not been relavent ot me, but my daughter started one today, who's racial pet she liked. She went around taming ore pets and overwrote her racial pet with another in the same family. Now, am I correct that there is no way to get that pet back? It's a crocadile and I'm not aware of any lowbie crocs for her to tame?

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There's lowbie crocs, for example the ones in Timorous that are level 12 at the Gorowyn Beach Station. I'm not sure if they're tameable or not though.

You can also tame creatures of any level as long as you can get to the area safely and have a player who can weaken it to the point you can tame it. I managed to get a level 75 warder for the appearance last night on my level 12 Beastlord thanks to a nice person.

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also low level crocs in darklight wood .. razormaws near the fishing NPC on the bridge

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