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Old 07-03-2012, 09:14 AM   #1

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Have a few questions that I was hoping someone could answer regarding upcoming changes to PvP

  1. It has been stated no more flying during warfields.  But what about racial ability flying, leaping, gliding, and mount run speed?
  2. How is ability modifier going to be factored in with the upcoming changes?  Especially to fighter percentage based heals and 'level agnostic bgs'?  Specifics on the formulas would be ideal.
  3. It has been stated that existing PvP gear will be removed entirely from all merchants.  What about player made PvP gear?  Will it be removed, altered or will more recipes be released?
  4. Since PvP/PvE will no longer be truly separated, are all PvE gear procs going to work in PvP/BGs now?  Specifically the mastercrafted/fabled gear that says 'if not engaged in PvP'?
  5. There is a lot of discussion about lower tiers possibly having full access to class/subclass/shadows tabs for remaining somewhat competetive in 30-89 'level agnostic bgs', is this true?  
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Old 07-03-2012, 01:32 PM   #2

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Omougi wrote:

Leaping, Gliding, and Flying mounts should all be affected by this change.

Omougi already gave the info on your question #1.

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Ability modifier is subject to the same kind of diminishing returns as a boatload of other stats will have re pve / pvp conversion rate.

ie 187 pve ability mod = 140 pvp ability mod, but 951 pve is only 385 pvp ability mod on test atm.

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