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Old 10-29-2018, 12:14 AM   #31

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Glad to see some of these issues are being addressed, but that's what testing is for! Thanks!
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Oh! In this case it is intentional, as there might be a time when it can be updated in multiple zones. Thank you for keeping an eye on these details!

~ Kaitheel
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Old 11-06-2018, 07:19 PM   #33

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Quest: Dark Power Desires

I am out here today on this quest with two other groups hunting, then one left, so it was just two of us. I'm playing my conjy geared in T2-T3 PoP raid gear. I am flying low and rounding up all the basilisks and efreeti I can at once then AOEing them down. ACT says I started slaughtering in this area at 12:25:04PM, and I got my last update at 12:42:07PM for a total of 17 minutes or so getting these updates. Here's what I killed in that 17 minutes:
  • a Doomfire chaplain (5)
  • a Doomfire charmer (3)
  • a Doomfire guardian (2)
  • a Doomfire protector (2)
  • a Doomfire pyrefiend (3)
  • a Doomfire ragefiend (5)
  • a Doomfire sentry (5)
  • a Doomfire wizard (9)
  • a fiery basilisk (32)

The basilisks seem to be spawning a bit too fast, unless they're placeholders for the efreeti. I keep having them spawn underfoot as I'm killing the last group I've rounded up.
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