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Ask and ye shall recieve... in due time. SMILEY

Mysidia sat alone in her cell. The Citadel was eerily quiet. She didn’t hear the pacing of the guards or the distant chatter from various other chambers. The world was still; she was sure it was night.

She had begun to make a crude altar in the days she had been removed and placed to and from her cell. Drin-Sha still made her fight in the arena at least twice a week. This week, it had been considerably less. And almost as if magic itself protected her soul, she always managed to just make it out alive.

Her arms and legs were brilliantly colored now. She had sat through painstaking hours of tattoo after tattoo that Drus had given her. He had never seen someone so adorned before, save the Barbarians. Each one meant something to her. Each curve, every shade, spoke a pictorial prayer. She remembered the woad markings her people used to carry into battle. Some were elaborate, some were discreet. Her mother used to have a beautiful phoenix along her back.

She remembered asking her mother about it and why she chose the phoenix. Her mother took Mysidia’s child face into her hands and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. “The Phoenix is the familiar of the Royal family, Mysidia. He protects all of us and one day, He will protect you.”

The last tattoo Drus put on her was an intricate Phoenix along her back and spine. The head of the bird looked up, as if to cry to the heavens. His wings wrapped around her shoulders and his fiery wing tips delicately traced down her arms towards her wrists. Trails of fire cascaded down her back and his tail ended just before her tailbone.

“Why on earth would ye want somethin’ that big, lass?”, Drus asked confused.

“It was a promise from my mother.”, came her reply.

“This will take some time.”, Drus commented.

“That’s all I have in here.”, she muttered quietly.

As the days grew, Mysidia became more and more withdrawn into herself. The friends that she managed to make while in the Citadel would end up dead the day after. The only friend that seemed to persevere as she did, was Drus.

Drus knew the warning signs. Her hope was fading. The more her hope faded, the more intricate the designs were for her tattoos. He decided to keep an extra eye on her.

Mysidia prayed that night. It had been a great while since she had prayed to her goddess, Tunare. Since Mysidia found out that the gods abandoned Norrath, Mysidia began to question her faith very seriously. Tunare had abandoned her race and now, the land. Mysidia remembered the ceremonies and prayers by heart, and tried to do her best with what little she had.

She sprinkled dust from the earth around her crudely made altar and placed her hands together in prayer.

“Great Mother, I am in need of your guidance. I am so desperate for a shred of hope…”, Mysidia began. She could feel the lump well up in her throat. She swallowed hard and continued.

“I don’t think I will make it out alive. I feel my life’s cycle coming to a close, here. I… I have failed you, Great Mother. I wasn’t able to complete the prophecy, Your Task…”, Mysidia stopped, feeling the tears fall down her face.

“If I am to have a choice of how I die here, let me do it fighting. Please don’t let me waste away caged… Please.”, she begged. She laid her head gently on her crude pallet and closed her eyes.

She was brashly awoken early in the morning by rough hands pulling her up to her feet and shoved into the hallway. She barely had enough time to wipe the sleep from her eyes before being dragged down towards the arena slave pens.

“Here, put these on.”, an orc barked at her. Disheveled, she put the leather armor on her body and stumbled out into the middle of the arena. She was confused. It wasn’t uncommon to fight like this unscheduled, but this early in the morning was unheard of. They usually put her to work in the Citadel first before fighting her.

She looked around her and grew even more confused when she had seen there were no other orcs around to watch the match. Standing by the large thrones were the Dark Elf she had seen earlier, Drin-Sha, and a more elaborately decorated Orc. She surmised it was the Emperor.

“The Emperor was impressed to hear of your latest victories, Rydian. So much so that he has requested a private showing of your talents.”, Drin-Sha said. Were her eyes deceiving her or was there a glint of fear in Drin’Sha’s voice? Seeing that Mysidia was his ticket out of the Citadel, it shouldn’t have surprised her.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend…”

Hours before, the Tier’Dal had gone to Drin-Sha with the proposal of an early morning battle. Since the meeting with Akahsha, Val’eth’s urgency to have Mysidia killed had skyrocketed. If Akahsha was going to finish her job, and she would, he would have had to pay her and hand her over the proper paperwork to clear her name. If Val’eth simply had Mysidia killed on his own, none of this would have to have taken place and he could walk out slightly richer and more in favor of the Overlord. Either way, in his eyes, Mysidia would die. It was simply a matter of how much it would cost him in the end.

“She would be vulnerable fighting so early. The advantage would be ours.”, Val’eth grinned.

“Yours, you mean.”, Drin-Sha said not amused. He didn’t exactly like being woken up so early in the morning, either. Val’eth raised his eyebrows in questioning. “Your advantage. I highly doubt it would to be to anyone else’s advantage this early in the morning.”, Drin-Sha scowled and yawned.

“Are my ears deceiving me in my old age, or are you actually protecting the girl?”, Val’eth challenged.

“Mind yourself, Tier’Dal.”, the elder orc growled.

“Your actions as of late, towards the slave, have been questionable. You have seemed to have lightened her arena load the past few days. Rumors have been widely whispered that you even let her sleep past dawn.”, Val’eth said picking at the few scraps of fruit that were on Drin-Sha’s dining table.

“Why, Val’eth, such rumors are beneath you.”, Drin-Sha chided.

“Such rumors are invaluable.”, Val’eth said short, leaving little room for discussion.

“I’m surprised you actually indulge in blood letting this early in the morning. But…”, Drin-Sha paused realizing he could completely blow his cover, “.. if you feel it necessary, have the girl pulled from the pen. You do realize, however, that if she is killed this morning, YOU will have to deal with the orc masses later on. She is a favorite of the arena crowds and has made several of us far richer than before she was here.”

Val’eth sneered. “I’ll take my chances.”

Drin-Sha waved his hand to dismiss the dark elf. As he watched the Tier’Dal leave, he couldn’t help but feel a small flame of fear begin to build in the pit of his stomach. Mysidia had survived the arena countless times before, but how much longer would the law of averages be in her favor?

The wheels were turning in Drin-Sha’s head. If she could merely survive one more fight, he might be able to bargain with the Emperor in putting her into a temporary retirement until strong enough to fight again. Perhaps if the Emperor had made a wager and gained a profit, he might see things his way…

Mysidia grabbed the large two handed hammer placed on the side for her. She looked ahead of her and watched with a grim curiosity as the double doors opened. Her eyes widen with shock as she witnessed Drin’Sha’s bodyguard slowly walking through.

The orc was enormous in size and already carried a few scars on his body from previous battles he’s fought and won in. He carried a large pole, with what appeared to be a large crude cement block on the end. Mysidia knew that if she got in the way of such a weapon, it’d be the end of her.

She gripped her hammer tightly and let out a deep breath slowly, focusing on the impending battle.


The bowels of the Citadel would be as bleak and miserable as one would expect. The rank of gritty mud and orc sweat permeated through the roughly carved cavern walls. The sounds of rock picks “tinkered” off of the large boulders, echoed down the walkways. And of course, the unmistakable sound of the orc slave drivers barking and snapping their whips to keep the workers in line also attributed to the dismal atmosphere.

Faid lead the team forward with a careful and sure foot. With his abilities, they all melded into the shadows around them. Every so often, he would signal back for every to press themselves against the cavern they were snaking around, out of danger. There were a few close calls, but nothing that would render Machene or Kryimsson to unsheathe their sword.

To an untrained eye, everything around the orcs was a simple “business as usual”. Every once in a while, an orc would notice a puddle making an unusual ripple. Since they worked in the caverns, it wasn’t uncommon that a few pebbles drop from the cavern ceiling and so this was overlooked.

Faid carefully pulled out the piece of paper and looked at the crude map Mysidia had drawn for them. He looked ahead of him and tried to picture where to go. Xerbius looked onto the map with him and whispered something while pointing ahead. He nodded and rolled the map away, continuing onward.

“You! You there! Stop!”, an orc shouted in his native tongue. Faid grumbled and turned around realizing their mission just grew increasingly more difficult.


Mysidia quickly dodged out of the way of the orc swinging his mighty two handed crude mace. The thick whoosh sound flew past her head and the strong breeze that followed fluttered the few stray strands of hair away from her face.

Mysidia was already bloody. The orc had gotten in a few decent shots to her body and her side was bleeding badly. The fight in her simply would not give out, however. Drin-Sha watched from the edge of his seat and inwardly winced every time she did take a hit.

The orc, however, was not without mark. Mysidia had landed a few blows of her own and the orc’s head was profusely bleeding. Thick black blood dripped off his misshapen jaw.

Mysidia spun around and with two hands, had her hammer follow. With a gross “crunch”, the hammer found its mark on the thick thigh of the orc. The orc yelled, dropping to his knees. It was highly unlikely that Mysidia had enough force to crack his femur, but his leg was badly injured and the crunch sound gave little evidence to definite bone damage.

With a frustrated satisfaction, Mysidia came at him with her hammer again, this time, catching the orc by the side of the head. Brain matter shot out the other end and the orc fell lifeless to the ground with a loud and shaking “thud”.

Mysidia fell to her knees looking up at her captors with anger flashing in her eyes. She could feel herself get lightheaded. She looked down at her wound in her side. It was deep and if left untreated, mortal.

She slumped down onto the arena floor and felt her blood begin to pool underneath her. She simply closed her eyes and awaited the inevitable.


Machene ran through the cavern walkways, dodging the orcs that chased him and his group. The sound of feet stomping through puddles could be heard as well as the airy sound of yells from behind them.

They all ran through a large circular cavern and stopped short when they heard a large “thud” come from above them. Faid stopped and looked up as he saw several dust clouds and pebbles come from above.

“What was that?”, Xerbius asked trying to catch his breath.

“We must be underneath the arena.”, Faid noticed. “But why would they be fighting so early?”

They all paused and looked at one another. They all knew what was going on but no one wanted to speak the unthinkable.

“We better move.”, Machene said with a slight shake in his voice. They all ran down the walkway and headed up the stairs.


The orcs threw Mysidia’s body into her cell. She was too weak to fight or yelp. Her body was broken. Blood dripped off her fingers on her arm that was draped over her side. Her glassy eyes looked up as the orcs left her and closed the cell behind them.

Drin-Sha did all he could in getting a shaman to look in on her, but if he pushed the issue, it would seem suspicious. His hands were tied and the means of his escape was dying in a cell hundreds of feet away.

Mysidia looked at her crude altar. A tear streamed down her bloody face. Such a noble race only to be belittled by a dishonorable death in a filthy slave cell.. She closed her eyes and began to picture herself standing next to Tunare…


Hundreds of orc bodies littered the halls of the Citadel. The wild and fierce look of a true Berserker dangerously lit Machene’s eyes as he tried to look for his wife. No orc was safe and the more he witnessed of their barbaric lifestyle, the wilder the look grew.

He began to see images of slave chains and patches of blood stains on several of the walls. Picturing his wife enduring any of that sent him in fits of rage. One orc face was just as similar as another. The bodies fell like flies. So long as Feja kept them all warded, the orcs would continue to do so; fall.

They rounded a corner and a wash of relief spread over their faces when they saw the familiar sight of the slave cells. Each one broke off of the group to look in a cell. Machene held a deep hope that the cell he chose, she would be inside, waiting for him.

The cell he approached, he couldn’t have been more wrong or more horrified. A rotting corpse laid cold against one of the walls, its wrist shackled and its grim face twisted under the decomposition. Yet, the look was eerily calm, as if to accept and welcome the release death would bring.

Fear froze within Machene’s chest as he looked at the corpse. Nothing betrayed it to be Mysidia and Machene tried desperately to look for some clue, something familiar to show who that was.

The corpse had been there for a few weeks and from what he could tell, simply died of starvation. Machene sank slowly to his knees as he held out his hand to try and touch it, tears stinging his eyes.

“Machene! Here!”, Faid yelled looking into one of the cells. He jumped up to his feet and ran over to him, nearly shoving Faid over. Everyone else came running to see what it was that Faid saw.

Relief struck everyone when they recognized Mysidia’s body inside the cell. And yet, the state she was in, she was barely recognizable. Her skin was blood spattered and grimy from neglect. Vibrant tattoos decorated her arms and legs and from the angle she was laying in, they could barely make out the Phoenix on her back. Machene nearly collapsed with relief when he saw her chest rise and fall with her breathing. He had to remember to breathe, himself.

That was when he noticed the small pool of blood collecting underneath her. Machene turned to Faid. “She’s bleeding. We need to get in. Can you…?”

“Already done, my man.”, Faid said holding up his lock pick. The door swung open with a loud hollowing squeak.

Feja and Machene entered first with Faid, Austforbeer, Kryimsson, and Xerbius to try and look around them both.

Feja dropped to her knees and began to examine Mysidia’s frail body. A grim look grabbed her face when she began to probe her furry fingers into some of her wounds.

“She’s alive, but these wounds are serious.”, she said taking off her pack.

“We can’t wait for you to start healing her now, Feja. Those orcs will be back and you can bet they’ll be bringing friends.”, Xerbius mentioned.

“If I don’t treat the major ones now, I will be risking a resurrection later.”, Feja said stern.

“What are those marks on her legs and back?”, Faid asked curious.

“They are the Frak-shol Tunare. The written prayer.”, Machene and Kryimsson both said in unison.

“Aren’t they supposed to be temporary?”, Austforbeer asked noticing them as well.

Machene held the lump in his throat as he answered. He swallowed hard replying, “Only if you plan on surviving. She didn’t think she would make it out of here alive.”

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Very good one SMILEY

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Ooooo SAVED!   More more more more more more   :smileyvery-happy:
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*lets out his breath*


Although, somehow I doubt that Drin-sha is going to just let her vanish; what with the Emperor being so close at hand. 

Perhaps it's just my sick, twisted writer's mind, but that seemed a little *too* easy.

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WOW! Thank you for such an epic addition. This story is something that I am lookng into twice a day in hope. You have an avid reader here and I would like to see more....


Please Ma'm, can I have some more??? ... :smileytongue:

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Only because you asked so nicely. SMILEY

Feja had patched up Mysidia’s wounds to the best of her ability with what little time she had. When she was sure Mysidia could survive the transport, Machene gathered her up in his arms and they began to leave the Citadel.

Kryimsson struck out first seeing as he was the most equipped for whatever surprises would come their way. His sword was at the ready. Xerbius wasn’t too far behind him, ready to blast anything that moved. Faid kept a sharp eye on any secret passage they could take, that would hasten their escape. Feja, of course, kept watch on Mysidia and Austforbeer kept up the rear with his bow knocked.

Xerbius looked around at other cells and saw several slaves reaching out to them all. He turned to Machene who was looking intently on his wife. “What about the others? Are we going to leave them behind?”

Machene looked at several of the slaves and noticed the poor condition they were in. They wouldn’t live the rest of the month out with the conditions they were given. He nodded slowly. “Set them all free. As many as you can find.”

Slavery was such a nasty trade and always was kept out the line of sight for many of the transport officials that roamed the docks and other ports. Slavery, outside of Freeport, was illegal. That was the law. But still, Freeportians have been known to turn a blind eye if the profit permitted it.

Machene’s own parents were slaves, once. Long ago, his parents’ village was conquered by a tribe of Snow Orcs. His parents were captured and turned out to slavery. His mother and father exchanged several ownership’s hands before being finally set free. Machene remembers the horrifying tales his mother used to tell him, to warn him on such evils that existed.

So naturally, slavery had always struck a chord with Machene. Before the Rendering, before Mysidia, Machene spent his days pillaging the Dervish Camps and setting their slaves free. Then he met Mysidia and her cause became his.

“The arena cells should be just up the hall, here.”, Faid nodded ahead of them. “It’s not too far out of our way and there’s a passageway we can use to easily escape the orc masses.”

Machene grunted Faid on. When Xerbius unlocked the arena slave cell, hundreds of slaves came pouring out rejoicing. The slave to orc ratio was far greater than the orcs had realized and soon, any resistance from the orcs was thwarted. Slaves were running every which way. Faid mentioned that using the chaos to their advantage would probably be a wise approach to escaping the Citadel. Xerbius agreed.

A short battle worn Dwarf had approached Machene. He was covered in a vibrant woad from head to toe, it seemed. The moment the Dwarf noticed Mysidia, he looked up at Machene nodded. “Ye take care of that lass. She’s a special one.”

“You know her?”, Machene asked.

“Aye. She saved me life a few times in th’ ‘rena. Every time I’d return the favor, she’d up me ante.”, the Dwarf said and grinned.

“Your name, Master Dwarf?”, Machene asked rushed.

“Drus. Should ye need anyone to finish off these orcs, I’d be happy joining ye.”, Drus said in a serious tone.

“I’ll be sure to look you up in Qeynos, friend. You best get on with the others. We are heading a different way.”, Machene said and nodded in respect.

Drus walked up to Mysidia and placed a gentle hand on her draping arm. He gave a small smile and ran off with the rest of the slaves.

Faid waved over Machene and pointed towards a narrow but passable hallway. The rest of his group followed down, cautious.


Drin-Sha angrily threw his arms over his dining table and shoved the plates of food onto the floor in a thunderous crash. The only thing louder than the platters hitting the floor was his growl echoing off the stone walls.

“What do you mean she’s GONE?”, he yelled.

Val’eth’s face was pale with fright and the other orcs in Drin-Sha’s chambers flinched under the intensity. Drin-Sha flashed around, his eyes glowing red. He growled low boring holes in Val’eth’s head with his eyes.

“This is YOUR fault!”, Drin-Sha yelled.

“I highly doubt an early morning battle caused your Citadel to be infiltrated, my lord.”, Val’eth said in a shaky voice, but none the less, egotistical.

Drin-Sha quickly back handed Val’eth and caused the dark elf to fly off his feet and crash to the ground on his back side. A stream of blood tugged at the corner of the Tier’Dal’s mouth and he used the back of his hand to wipe some of it away. The look in his eyes was filled with anger, but he knew enough to quell his temper.

Drin-Sha grabbed the nearest orc by the arm. “You go and get me the Captain of the Guards. Do not return to me until you find him.”

“What if he is dead, my lord?”, the orc asked afraid.

“Then you find whoever is next in charge and you keep going down the line until you find someone you CAN bring me. So help me, if you come back here empty handed, I will have you skinned alive and eaten by Fire Mites. DO YOU HEAR ME?”, Drin-Sha yelled.

The orc nodded numbly and Val’eth watched him leave. An evil grin began to spread across his face. He cautiously walked over to Drin-Sha. “Leaving her alive was a dangerous risk. The Emperor will not look on this favorably if she is not returned.”

“You don’t think I already know this?”, Drin-Sha said behind clenched teeth.

“What if I told you I had a contingency plan in place, right now, that would ensure your position here in the Citadel?”, Val’eth said and began to rub his hands together.

Drin-Sha’s eyes narrowed. “What do you have in mind?”

“Mmm…no so much what as who. And let’s just say the only thing it will cost you is a bit of faith and half her fee.”, Val’eth said and placed a hand on Drin-Sha’s shoulder.

Akahsha sat comfortably on the cliff overlooking the Citadel. It was late in the morning and she was finishing up her breakfast of dried meat, cheese, and peasant loaf. She had made herself a few crude sandwiches and was quite content in being warmed by the sun.

She had watched the motley crew of Qeynosians slink into the Citadel undetected. She knew they would have to come out sooner or later, unless they were slain in the process. She decided to give them until nightfall before following them in to find Mysidia.

The conversation with Val’eth had left her even hungrier to finish her job. She’d be able to clear her family name and have a nice nest egg to get herself started. She’d never have to sleep in the streets or eat scraps tossed out for the rats. She’d be a functioning part of society never again to be treated like a leper.

When the early hours of the afternoon hit, she was busy dipping her arrow tips into the vial of poison she had made days earlier. Something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. She saw ripples streak across the water of the moat with various bodies wading their way across. Her eyes narrowed curiously. She didn’t recognize any of the people coming out of the Citadel.

When she saw the people reach the land on the other side, she raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Clever.”, she muttered realizing that it was the slaves that were coming out in droves, not Mysidia’s rescuers themselves.

Then she saw Faid and Kryimsson coming out another exit far away from the slaves. Taking her cue, she stood up and placed her arrows in her quiver. She lifted her bow and shimmered into the shadows around her, disappearing from sight.


“We need to get far away enough from the Citadel before I can Escape all of us.”, Austforbeer declared. “I don’t want to draw any unwanted attention by using it.”

“Smart move.”, Faid said and nodded.

Machene lifted Mysidia’s body higher in his arms as he waded his way across the moat. With his height, he easily kept his head and Mysidia’s out of the water. When they reached land, Feja instructed him to lay her down on the ground so that she could give her a once over.

Machene stood up and stretched, easing his stiffing back. Kryimsson was attentively looking around, making sure nothing dangerous was within reach.

“She’s very weak.”, Feja said quietly. “But her spirit is strong. We need to get her to safety where she can recuperate.”

“Will she…”, Machene asked, his green eyes full of fear.

“Yes, she will be fine, if we can get her out of here. My spells and medicines will only draw attention. The further away we can distance ourselves from here, my lord, the better off we all will be.”, Feja said and slung her medicine bag over her shoulder.

The fur on Austforbeer’s neck began to rise. A small whirling sound began to buzz around him, and he spun around trying to pinpoint the origin. He flicked his ears forward and the cat slit in his eyes dilated to focus.

“What’s that….”, Faid began to say. The moment Austforbeer and Faid recognized the sound, they both dodged out of the way.

On a near by rock, a distinct “Plink” was heard. Machene, Xerbius, and Kryimsson all shot looks towards the rock and the watched curiously as an arrow caused a small spark and fall softly to the ground.

Xerbius picked up the arrow and looked it over. Austforbeer recognized the arrowhead. He cursed as he growled.

“Tier’Dal Assassins. RUN!”, Aust shouted as he quickly picked up his bow and arrows. Machene scooped up Mysidia in his arms and the entire party began to charge up the hill in front of them.

Faid moved his arm ahead of him and used the other to guide the rest of the group ahead. “MOVE, MOVE!!!”, Faid shouted.

Another arrow shot out of nowhere. It zipped by Kryimsson’s head and stuck into the dead tree next to him. His eyes widen with shock. He actually felt the breeze from the arrow, it was so close.

“Great Seven Hammers!”, Kryimsson exclaimed.

“Keep going! Don’t stop for anything until I say so!”, Aust yelled to the front of the group.

The Kerran ranger turned around and knocked three arrows into his bow. Pulling back, he released them into the area in front of him, hoping to pierce whoever was firing.

Akahsha’s eyes widen and she quickly rolled to the side to get out of the line of fire. A small dust cloud betrayed her location. She cursed realizing her mistake.

“Got you.”, Aust said grinning. He knocked another arrow and fired towards the dust cloud.

Akahsha twisted to the side, but not before the arrow nicked her arm. She grabbed it and fell to her knees. Feeling the warm blood trickle down her fingers she shot a blazing look towards the Kerran male.

Aust began to skitter backwards up the hill, keeping another arrow knocked and ready to fire. Faid slid down the rocky hill and grabbed Aust by the arm. The ranger turned to Faid and nodded for both of them to move back up.

“What is it?”, Feja asked concerned for the welfare of her husband.

“It’s Akahsha. I’m sure of it.”, Faid said helping Aust climb up the hill.

Once Austforbeer had returned with the rest of the group, his Evacuation ability was used. The entire group shimmered in a bright light and flashed into nothingness. Akahsha, not willing to be outrun, used her own ability to follow after them.

The entire group ended up on the docks and Faid, Xerbius, and Kryimsson all ran towards the guards to explain the situation. Machene laid Mysidia carefully on the ground and knelt next to her while Feja began to further use her abilities to heal Mysidia.

Austforbeer handed over one of the arrows that was shot at them. Machene looked over the arrowhead and sniffed the unusual green sticky substance and the end. The sharp acrid odor made him quickly turn away.

“Poison, and a strong one.”, Austforbeer acknowledged. “We’re not dealing with a first year Assassin.”

“If she’s anything like her mother, no. Akahsha was one of the best. I can only imagine her daughter followed suit.”, Machene said remembering the original Akahsha.

Mysidia had hired the original Akahsha to be her royal spy. She had saved Akahsha’s life from the pits of the Iksar dungeons years prior to her hiring. That Akahsha was dangerous and she had left a rather infamous VIP list in her wake. Mysidia knew the key to winning a war wasn’t merely done on a battlefield. It required strategy beyond the sword and shield. Akahsha was nicknamed Mistress of the Blade and she lived up to it very well.

Akahsha had renounced her Tier’Dal ways, including the god Innoruk. She had chosen her patron god to be Bristlebane, which was quite a shock to some. Mysidia knew her on a more sisterly intimate level and Akahsha had quite a sense of humor. Her deity choosing was fitting. It was sad to see that her daughter didn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps with personality. It appeared that the daughter took up her father’s hatred and her mother’s deadly skills; a formidable opponent to anyone who dared to cross her path.

“She needs to rest now. We need to get her to a bed.”, Feja said wiping her hands on a cloth she had removed from her bags.

“I doubt the conditions here are conducive to hygienic and healing.”, Austforbeer noticed looking around.

“Find out when the next ship is scheduled to dock, my love.”, Feja said and looked down into Mysidia’s face. She lovingly smoothed away several bloodstained strands away from her face.

“If Akahsha is following us, Feja, we need to get off these docks and quickly. She can slip in easily when we’re all asleep and the guard is minimal. I won’t feel safe until we are sailing away and Zek is in the distance behind us.”, Machene said.

“Agreed, my lord.”, Feja said applying a topical medicine to one of Mysidia’s wounds.

Austforbeer came back with a grim look on his face. “The guards said the last one left a few hours ago and they’re not expecting another one until next week. They offered for us to use their stronghold barracks to lay Mysidia in.”

“It will have to do.”, Feja said and picked up her bag.

“Man the gates! Something’s in the distance!”, one of the guards from the tower shouted.

Aust and Machene both looked at one another and raised an eyebrow. Kryimsson came running back towards them shouting, “It’s th’ slaves! They’ve made it to th’ docks!”

“How is that possible?”, Machene asked. “It took us several hours to get from here to the Citadel.”

Kryimsson laughed slapping a hand on his knee. “Would ye believe it? Some o’ them ransacked th’ orc’s stables and stole some o’ their horses!”

Several minutes later, a large group of disheveled slaves came bounding in on horseback, several them wounded and slumped over in their saddles. Feja squeezed Machene’s arm gently. She grabbed her bag and walked off towards the wounded.

It didn’t take long for a few waves of orcs to come and try to infiltrate the stronghold. Machene kept a keen watch on the cliffs around them. The chaos would have been a prime cover for Akahsha to strike.

“We need to get her out of here.”, Machene said to Austforbeer sternly.

“If you have a few favors to collect from the gods, Machene, now would be a good time to cash in.”, Austforbeer said grimly.

“Faid!”, Machene shouted and waved him to come forward. Faid came bounding down the docks.

“Smuggle her into the barracks undetected and do not leave her side for anything until I return, understood?”, Machene said gravely. Faid nodded.

Machene lifted Mysidia and gently placed her in Faid’s arms. Faid and Mysidia’s figure shimmered into nothingness before them.

“Where are you going?”, Aust asked.

“To prepare. Orcs are not the type to simply lay down and take what we’ve done to them. There is a battle brewing and it will happen before nightfall. I can promise you that.”, Machene said and began to walk away from Aust.

Just when Aust thought half the battle was over in getting Mysidia out, he began to realize that the real trouble had barely begun.

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a contingency plan.. oh come on you cannot stop here i NEED TO KNOW!!!!!
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Absolutly brilliant, Thank you for such an enjoyable read :smileyhappy:


More please :smileytongue:

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Mysidia laid still. She wasn’t entirely sure how long she had been still. She could distinctly feel the warm sun on her face, however, and it made her curious enough to open her eyes. She was taken aback. She was not expecting to be in the place she was.

Beautiful emerald grass gently blew around her in what appeared to be a warm spring breeze. Birds of magnificent colors burst into song around her. Golden sunlight seemed to pour thickly through the surrounding trees and bathe Mysidia in the place where she had slept. She knew exactly where was. Mysidia had made it to the Plane of Growth.

She lifted herself slowly and began to walk towards the sunlight in the distance. Several deer that were eating near by had lifted their head and blinked their dark round liquid eyes in Mysidia’s direction. They seemed to acknowledge her presence almost in reverence.

Mysidia had never seen a place more beautiful than where she was at that moment. Even in the youngest days of Rydia, they were nothing compared to the awesome beauty that Tunare had given the Plane of Growth.

Mysidia took out her braid and let her long hair hang, enjoying the breeze that seemed to play with it. She looked at her arms and side. Her wounds were non-existent but her tattoos still remained and almost seemed to glow with a divine luminescence all their own.

Something caught Mysidia’s eye. She turned to a leaf on a nearby tree. Sitting on the leaf, washing her hands in a dew drop, was a small woman with intricately colored wings. The woman turned to see Mysidia watching her and gave her a warm smile. Mysidia instantly recognized the creature as being a Sylph.

The Rydian heritage has long been shrouded in mystery and legend. The origins were widely whispered of a grove of Fae Nymphs that was blessed by Tunare. Fae is merely an umbrella term, encompassing several different species underneath it. Fae is to Nymph as what Elf is to Woodelf. There are several different kinds of Fae. Sylph would be among them. Species wise, Mysidia and the tiny winged creature were “cousins”.

“Mysidia.”, a woman’s voice called out. Mysidia turned her head to see Tunare standing before her. Mysidia’s eyes widen and she immediately fell to her knees, pressing her face hard to the ground.

“Heavenly Mother.”, Mysidia said in return.

Tunare gently bent down to Mysidia and lifted her up onto her feet. She lifted her chin so that Mysidia could look her in the face. The moment Mysidia soaked in Tunare’s beautiful appearance, tears stung her eyes.

“Am…Am I…?”, Mysidia asked looking around.

“Dead? No, but you are here in the Plane of Growth.”, Tunare said looking around.

“Why am I here if I am not dead?”, Mysidia asked confused.

“Rest assure yourself, Child of the Fallen, your task still has not been completed. I have summoned you here because I am concerned. Your faith has faltered since your awakening.”, Tunare said looking down at Mysidia.

Mysidia’s blood ran cold and she froze looking at her patron Goddess. “Oh Great Mother…”, she cried, “…I am so sorry…”

“For what, my child?”, Tunare said and laid a comforting hand on Mysidia’s shoulder.

“I’ve…failed you…”, Mysidia said, tears streaming down her face.

“How?”, Tunare asked giving her a comforting smile.

Mysidia sniffled and looked up at Tunare confused. “The Prophecy…”

Tunare nodded understanding her loving “child” and looked down. “Prophecies are dependant on Time and because of that, it has a strange behavior. Prophecy, like Fate, happens on it’s own time and not when you expect them to.”

“So, it can still happen?”, Mysidia asked. Tunare nodded. “How is that possible? Luclin destroyed most of Norrath. Most of the places that I used to travel to no longer exist.”, Mysidia asked confused.

Tunare waved her hand over a collecting pool of water. The water shimmered with a brilliant light and Mysidia could clearly see a land of sand and rock. As Mysidia viewed it further she began to recognize some of the rock formations and canyon walls.

“That is the Desert of Ro!”, Mysidia exclaimed. Tunare nodded again and the moment she did, the image in the pool changed. Mysidia began to see a land that was completely overgrown with thick vines and rich jungle foliage. She recognized several of the structures including the Druid Ring that was covered in moss and lichen. When she saw the lizardmen walking around, she knew it to be Ferrot. The pool shimmered again and this time, the image of large toadstools and thick glowing vines shone back. When Mysidia recognized the beautiful butterfly wings attached to a dragon, her eyes widen.

“Is that?...”, she began to ask.

“Yes. That is Greater Faydark.”, Tunare answered. “You see, my child, there are many places that still stand. Nature has merely adapted to the changes given to it. Your task is still before you. You simply must learn to change with everything around you before you can continue on your path.”, Tunare said.

“I didn’t see Rydia anywhere in there, Great Mother. What if Luclin has destroyed her completely?”, Mysidia asked and turned around. But Tunare had vanished and left Mysidia alone with her thoughts.


“Secure th’ gate!”, Kryimsson shouted. Just as Machene predicted, the orcs did in fact retaliate. So much so, in fact, that Machene and Kryimsson found themselves at the front lines, fully decked out in their plate armor.

“Just like old times.”, Machene said and grinned.

“It’s time to show them exactly why Rydians are so feared in battle.”, Xerbius said behind them. Kryimsson turned to see his brother adorned in a brilliantly blue robe that seemed to glow with its own inner fire.

Feja stood in front of all of them and raised her furry paw like hands. She closed her eyes and muttered a few words under her breath. “Karana be with you all.”, she said finishing her Mystic blessing.

“Not joining us, my love?”, Aust asked from atop his horse.

“Not this time. You are short on healers and I must tend to the wounded as they come in.”, Feja said and she began to walk away.

“Don’t stray too far, Feja. We may need you.”, Machene said, mounting a large grey war horse.

Feja bowed respectively and said, “As you wish, my lord.”

“I really wish she would stop saying that.”, Machene said adjusting uncomfortably in his saddle.

“To her, your rank is noteworthy. You are the guardian of her ancestor’s Kin-Sha.”, Aust said.

Kin-Sha was a term given by the Vah’Shir that meant “Kindred One”. It meant that you were family in spirit and the bonds far greater than blood, could not sever. The spirits of the two intertwined souls were bound beyond the physical world. It was a great honor to be called this and Mysidia was Kin-Sha to Belle Darkfury; the very first Darkfury in Feja’s Tribe. It is as great an honor as to be called “Catta Thaeja”, in Rydian. In Feja’s eyes, Machene was to be revered for his title and for his task; if not for the fact he was Mysidia’s lifemate as well. Once a Kin-Sha to a tribe, always Kin-Sha no matter how many family members the tribe has or how long the person lives.

Machene nodded slightly, understanding the Kerran and Vah’Shir culture. He grabbed his reigns and nudged his horse towards the forming ranks in the front troops.

“Without the help of the priests, the odds look grim.”, one of the guards said. Machene got the attention of one of the Guard Captains.

“Have you any scout troops?”, Machene asked.

“Yes, but minimal. We were expecting a new shipment of supplies and troops the other day, but the storms at the sea have been delaying the ship. If the orcs had found out about the delay, I fear we would have been overrun by now.”, the captain said.

“Take your scouts and flank the road on either side. Have them hide in the trees and the crevices of the rocks. When the orcs come charging through, have them surround their back and close off the road, trapping them.”, Machene suggested. The captain nodded realizing it was an excellent tactic.

“But what about our front? We’re limited all around.”, the captain said worried.

“My two brothers and I will hold them off long enough for them to be completely surrounded.”, Machene said trying to ease the guard’s fear.

“You and two others?”, he laughed. “Are you mad?”

Machene grinned with a wild look in his eye. “Trust me.”

“I wouldn’t trust bloody Brell if he came up from down below and shoved his blessed Ale in my face and told me to relax. Two warriors and a wizard won’t be able to hold off their army. I don’t care how good you are. Without a healer with you, I might as well have your death shrouds waiting for you.”, the guard said.

“Ye let us worry ‘bout those greenies. Trust us.”, Kryimsson nodded and grinned.

The guard threw up his hands and muttered as he walked away. “Bleedin’ mad, the lot of them. Trust them, they say.”

Machene shook his head and turned his attention to Austforbeer who was waiting patiently for orders. Machene nodded in his direction. “You know what to do. When you’re ready to move into position, light one of your arrows and fire it into the air. Kryimsson, Xerbius, and I will press the line back and we’ll trap them in a fire wall. There should be enough dead wood around to do it.”

Aust nodded and galloped his steed away, leading the scouts towards the hills. Machene turned to Xerbius. “Have your mages ready when the signal comes. When it does, I want you all to blast anything that would remotely look flammable.”

Xerbius nodded and ran off to speak with the mages that were gathered around. The Guard Captain was right. Their numbers were small. They were going to have to give it their all and then some if they were to be victorious.

“Are you ready?”, Machene asked withdrawing his sword.

“I’m a warrior of Shaddaczarr*. Ye either born ready, or ye die.”, Kryimsson said and withdrew his two handed sword from his back sheath.

Machene dismounted and the two of them stood shoulder to shoulder. They could see the dust flying up in the distance as the orc masses began to edge closer. And as the moment of battle became imminent, fear never struck either one of their hearts. With Mysidia found and safe, both of them felt like they could conquer the world.

“It’s consid’erd a great honor ta die in bat’le where I’m from.”, Kryimsson said cracking his neck.

“Aye. In Halas as well.”, Machene said to his brother-in-law.

“Aye. I know. I think, howev’r, I’ll do tha’ another day.”, Kryimsson said and charged the line that fell upon them.

*Shaddaczarr is the name of the academy which all warriors, mages, and priests alike graduate. It is where Rydians learn of their heritage as well all of their battle secrets. To graduate and be considered a Shaddaczarrian Alumni is one of the greatest honors given, specifically because of the difficulty in attaining such a prestige. If you are called a Shaddaczarrian Warrior, you are among the most elite of the Rydian Royal Army.

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Wonderfullly entertaining as always!!

I loved the way you incorporated the EoF expansion into the story.  Absolutely brilliant. SMILEY

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WOW :smileysurprised:

Nice one, Please write more " more more more I tell you... MORE!!! "

Seriously good writing, an inspiration to myself to write a story.. then it will be your turn to kick my [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] :smileyvery-happy:


Keep up the good work and congrats on 100 posts :smileyhappy:

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Mysidia sat on a large hill watching the sunset in the distance. She had spent all day in the Plane of Growth, admiring the handy work of her patron Goddess. There wasn’t one thing that didn’t scream perfection. The beauty, in indulgence of the senses, wrapped around Mysidia like a comforting blanket.

She was half expecting to see one of her ancestors or even her mother. It would have been nice to have seen someone who was familiar to her. Instead, she was alone with the various thoughts running ramped through her mind.

Rydia, as far as Mysidia knew, was gone. There had been little talks of anything “familiar” of the old world, when Mysidia was in Qeynos. She had heard of stories of ships coming from the far off lands. She vaguely remembered one of them talking of the Sands of Ro, although she was too far away from them to be entirely sure she heard them correctly.

Rydia or Kunark, was gone. If anything of her home had stood the tests of The Shattering, they were probably long gone under hundreds of feet of water. She chuckled at the notion of “adapting”, as the Great Mother said. She would have to grow gills and flippers to complete her task.

She took in a long breath and watched the sky before her run with the colors of gold and pink that soon quickly bled into dark blues and purples. The whisper of a breeze came up behind her and she watched the invisible hand wave across the grass around her. If this is what was to become of her at the moment of her real passing, she was content in spending the rest of eternity in this place.

She heard a faint sound off to the side of her and when she looked over, a large and beautiful gray wolf looked back. Her eyes peered for a moment before she recognized the animal.

“Sabre??”, Mysidia asked, her purple eyes wide with excitement.

“Yes, your majesty.”, Sabre said and inclined his head with a deep respect.

“Your majesty? Oh, come on now. It’s me! Mysidia!”, Mysidia said getting up and walking over to him.

Sabre was a rather noble looking wolf. His muzzle was shot with gray, as any aged animal would have, and his coat was rich with black and grays in a marble pattern. Sabre was Mysidia’s animal companion, all of her life. He was the reason she chose to follow in the Druid path.

Mysidia hugged her beloved friend. Sabre closed his golden eyes feeling his best friend’s embrace. She looked at Sabre for a short while before asking, “Why are you here?”

“The Great Mother has asked me to show you the way.”, Sabre said cryptically.

“The way? What way?”, Mysidia asked confused.

Sabre, parting his mouth, gave her a wolven grin. “Shift and follow me.”

“Wha…What? Wait!”, Mysidia called out after her four legged friend. Sabre had bolted ahead of her and looked back.

Grumbling frustrated, Mysidia shifted her bipedal form and continued to follow Sabre. Sabre looked at Mysidia’s brilliant white coat and almost seemed to raise an eyebrow.

“Interesting.”, he said.

“It’s a new ability.”, Mysidia tried to explain.

Sabre continued to run ahead and Mysidia tried her best to keep up. They seemed to run for miles, jumping over fallen logs and crashing into various streams. With each rock that passed, Mysidia began to recognize some of the twists and turns. Sabre slowed his pace as they trotted up a rather large hill.

Mysidia asked, but in her heart of hearts, she already knew the answer to the question. “Sabre, where are you taking me?”

When she crested the hill, her breath was nearly knocked out of her. Before her very eyes, was Rydia. The castle stood tall and majestic in the distance and the land itself held no trace of battle anywhere. The fields were lush and green. The flowers dappled the country side like a watercolor painting. Everything was pristine, just like Mysidia remembered as a child.

“How…how can this be?”, Mysidia asked, nearly taken to tears. If she had the means to do so, in her wolf form, she probably would have.

“The Great Mother wanted you to see this.”, Sabre started.

“She didn’t need to show me what Rydia looks like. I remember.”, Mysidia said sad.

“Stop whining. It doesn’t become you.”, Sabre continued. Mysidia paused, realizing that her vocal chords were changed along with her form and certain vocalizations would come out differently than if she were in her usual form. Mysidia flattened her ears back in embarrassment.

Mysidia watched as various Rydians toiled about their day. Some were continuing down the road to the market. Several of the children were laughing playing in a field ahead of them. They were all chanting and holding hands, singing songs that Mysidia remembered as a child.

She heard the bards singing their songs of praise to Tunare and she watched warmly as several of the poets were jotting down random thoughts, thinking up their epic ballads to recite at dinner.

The sight of Rydia gave Mysidia such peace in her heart. She felt more attuned to the realm around her than she ever felt in her life. It was as if Rydia’s heart and hers beat at the same rhythm and the ebb and flow of their pride mingled within each other.

“Hard to believe it’s all gone.”, Mysidia mentioned.

“The land itself has changed, but not Her spirit, Mysidia. Rydia’s spirit lives in you and that is something no Rendering or Shattering can change.”, Sabre said looking at the land round them.

“Follow.”, Sabre said and got up to walk down the hill. Mysidia gave a final look and sighed, as she joined her furry friend.


The battle raged on. In the evening hours, the sun bled behind the horizon and gave way to the light of the fires that roared around them. The orcs put up a decent front, but the plan that Machene had put into effect was working.

The Guard Captain himself was rather impressed. The two warriors fought with such ferocity and accuracy, he considered asking them to join his ranks, after the fight was over.

Feja had joined them after the wounded slowed down to a trickle. She didn’t want to leave the few healers that were available, bogged down. And once Feja did join Austforbeer and his team, things were streamlining rather nicely.

Machene had made a startling discovery, however. He noticed two separate banners flying in the orc army and this worried him. Orcs, up until then, were separatists. They refused to mingle and blur the lines of their respected tribes. That is what kept them at bay. Each tribe could be monitored and learned of their tactics. A decent strategist could adjust accordingly. Blur the lines, however, and you have a new set of problems on your hands. New tactics to the tribes meant new methods in which to fight. This was not settling well with Machene. Not one bit.

“Two banners.”, Machene mentioned to Kryimsson. Kryimsson looked up, after withdrawing his two handed sword from a large orc’s backside. His dark blue eyes gleamed in the firelight.

“Aye.”, Kryimsson noted solemnly.

Machene watched with a heavy heart as he witnessed yet a stronger and thicker second wave approaching. After cleaving an orc through his skull, Machene picked up his battle axe and slung it over his shoulder.

“We do not have enough troops for this. One wave, yes…but two?”, Machene said and shook his head. The sooner they could fall back, the better. Why risk any more lives than need be?

Machene grabbed a soldier by his chainmail shirt and forced him to look into his face. “Take what troops you can and fall back towards the gate! Waste no time.”

“If they siege th’ gate, th’ port is doomed ta fall. We’ll all be captured or slain.”, Kryimsson noted.

“FALL BACK!!!”, Machene yelled to everyone around him. What little troops were left up, began to fall back towards the gate. Archers on the wall began to cover their comrades and the scouts that were in the woods all began to camouflage themselves in the shadows around them to sneak back into the stronghold.

Once the scouts had made it, several burly guards locked the gate down with large wooden barriers. Machene threw down his weapons and helped prop up several large beams to secure the gate and ensure its closure.

“We can still surround them with fire.”, Machene said and looked at Xerbius who also had helped prop the gate doors shut.

“I will gather the mages on the wall.”, Xerbius nodded and left.

A large thud cracked against the stone walls and dust and debris trickled down the cracks. Machene and Kryimsson looked up shocked, not entirely sure what it was they heard. Another thud crashed against the walls and the distinct sound of rock giving way was heard.

“Aust, climb up on the wall and tell me what you see!”, Machene shouted.

Aust grabbed his bow and Feja, who had been watching the entire time, used her mystic energy to cast a protecting ward over her husband.

“Catapults and battering rams.”, Aust called back. Machene raised an eyebrow, disbelieving his ears.

He had to see for himself. Machene braved the wall and shot up at the top where Aust had stood. He looked over and stared down in horror as he witnessed several large catapults wheeling into formation. There was a large troop of orcs, holding on to a battering ram, trying to bash down the gates. The orcs grunted in unison and two distinct and very different armor patterns were seen helping one another.

“That’s new.”, Aust noted. “Now they’re working together.”

“We need to get Mysidia out of here and fast. I don’t know how much longer those gates are going to hold.”, Machene said to his large Kerran friend.

“Where are we going to go?” Aust said and pointed the obvious behind him. “I don’t think you want to swim to Qeynos.”

Another thud crashed into the walls and this time, Machene had to steady himself as he felt the wall beneath him wobble.

“They won’t be able to hold forever.”, Aust noted.

A catapult launched a huge boulder at the stone wall they were on. The large rock smacked hard against the flat surface and caused large shattered debris to come up and explode outward. In the boulder’s wake, a smash mark could be seen as well as a splintering crack running up the wall.

Machene and Aust looked into the distance as they had seen a third wave coming down the mountainside. Machene shook his head. Things were looking bleak for the group.

“We need a miracle.”, Machene said somber.

“FIRE!”, Xerbius’ voice shouted and several mages all hurled their fireballs into the dry parched grass ahead of the stronghold. An engorging rush flashed through the battle trodden ground, and hundreds of orcs were thwarted off due to the intense magical flames.

The guards cheered as the tides started to turn in their favor. A new surgance of morale could be felt in the stronghold. The flames roared high enough to reach the tops of the stronghold towers, yet far enough so that nothing in the complex burned. The heat was intense, however, and caused several of the guards to throw their arms in front of their faces to protect them from the heat.

The fire did its intended job and the orcs began to fall back, rethinking their strategy. Machene observed them milling about through the flames and motioned for Kryimsson.

“They’re regrouping. Get Faid and Mysidia. We will start heading towards the docks.”, Machene said.

“And go where?”, Aust said looking at the large Barbarian.

“I’m not sure, yet.”, Machene said doubtful.

Aust and Machene both lowered themselves off the wall and began to make their way towards the docks. Machene could hear the distinct voice of Xerbius instructing the mages to unleash yet another onslaught of magical fireballs at the ground.

Machene could feel the choke of desperation on him. He was pushed as far back as he could go. In front of him were thousands of orcs thirsting for blood and behind him was a raging and unforgiving sea. He could have ran off into the mountains with his group, but Mysidia needed some place to rest and recuperate. Not to mention, Akahsha was somewhere in the midst of all that chaos. Taking her into the mountains was simply too risky. He saw little else for options, however.

“Gather your things. We’re heading into the mountains.”, Machene shouted to his group.

“Are ye mad? They’ll be a thousand orcs roamin’ ‘round huntin’ us down. We’ll be surrounded before dawn.”, Kryimsson said.

“What else can we do?”, Machene said desperate.

“AHOY!!!!”, a voice shouted behind them. Machene turned around and nearly fell to his knees with overwhelming joy and relief. A rather large ship approached with several heavy canvas sails open and accepting the full wind that sailed them. On the main sail was a large hand painted mermaid with beautiful golden hair.

“AHOY, MACHENE!”, the voice called out again. Machene peered further on the deck of the ship. Where his eyes deceiving him?? Was that…?

“RAEVENWOLF!!!”, Machene yelled back, waving his arms frantically. Feja and Aust looked up sharply from tending to Mysidia to see what the commotion was about. A large smile spread across Feja’s face.

Feja looked down onto Mysidia. “Tunare watches you still, my lady. Blessings on the Royal House. Blessings.”


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Truely fantastic :smileyhappy:


You have outdone yourself once again

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YAY and gratzz to me too for 100 posts lol :smileyvery-happy:
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*clears throat a little too loudly*



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(taps foot impatiently)

(looks at watch)

(looks at Mysidia)


I just started reading this today... it's kept me glued to my computer screen for over an hour... :smileyvery-happy:

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Hey now I'm sure Mysidia just got caught up in the holidays. First the real holidays, then the in-game festive event and finally we're now into the post holidays rut. Personally i haven't done much of anything in the past four weeks or so. So... Lets give her some time before she comes back and just know that her next post is going to have more then a month's worth of inspiration built up to be dumped into it.
And for the record no i did not hunt her down in game to find this out just me astute observations / guess.
P.S. Taps foot impatiently

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Bah, I know, sorry. Between getting ready for the holidays - getting through the holidays - and cleaning up from the holidays, I haven't had much time to write. I've been piecing together another chapter, though. I promise I'll get one up soon.
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Nice to know that you are still with us :smileyhappy:


Patiently waits for next part :smileywink:

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As promised... SMILEY

Mysidia had followed Sabre around all night, visiting various memories. She visited her graduation from the ShadaczarAcademy with her half brother Kryimsson and oath brother Xerbius. She remembered how proud her mother was. It was a great honor to graduate from the Academy. Mysidia’s mother did not and Mysidia was the first woman to ever graduate from there.

She continued to wander through her memories and briefly stopped into the one where she had met Machene. Mysidia was captured by the Splitpaw Commander in Blackburrow and sold to the Dervish Slave Trade. She had befriended one of Machene’s dearest friends while in captivity. Machene’s clan had disrupted their transport from the Commonlands to the Deserts of Ro. Chaos ensued and Machene came to her rescue; the first of many.

Who knew then, that the bond between Machene and Mysidia would grow to be so strong? Strong enough to feel each other’s pains and joys, and simply just “know” when the other was around?

Mysidia sat at a distance watching the tiny battle unfold around them. She remembered everything, including the detail where she remembered a wolf cresting one of the dunes the night before Machene’s clan (guild) rescued them. Her eyes widen and she turned to Sabre.

“That was you!”, Mysidia exclaimed.

Sabre lowered his head as if almost embarrassed about being caught. “Yes, Mysidia. I thought you would have known by now.”

“Known what?”, Mysidia asked confused.

“I am your guide and have been since the day you were born. Your Purpose is simply too great to merely let Fate cast the stones. Tunare was given leeway in helping you so, She sent me.”, Sabre said looking at her.

Mysidia looked down feeling the weight of the world, again. “Everything in my life was…planned?”

Sabre placed a paw gently on hers. “No, merely pushed in a certain direction. Tunare can’t make the decisions for you. She merely shows you the path and you have to choose which one is the right one. And for the most part, you have.”

Mysidia looked up shocked. “Most part? What have I done wrong??”, she said worried.

Sabre sighed choosing his words carefully. Sabre was an instrument of Tunare and what he knew could unravel the tapestry that Tunare has tried to weave back together, if he had given too much. “Your hatred for the Iksar, for one.”, he mentioned.

Mysidia flattened her wolf ears and looked at Sabre helpless. “They slaughtered my people. As far as I know, I’m the last full blooded Rydian left. Anything left of my heritage lies in half breeds, glimpses in bloodlines, and faded pages in history books. If it weren’t for them, I could still be sitting on the throne.”

Sabre snapped at Mysidia. “Don’t be naïve, Mysidia! Kingdoms rise and fall with the setting suns. Sooner or later, Rydia would have fallen with or without you on the throne. The Iksar merely accelerated the Prophecy. It is a good thing that you weren’t on the throne when the Iksar started their attack. You might not be here today to serve your Purpose.”

Sabre let his words sink in for a moment before continuing. “The Iksar have done an evil thing, but not every Iksar was there the day of The Rise. Races’ ideals change as the world changes. The Iksar, as a whole, have abandoned their barbaric ways. You shouldn’t punish the whole for what their ancestors did. If you do not let this hatred leave your heart, Mysidia, you will never finish your Purpose.”

Mysidia had returned to her bipedal form. She sat with her knees pressed to her chest and her head resting on her knees. “But… I… remember…”, she began to say as the tears freely fell from her cheeks.

The image before them changed to the Lake of Ill Omen. Fire was running ramped all around them and the various choruses of screams could be heard. In the distance, a platform pyramid stood and its steps to the top were covered in blood. So much so that it ran like a river to the bottom. A fiery cauldron stood at the base of one of the steps and the stench of burning flesh choked the air around them.

Sabre knew the vision they were witnessing and his heart hung heavy with Mysidia’s. Mysidia was old enough to remember the slaughtering of her parents. Mardock had an Enchanter place a block on her memory so that the horrifying images weren’t burned into her mind. But dams can only hold back water for so long before erosion gives way and the floodgates open, and like any floodgate would, Mysidia’s memories came crashing back to her, before the Rendering. She never blamed Mardock for what he did. She understood why. She just wished that instead of breaking forth, they would trickle back like a starting stream.

The young adult version of Mysidia was crouched on her knees before the pyramid, screaming on the top of her lungs. Her screams, however, were completely drowned out by the painful shirlls coming from the altar. Mardock was dragging her back by her tunic, egging her to leave. Tears fell freely off of the adult Mysidia as well as the child. Her mother’s body was laying grotesquely over the stone altar and a crude hole was cut in her chest.

The child screamed as Mardock dragged her back. “Come on, Mysidia. If they catch you here, you will join her. We have to go.” Mardock wasn’t cold hearted, he grieved along with the child, but he was to see to her safety just as he promised her mother.

“How can I forgive them?”, Mysidia asked softly, the nightmare playing out around them.

“Use this as a stepping stone to get Rydia back to what she used to be, not as fuel to fan the flames of hatred. Tay’lan proved to you that the Iksar have changed and not everyone fed into the bloodlust traditions.”, Sabre said.

“Drin-Sha stated that those traditions are alive and well in some of them.”, Mysidia noted, wiping her face.

“Every race has had their dark days, Mysidia. Or have you forgotten your own bloodlust?”, Sabre reminded her.

The time Sabre spoke of was when Mysidia was fresh out of the Academy and leading her mother’s armies. There wasn’t an Iksar encampment that was safe from Mysidia’s rage or blade.

“It was justice!”, Mysidia began to seethe.

“What you call justice, they would call murder. The Iksar you slaughtered abandoned their barbaric ways. You just refused to see it or acknowledge it.”, Sabre chided.

“My mother and father were slaughtered like common cattle! Their bodies, tossed aside, as refuse!” Mysidia began to rant. “I had every right….”

“Did you?”, Sabre cut her off.

The image changed again in front of them and a small burning village lay began to shimmer into view. The screams they heard were dry, like two scales rubbing together, but full of pain and misery. Hundreds of bodies, Iksar bodies, littered the ground and soaked the earth in its blood. Mysidia, now older than the younger image, sat on top of a large black mount. Her leather armor was blood stained and smeared and her blade dripped crimson red.

Various Rydian troops were scattered among the chaos, chasing the unarmed Iksar. Women and children made up the majority of the village, yet none were safe from the burning fire in Mysidia’s heart.

One of the officers had an Iksar child by the scruff of his neck and shoved him in front of the horse mounted Druid Queen. “What of this one, your majesty?”

Mysidia held a very hard and cold look on her blood spattered face. She looked at the Iksar boy crying at the horror around him. Mysidia casually looked at the officer and said, “Kill him.”

The officer hesitated. He even flinched at her words. “But your majesty… He is merely but a boy…”

“Which grow older to become the problem you see. He will be the problem that kills your children and your children’s children. I said, kill him.”, Mysidia said cold.

The officer hesitated again and shook his head slightly. Mysidia, fed up with the disobedience of her lesser, dismounted and gave a quick movement. The child’s head toppled off its freshly killed body and rolled towards Mysidia’s feet. The eyes didn’t have a chance to close and the look of shock still clung to the head’s face. The officer widened his eyes.

“When I tell you to do something, I do not expect it questioned. Do you understand?”, Mysidia snapped.

“Y…yes, your majesty.”, the officer said and bowed his head in respect.

“He was a child, Mysidia. You never gave him the chance to choose his own path. You chose it for him.”, Sabre said in a serious tone.

Mysidia wept. So many Iksars have fallen to her blade and how many more under her order? Sabre was right. No one was safe from the darkness of their soul.

“You must let go of this hatred, Mysidia. If you will not let it go, it will consume you.” Sabre finished and got up.

“Where are you going?”, Mysidia asked looking up sniffling.

“I am finished here and so are you. You have seen all there is for me to show you. It is time.”, Sabre said and began to walk away.

“Time for what?”, Mysidia called out after him.

Sabre turned his head and grinned slightly. “To wake up.”

…And so she did…

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Nice one :smileywink:


Well worth the wait :smileyhappy:

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Wow!  Very nice SMILEY
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Oh my god. I haven't been able to post on hee foruns bforebut I have read your story since you made the first entry and I must say its mezmorizing! Iami love with your story its great please take all your time withall of them thee good enough for the waits. I saw you post on the meet te author and well I was shocked. I write but neer madeanything public and as I wa eading everyone's music I thought "wow guess im different I listen to most of these bands but I only write with is a few different songs and Nirvana" thn I saw yours.You gotagreat taste in music and im going to post afew things yself so keep an eye out critism from yu would be appreiated
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sorry the not hee before/ I am in/lami

sorry for the typos and double post............

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Val’eth stood in his chambers that were provided for him in the depths of the Deathfist Citadel. He was agitated. His supposed target was still alive, and more over, had escaped what would have been an easy death.

Val’eth had explained to Drin-Sha his “contingency” plan and Drin-Sha agreed it was a good one. He even arranged to have Akahsha meet Drin-Sha at a later time to further ease any anxiety.

“You play a dangerous game, Val’eth.”, Drin-Sha said.

“Oh? How so?”, Val’eth said at dinner one night.

“Mysidia has escaped and lived through the most dangerous odds anyone could put her up against. It’s my opinion that she is deity blessed and you want to kill her? Who knows what gods you could anger in doing so?”, Drin-Sha said taking a bite off of his mutton leg.

“The gods have turned their backs on Norrath. By the time they realize something is wrong, it could be a hundred years from now. Time to them is insignificant.”, Val’eth said in an egotistical tone.

“As I said, you play a dangerous game.”, Drin-Sha said finishing his mouthful of food. He swallowed and continued. “How confident are you with your Contingency Plan?”

“Akahsha?”, Val’eth said and chuckled quietly. “Confident enough. Innoruk’s hatred flows through her veins and all of it is focused onto Mysidia.”

“You are not one hundred percent certain, though.”, Drin-Sha said, making the observation painfully abundant.

“Mmm…”, Val’eth mumbled as he got up and walked over to the fireplace. His red eyes grew intense as he stared into the flickering flames. “Our fallen queen is highly charismatic. She had turned Akahsha’s mother away from her race and even had her renounce her god. That same blood rests in this Akahsha… You are correct. I am not completely certain of this.”

Drin-Sha grumbled. “That’s a lot of my money resting on a partial certainty from you, Val’eth. You best have something else stirring in the pot for me to be in this.”

Val’eth turned and looked at Drin-Sha. An evil grin tugged at the corners of his mouth and he merely shrugged mildly as he sat down. It was apparent that Val’eth did have something in mind, but as to what, he would not say.

Drin-Sha knew better, though. He knew Val’eth long enough to realize that if he planned it, it was certain to go through one way or the other.

“Now that Mysidia is gone, there is no need of me here. I leave for Freeport in the morning.”, Val’eth said changing the subject.

“Fine, fine. Keep your secret to yourself. If I find out that you have ripped me off, however, there won’t be a barrack, barrier, wall, or spell, that will hide you from me. Your House’s Reputation is on the line, but my life is too, and I take that far more seriously than your financial and societal comfort.”, Drin-Sha said and got up to leave his dining area.

Val’eth turned around and lazily sat down in his chair. He propped his elbow on the table and began to rub his temples, due to the stress. A small knock shattered the silence around him and he looked up sharply, annoyed by the interruption.

“Yes, yes… what is it?”, Val’eth answered back.

A small dirty half orc boy came skittishly through the door and submissively hung his head as he handed over a neatly rolled parchment bound by a silk red ribbon and fastened by an equally red wax seal.

Upon handing off the document, the half orc boy fell to his knees and kept his gaze to the ground. Val’eth raised his eyebrow at how well the slave was trained. He would make a note of buying him off of Drin-Sha before heading to Freeport. If anything, he’d be doing the boy a favor. No self respecting orc (as hard as that term would seem) would ever accept the boy as one of their own. A human would sooner kill the boy. At least with Val’eth, he’d be put to some use and a slave this well trained was too good to pass up.

Val’eth carefully opened up the document and began to read the message. An evil grin began to spread across his face and he raised his eyebrows at the information that was given to him.

“What did Mysidia call him… Drin-Sha, I believe…”, Val’eth said to no one in particular. “Yes… False One indeed. If my plan should fail, this little bit of information will be just the thing for me to keep my head above water.”, Val’eth said and laughed.

“You have done well. Return to your chambers.”, Val’eth said and dismissed the slave.

Val’eth grabbed his goblet of wine and walked over to the fireplace sitting in front of it. He took in a long swig and placed the parchment on the hungering flames. With an evil laugh, he watched the parchment disappear into fluttering ashes.


Mysidia opened up her eyes. The visions that she had before were stirring rapidly through her mind. Were they real or was it merely a dream? The fog in her head was making it difficult to completely think straight.

She found it difficult to concentrate on any topic in particular. She surmised she was drugged. Then it struck her. She was not in her cell that she passed out in. In fact, she didn’t recognize where she was at all.

She did an assessment. She wasn’t in any pain, that she could tell, and she was lying comfortably on a fluffy pillowtop mattress with the softest down comforters around her. She was…warm. She looked at her hands and wounds that were on her arms. While although her skin was dotted with several healing wounds, her skin was clean. The only other marks that remained were her new tattoos, which even looked more brilliant in the firelight around her.

She then noticed her ring on her finger. …Her ring? HER RING! She sat up quickly and looked around, feeling the rush of anxiety within her. Her head swam with whatever pain reliever she was given, but there was no mistake about it. She was no longer in the Citadel. Was it her head swimming, or was she actually… Yes… She was on a ship that was moving.

That was when she saw him. She looked over to her left and saw Machene slumped in a chair sleeping. She couldn’t breathe. The lump of tears instantly formed in the back of Mysidia’s throat. Was …this a dream?

She quietly got out of her bed and placed her feet on the ground. The moment she stood up, pain shot through her side and she almost collapsed on the ground. She decided to crawl over to where Machene slept, instead of walk.

And he was asleep. She could hear the beautiful sound of his rhythmic breathing indicating a deep sleep. On his hand, she saw his wedding band. Tears fell off her face and began to wet the floor beneath her.

She reached out slowly, not entirely sure if it was a dream. Her fingers lightly traced his hands as she felt his warm skin. Her delicate fingers traced the hairs on his arms and over the freckles he had dotting his skin. When she got to his wrist, still not believing that he was actually there, Machene opened up his eyes.

They stared at each other for a few moments. One didn’t know what to say to the other. Machene slowly sunk down off his chair and sat before her. He reached out and began to trace her face with his fingers. Mysidia closed her eyes and another set of tears fell. She pushed her face into his hands, gently, ravishing the feeling of his touch.

Machene’s eyes began to well up. “I had seen you fall on the battlefield.. I had thought…thought you were…”

Mysidia held up a finger and gently pressed it to his lips. She shook her head for a moment. “For a while…”, she nodded slowly. “..I was...”

She struggled to get up on her knees for a long embrace, but buckled over in the pain she was in. She gave a small yelp and Machene was right there to catch her if she fell.

Without hesitation, Machene lifted her up off the floor in his arms, and laid her gently on the bed. She instantly clung to him, holding him as close to her as she could manage. The feel of him, the smell of him, it was too much for her and she began to weep.

“I have waited so long…”, Machene managed to say. He carefully laid next to her, simply holding his wife while she cried. She had been through so much, too much for one individual.

He pressed his cheek to the top of her head, feeling her soft blonde hair tickling his skin. She lifted herself again to look down at him. Waves of blond hair surrounded them both and her white streak lightly tickled the top of his bald tattooed head. She traced the tattoo with her finger.

She recognized it immediately as the woad he had gotten when they both had helped a group of friends take down Nagafen. They had truly earned their last name of Drakkenbane that day and the Shaman of Halas awarded him with the tattoo.

Machene traced hers on her face, raising an eyebrow that she actually had gotten a permanent one done. Mysidia closed her violet eyes, looking down slightly embarrassed.

“It suits you.”, he said finally.

“I thought that I was finished, in there. I had said all the prayers… I was ready.”, Mysidia said looking back. Machene stared into her eyes for a moment and saw the change. For the first time in Mysidia’s life, she had been broken. Her spirit had been shattered and she was reduced to a shadow of her former self.

“I wasn’t.”, Machene said finally. The worst was over. All she had to do now was recover. Physically, Machene knew wouldn’t take very long. But mentally… that would take some time. Mysidia was resilient, however. If anyone could do it, it’d be her.

Slavery has such a profound effect on the psyche of a person. Breaking a spirit is tough enough. You shatter their soul and cause a death that’s far worse to recover from than anything physical could give.

Mysidia had to find her strength again. And she would, in due time. Machene wasn’t going to simply let her waste away. He was with her now and nothing was going to change that.

Mysidia laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes hearing the strong thud of his heartbeat. Before long, she had fallen asleep. Machene tried to fight his exhaustion. Simply hearing her breathing was music to his ears. But nature gave way to want, and before he knew it, he was asleep too. The first deep sleep he had gotten in a very long time.

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brilliant addition :smileyhappy: keep this up and I'll be asking you to write an hardback copy for me :smileywink:

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Mysidia opened her eyes. The sun was brightly shining through the small porthole window across the room from her, which is what woke her up. She carefully sat up and looked around, making sure she didn’t have another realistic dream. When she saw Machene sleeping soundly next to her, she gave a warm smile and a sigh of relief.

It didn’t take her stomach long to wake up, either. She grabbed at it the moment she heard it yelling at her. Deciding that she was well enough to get up, she carefully maneuvered around Machene and got up to leave. She pulled on a pair of pants she found in a near by chest of drawers and threw Machene’s tunic over her head, eliminating her slave clothes in the corner.

It felt good to be clean and dressed comfortably. It simply felt good to be out of those slave pens. She felt her soul sigh with relief. She was done with being captured and her life could start anew. She had found her husband. A chapter in her life had come to a close.

She gingerly walked out of her sleeping chambers and managed to walk up the stairs. Walking was taking an effort from her. Her last battle in the arena had beaten her something fierce. There were a few moments where she thought she’d pass out from her pain, but she managed to get up on the deck to look around.

Feja noticed her coming up from down below and quickly ran over to her to help her up the stairs.

“My lady, you shouldn’t be walking just yet!”, Feja exclaimed.

“I’m tired of sleeping. I’m all right.”, Mysidia said assuring her.

“Sister!”, Mysidia heard Kryimsson call out. He ran over to her and gave her a huge bear hug. Mysidia grunted under the pressure but smiled at the gesture.

“You’re looking better, Siddie.”, Xerbius added in as he walked up behind Kryimsson. “How do you feel?”

“Like I went up against a Rock Golem and lost.”, Mysidia murmured. “I came up here to see about getting something to eat.”

Feja nodded and walked off towards where Raevenwolf was standing and she in turn spouted off something to one of the nearby crew’s man.. or crew’s woman as it should be said. When Mysidia looked around, she noticed that the entire crew of the ship was female. She couldn’t help but grin in amusement.

“Ye must be Mysidia I here Machene talkin’ ‘bout all the time.”, the redheaded captain said walking over. “My name is Raevenwolf Bloodfang, captain of this here ship..The Siren.”

Mysidia’s eyes furled slightly when she recognized the captain as being half elf with a dwarvish accent. She took Raeven’s hand and shook it in friendship.

Mysidia looked around at faces she recognized and those she didn’t. Then it struck her. “All of you came…for me?”

“Well, I came for Machene. He’s me best employee.”, Raevenwolf said and grinned.

“And I came for the adventure.”, a man said behind Xerbius. When Mysidia noticed the spry human walking towards her, she instantly recognized the profession.

“This here is Faid, Mysidia. He helped get us into the Citadel.”, Xerbius nodded. Mysidia nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“A thief.”, Mysidia mentioned. Kryimsson handed her a large cup of water, which she accepted gratefully.

“Wealth Management Technician, thank you.”, Faid said and adverted his eyes from hers.

Mysidia nearly choked on the sip she had taken, in an effort to laugh. Feja came by and handed her a bowel of stew.

“Eat it slow, my lady. Your stomach needs to get used to hearty food again.”, Feja warned. Mysidia nodded, holding back the urge to simply scarf the food down.

“Well, while you were out, things have gotten busy for us in keeping you protected.”, Xerbius started to deliver the bad news. Mysidia looked up from her bowl to acknowledge her brother as she continued to eat her stew.

“We were nearly chased all over Norrath by a hired assassin. You know her.. or her mother at any rate. Akahsha.”, Xerbius said in a serious tone.

“Mmm.”, Mysidia said nodding taking a swig of water. “I know. I was confronted by a ratonga necromancer with this information. I wish I could say I was surprised.”

“Why aren’t you?”, Xerbius asked half shocked.

Mysidia finished chewing her mouthful thinking of her response. “Well, I was there the day her mother fell. She had done everything to renounce her current faith and disown anything from her race. The daughter has to live with the shame her mother put her family name through. I’m sure that Akahsha holds me responsible in some fashion or another. It would be different if Rydia was still intact and I was still on the throne. At least Akahsha could seek asylum within my kingdom. But as it is, she has to fend for herself in the walls of Freeport with hundreds of her own people. I can only imagine the type of scrutiny and prejudice she’s receiving because of her mother’s actions.”

“She tried to kill you, sis. Pitying her will do nothing for your own safety.”, Xerbius remarked.

Mysidia sighed. “No, but at least I understand why her anger is directed towards me. Anger is easy to work through if you get to the root of the issue. If you remember, her mother was dispatched to assassinate me as well. If I can get her mother to side with me, I’m confident enough that I can get Akahsha as well.”

“You play the odds game one too often, sister. There are only so many “freebies” the gods are willing to throw out at you.”, Xerbius said and scowled.

Mysidia, remembering her meeting in the Plane of Growth, simply held a knowing smile on her face. “I’ll take my chances.”, she said.

Machene came thundering up the steps onto the deck and looked around frantically. Mysidia looked up at her husband and gave a concerned look. When Machene saw Mysidia sitting there, the wave of relief crashed over his face.

It was going to take some time, between the both of them, to get used to the fact that one wasn’t going to be away from the other. When a bond that strong is formed, it’s highly traumatic when one is separated from the other. Marriage bonds are strong to begin with, but when you place your life on the line for someone, another bond is formed. They’ve both taken hits for one another, furthering the ties that bound them.

Mysidia walked up to Machene and placed her arms around him, laying her head on his chest. He held her for a long while before speaking.

“You weren’t there when I woke up.”, he mentioned.

“I was tired of laying down.”, Mysidia said looking up into his face.

“So what’s next, Siddie?”, Kryimsson asked his sister.

Mysidia’s face grew deadly serious. She broke her embrace with Machene and walked over to the side of the ship, overlooking the ocean. Her violet eyes watched the choppy waves with an indifference as her thoughts swam around in her head.

“We have to go back.”, she said finally.

Machene looked at her. He knew that tone. Humor and she were on the opposite ends of land, with her comment.

“Why?”, Machene asked.

Mysidia’s eyes flickered something. Was it a memory of what was passed? Was it an emotion? Whatever it was, it caused her to break her concentration on the ocean and look down.

“I have unfinished business there.”, she said.

Kryimsson looked at Mysidia with concern. He knew what Mysidia spoke of. “Ye want th’ Emperor.”

Mysidia paused for a moment. “Among other things. The one I am after, however, isn’t ranked that high.”

Hatred? What was this darkness that Mysidia was looming with? Something was different with her, however. And seeing the state she was in at the moment of her rescue, none of them could blame Mysidia for it, either. She was owed revenge, no matter how dark it made her.

“What did they do to you?”, Machene asked quietly. Mysidia looked up at him with a fire burning within her.

“If we are to go back, we will need help. The Citadel will be swarming with orc troops and the group of us will be overrun. We’ll need a good strong group of fighters willing to help.”, Xerbius mentioned.

“I know of a group willing to help. We have to travel up north to get them, however.”, Machene said.

“Where?”, Xerbius asked.

“Everfrost.”, Machene said somber.

“We’re not tha’ far off. I can drop ye off and take th’ Kerran back to Qeynos. Ye’ll have ta wait for me ta come back for ye, though.”, Raevenwolf said watching the group.

“That’s fine. It will take us a bit to get to where they are, anyhow.”, Machene said.

“Then it’s settled. Everfrost it is… And then,”, Mysidia said gripping the side rail tightly, “.. those orcs are going to pay… dearly.”

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What's this? What's this?

Is the Empress losing her Balance? Is she disregarding what Sabre told her already?

Careful, m'lady.... the Lord of Hate is whispering in your ear again! :smileywink:



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Yet another completely satisfying read! This is grand regenge, hatred, what ever this maybe I love it!

Revenge is a fickle thing if that is what you are trying for.


((I now the song for this Possum kingdom, the toadies, do yo want to die song. Thats what it was singing when I read it.))

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A first class piece of writing.. I cannot find fault, truly brilliant.
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