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While scouts are being balanced (hopefully) one thing that would be nice to include is a re-balancing of group/raid buff effectiveness.

Buffs: Bolster, Jester's Cap, RoA, Battle Cry, Arms of Imagination, Illusory Arm, Enchanted Vigor, Mind Control, Thieve's Guild, Peaceful link, etc.

Damage procs: Fanatical Devotion, Synergism, Instinct, Stampede, Inspired Daring, Erollsi's Heartseeker, Shared Hemotoxin, CoB, Dead Calm, Full Moon, etc.

Mostly due to pet proc'ing nearly all of these buffs and damage procs are best on a Beastlord.  The only exception are the auto attack buffs which could possibly be better on a ranger.  With all the buffs prioritized to one specific t1 dps it gives to the perception of the feral Beastlord being more overpowered than it actually is.

I know it would take a little work, but it seems like something could be done with the xpac release to balance this out a bit and spread the wealth to make the other scout dps classes feel like they're getting something.

Some of these like Primal Fury are now being made group-wide.  That's one way of doing it.  Adjusting pet proc'ing is probably a bigger fight than you wanna deal with right now, but perhaps some class restriction on single target buffs like Assassin's Hemo used to work for bards. 

The buffs that make the biggest difference to scout dps are Bolster, EV and Jcap.  EV is usually fine since you typically don't have two t1 scouts in the same group, but the other two make it a lopsided difference between those with and without. 

Since Beastlords already rule the damage procs can some of the single target buffs be spread out to give more love to the predators and rogues?  Or give those classes more self-buffs (that don't stack with the above buffs) so they have more independence and flexibility in raid setups.

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Only the groupwide buffs (FD/Stampede/NOW INSTINCT/swash+assassin+ranger would never be in my group for those other three/CoB/Dead Calm) are "better" for beastlords (/summoners) because of pets.

I get the rest of the buffs because I'm Buffrat, not because I'm a beastlord.

Buffratx - 92 Beastlord - AB

Buffrat - 92 Troubador - AB

Arbitrat - 92 Berserker - AB

Guarddog - 92 Warden - AB
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only way to deal with this is to nerf beastlord damage the way they nerfed the cra pout of summoner damage.   not going to be able to nerf pet mechanics with out killing summoner damage off. 

 one of the problems is also some of the procs that "double dip" potency.  sure they don't hit as hard for pet classes as they do for tanks in reckless but it's still huge proc damage. 

 raid wide buffs would fix all and devs aren't' going to do that  SMILEY

  one thing they could easily do is give scouts more reuse on their gear.

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