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That is something I'm not going to write the details about. SMILEY
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LOL!  I didnt mean like *that*...
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nicely done, i cant wait till they meet. i check the boards every day for new post, please keep up the excelant work
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“Are you sure this is the place?”, Mysidia asked as she stood before the slanted wooden doors.

“Yes. This was Stormguard. The people now call it Stormhold.”, James said next to her as they looked at the doors.

“I dunna like it. Fer one thing, it makes me dizzy standin’ here, all lopsided. Fer another, dead things should stay dead.”, Kryimsson said and rubbed his stubbled chin thoughtfully.

“A lot of things have changed since Luclin’s destruction.”, James noted.

Mysidia looked at the dilapidated stronghold with judgmental eyes. The entire structure looked like it was about to fall over. Old wooden doors were covered with slime and moss and in several places, you could make out where axes and various other sharp weapons, tried to break through. The area reeked of death and decay. Several of the boulders from the walls from various blasts, were slathered with lichen and buried deep within the ground. One could almost mistake it for uneven ground, rather than the boulders themselves.

The sound of undead milling around was all around you, enveloping you in the destruction that took place here. A cold and unforgiving wind whipped through the chasm they were standing in, as if some unheard of undead god threw on the theatrics for added atmosphere.

Kryimsson gulped softly as he felt the hairs on his neck rise. Mysidia looked over at him and placed a soft hand on his shoulder.

“It’s all right, brother. The sooner we get in there, the sooner we can leave. And..”, Mysidia said smiling brighter, “..the sooner we can head to Thundering Stepps and rejoin Machene.”

Kryimsson grunted disapprovingly. Kryimsson hated undead. It was unnatural and simply not meant to be. Mysidia knew his fear and comforted him as much as possible.

Mysidia reached for the door and gave it a good solid tug. The old rotted wood moaned as any undead thing would. A waft of must blew in their direction from inside and Mysidia held up her arm to block whatever dust and debris would be caught in her eyes.

“Shall we?”, James said and walked inside.

The torch James carried provided light, but seemed to crusade the efforts with futility to the unbending darkness. The darkness itself was unnatural. Mysidia surmised it having to do with the curse that was placed on the keep.

They saw an Erudite behind them talking with a small group of adventurers and Kryimsson seemed to relax a bit when he saw that they weren’t the only ones alive in that place.

The moment that Sir Valinayle started to talk to them, Kryimsson froze in his steps and the color ran from his face. He turned and saw the ghost motioning to them. Kryimsson’s eyes buldged and he promptly turned around and started to head out.

“Ah no. Ferget it. There’s no way I’mma gonna stay here with them…things. They’re dead anna supposed to be dead. So stay dead, dammit.”, Kryimsson said as he marched towards the entrance.

Mysidia’s hand snaked out and grabbed Kryimsson’s neckhole in his armor. She held firm, holding her place and Kryimsson stumbled in his steps. He turned around clumsily and a flicker of annoyance fired off in his stone blue eyes.

“Please, Kryimsson. I can’t do this without you and neither can James. I promise, we won’t stay here any longer than we have to. Please. You know I wouldn’t ask you if I wasn’t desperate…”, Mysidia said and gave him the “little girl” eyes.

Kryimsson tilted his head and looked scoldingly at Mysidia for giving him that look. “Yer cruel, sister.”

Mysidia gave him a bright smile and kissed his cheek. They all rounded together and made their way to the first hallway. Kryimsson looked around and saw the crawling slimes on the ground. He shrugged slightly and pulled out his two handed sword.

“Let’s get to business.”, he muttered.

************************************************** ****

Machene walked onto the docks of Greystone Yard and gave a good hearted laugh as Raevenwolf was finishing up her story.

“Raeven, let me buy you a drink. I haven’t laughed that hard in some time.”, Machene said giving a Raevenwolf a pat on the back.

“Aye, tha’ sounds like a good idea. Lemme finish up inventory and I’ll meet ya in.”, Raeven said and smiled.

Raeven didn’t know Machene for very long, but it was good to see the man laugh. He was always brooding about one thing or the other.

Raeven walked down the dock with her bag hefted over her shoulder. She passed by several stands with the merchants shouting their prices for their goods. When she passed a mirror, she wrinkled her nose a bit as she saw her skin was peeling from the sunburn she was healing from.

She began to rub at her nose when the merchant came up to her.

“Are ye gonna buy that, lass, or simply stare at yerself all day?”, a big red headed Barbarian said.

Raeven looked up and growled at the man slightly, obviously showing her distain. She huffed herself and turned around to see Pergy handing something over to Machene. Pergy’s face held a smile brighter than Raeven had ever seen.

Machene’s face suddenly drained of color as he held in his hand a tiny ring, it looked like to Raeven. His hands began to shake and he gave a numbingly shocking look to Pergy. Raeven walked up to Machene and placed a hand on his arm.

“Are ye alright?”, Raeven asked looking concerned.

Machene didn’t say anything at first. He just looked at the ring in complete disbelief.

“Where… where did you get this?”, he asked finally.

“A woman claiming to be your wife, gave it to me and told me to give it to you.”, Pergy said with a happy smile on her face. To Raeven and Pergy, the story made sense now. He had lost his wife and now, he found out that she was alive.

“That’s impossible.”, Machene managed to say.

“I don’t know, Machene. You never really talked about her before, other than you had one. But when she found out that you were still alive, she cried.”, Pergy said in return.

“Aye. She had the most unusual eyes for wood elf. Tall too… most wood elves don’t come in her size.”, the Dwarven quartermaster said as he heard the conversation in passing.

Machene looked down at the Dwarf with a questioning in his eyes. As if the quartermaster read his mind, he grunted and nodded.

“Violet. They were violet.”, he said and kept walking.

“She’s alive…”, he whispered. For a brief moment, everything stopped around him. He couldn’t hear Pergy or Raeven give him congratulations. He didn’t hear the seagulls screeching overhead or the sea lapping up against the shore. Nor did he hear the merchants still chanting the prices of their wares. The only words he heard were what the quartermaster said to him.

“Violet. They were violet.”

************************************************** **

Kryimsson, James, and Mysidia managed to make their way down into the lower parts of Stormhold and Kryimsson was trying desperately hard not to just turn around and bolt out of there.

“They give me the heebie jeebies.”, Kryimsson muttered.

“With your hate of them, I thought you’d enjoy smacking them around.”, James said walking behind the large man.

As far as looks go, Kryimsson looked like a Barbarian. He was big, broad chested, had huge shoulders, and seemed to tower over everyone else. His face, however, was very angular, too much so to be a pure Barbarian.

In truth, Kryimsson was half. His mother was Barbarian. His father was Rydian, which is the same father as Mysidia. They were half brother and sister. Kryimsson was very young when Mysidia was born. And it was ongoing joke with them since Mysidia always took the “older sister” role with him.

When they reached the chessboard room, Mysidia gasped as she saw someone laying on the ground, very much alive. She looked around for a moment to see if anyone was around to help him.

The room was completely abandoned, save a few crawling slimes slithering across the floor. The floors were uneven due to rot and the twisted magic that ran rampid through the hold. Each step creaked and moaned as if the floor itself had life.

The moment Mysidia placed a foot in front of her to walk, the boards creaked and the figure on the ground flinched slightly. She could see that the figure was in bad shape.

Slash marks riddled their backside and small pools of blood collected underneath their blue robe. From the size of the figure, Mysidia deducted that it was a man.

“Kryimsson, take a defensive position around me. I’m going to help him.”, Mysidia said and made her way over to the man.

Kryimsson held his sword at the ready, darting his light colored eyes around the creepy hall and prepared to slay anything undead that moved.

James helped Kryimsson cover Mysidia as he too, looked around ready to strike. Mysidia knelt down to the man and gently turned him over.

When she saw the man’s face, she gasped and her eyes bulged with shock. The words barely escaped her lips.

“Xerbius!”, she exclaimed.

Xerbius opened up his deep blue eyes and blinked a few moments, trying to shake the mental haze he was in. Once his eyes focused on Mysidia’s face, a warm smile spread across his.

“Thank the Seven Hammers, you’re alive.”, he said weakly. Mysidia smoothed some of his tousled hair away from his dirt smudged face.

“Close your eyes.”, she said softly and placed her hands over his bleeding body. She began to chant a few words quietly, and from what James could tell, it was in her native tongue.

A soft green light encased Xerbius’ body and the wounds began to close themselves. Whatever leaves that were scattered in the debris in the room, seemed to swirl up in an invisible small twister around them. Mysidia’s white streak seemed to glow with its own inner fire.

When Mysidia opened up her eyes, all of Xerbius’ wounds were healed and a sigh of relief spread over his face.

“Better?”, Mysidia asked smiling down at him.

“Much.”, he replied trying to get up. Mysidia held out her arm and began to help Xerbius up on his feet.

Once up on his feet, he gave Mysidia a very long bone crushing hug. Mysidia, not minding the hug, returned the favor.

“I thought you were dead.”, Xerbius said looking into her face.

“I thought I was too, for what it’s worth. It’s a long story, Xerbs. Once we get out of here, I’d be more than happy to explain it to you. But what happened with you? And why are you in here, of all places?”, Mysidia said looking around.

Xerbius laughed uncomfortably and scratched his head a little. “Well, that is a bit of a story in of itself, Sid. As for here, I was helping out a friend of mine get a pallidum torque for a quest of his. There were a few zombies that were giving me some trouble…”, Xerbius said and paused as he pointed to a few that happened to be dragging their legs behind them.

“Is that a fact?”, Mysidia said and smirked evilly. “Need some help?”

Kryimsson walked beside Xerbius and cracked his neck. He loosened up his shoulders a bit and tightened his grip on his two handed sword.

“Just like old times, Siddie?”, Xerbius said and grinned.

“Of course.”, Mysidia replied.

Mysidia unhitched her two handed staff from behind her and put her saber and shield away. She swung the staff over her head and flipped it so the flat of the bottom cracked onto the ground with a silence shattering echo.

The zombies all looked up at them and twitched their rotted out flesh. James stood behind the three of them cowering and trying to hide.

“Do you really want to start that kind of trouble, Sid? They don’t exactly look easy.”, James said with his voice quivering in fear.

“Yer in th’ best o’ hands, James. We’ve seen far worse than this.”, Kryimsson said.

“Battlefields worth, actually.”, Xerbius muttered.

“Aye. Those were the good o’ days!”, Kryimsson said and laughed.

Kryimsson swung his sword forward. Xerbius held his staff at the ready with a fireball quietly forming in his hands and Mysidia stood with her violet eyes blazing with the naturalist energy inside.

“Shame, shame. It’s not exactly fair if you call in your buddies, now is it?”, Mysidia mocked the zombies.

“I do like these numbers more, now that you mention it.”, Xerbius nodded.

“Let’s finish this.”, Kryimsson said and charged one of the zombies.

************************************************** *******
In the dead of night, Machene managed to stumble back towards his room. He had a grand old time bragging of tales of yesteryear with the adventures he had with his wife.

The stars were twinkling brightly against the black canvas sky and for the first time in a long time, he gazed up at them and smiled.

When he entered his room, he threw his gear down next to his bed and he slumped down sitting on the mattress. He opened up a tiny scrap of cloth he had stashed away on his person and gazed at the tiny ring held inside.

He smiled as he ran the finger over the glittering smoothness remembering the day he slipped it on her finger.

He took out a strand of catgut he had gotten from Raevenwolf and slipped the ring carefully on the strand. He then tied it securely around his neck. He gave it a kiss and slowly sunk down to his knees with tears of joy stinging his green eyes.
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Awwwww... *sniff sniff*

Now *what* are they hunting in SH for?

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Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. Work has been CRAZY busy and I haven't really had time to write.
It had been said that the gods play games with the mortals. And it was they that the gods used as the pawn pieces in their own personal chess game. With the way the Fates twist and weave their intricate and delicate web of theirs, one could see why there would be those that speculated this.

In the game of chess, there is no movement without a counter and no action without a reaction. For every one piece moved, there is a risk of sacrifice, so that the greater good can be won.

Mortals’ lives were no different to some gods. They were created and destroyed on a whim to some of the more irreputable gods.

Fate, however, is her own mistress and answers to no god. She has her own scheme in mind on how things should turn out so it’s no wonder that some of the races, after the Cataclysms, worshipped her as a god.

Since Akahsha was excommunicated from the Tier’Dal race, and being her chosen profession, she found herself praying to Fate heavily these days.

The other Tier’Dal had heard of her recent windfall with Val’eth and the task laid before her, they were all instructed to aid her in whatever way they could. Many of them gave the bear minimum. The other races didn’t seem to pay her any mind since her family’s dishonorment had no bearing on them.

Akahsha was a resourceful woman. Since she was considered no better than a slave among her people, she had to be. And since Val’eth gave her some coin to start her on her journey, she managed to hire a ratonga necromancer by the name of Aconitine. Ratonga were resourceful in their own rights and always managed to carry a bit of luck with them, no matter where they went. Akahsha thought it wise on her part, to keep this ratonga close and use her as a valuable resource.

Aconitine was sent out to gather some information about the whereabouts of Mysidia. The rat woman was tiny in comparison to the rest of her race, and thinner, sicklier. She claimed it to be that she was the runt of her litter. Because of her ill health and her fragile appearance, it didn’t take much to figure out why she was attracted to the workings of Necromancy. And despite her already withered appearance, she was rather good at what she did.

The ratonga skittered through the damp streets of East Freeport in search of Akahsha. She was late. Then again, Aconitine was always late. The exhausted necromancer looked frantically in the streets and her whiskers twitched with her anxiety. Her huge black eyes blinked through the poor light. Lucky for her, her night vision was decent enough not to get her robbed. There was always someone somewhere around any corner ready to jump up on an unsuspecting passerby. And as much as Fate was worshipped, Opportunity should have been too.

Aconitine grabbed the door handle of the pub and gave it a good yank. It creaked and groaned under the chilly damp air and she shivered a bit as she got inside.

She found herself darting this way and that, to get out of the way of the larger races that always seemed to find themselves drunk night after night. Ogres didn’t care who you were and they cared even less as the drinks went down quicker, so being stepped on wasn’t all that uncommon in a pub like that. It was easy for someone so small and frail to get lost in the dim.

Stale warm beer and body funk clung thickly to the packed building as the body count added to the humid warmth. Everyone was damp from the day’s rains and everyone came in to try and dry off. They only added to the dampness and the heat added to the uncomfortable suffocating feeling.

Aconitine saw Akahsha sitting alone in the back, looking empty at her glass. The moment she felt eyes on her, Akahsha looked up to see a short ratonga walking to her. She looked over at the huge spider behind her and grunted at the large arachnid.

“The bartender catches that bug in here and he’ll have one of the ogre bodyguards stamp him out.”, Akahsha said lifting her glass and drinking.

Aconitine looked at her spider pet, Hemlock, and shrugged. She waved her hand over the pet and it dismissed itself into a small green cloud.

“You’re late.”, Akahsha said raising an eyebrow.

“A thousand pardons, Lady ‘Kasha.”, the ratonga’s voice said in a high purr. “Meesa lost tracks of time.”

“I shouldn’t be surprised. You always managed to be late…somehow. Well, out with it. What do you have for me?”, Akahsha said and took out a rather fat pouch from her pocket.

“’Kasha doesn’t makes it easy for Aconitine. Yousa haves no ideas what meesa have to do to get dis.”, Aconitine said with a frown.

“Jobs worth while are seldom easy, rat. Do you have something or not?”, Akahsha said annoyed.

“Jes.”, Aconitine said quietly and took out a small scrap of paper. Her paw like hand cupped the piece of paper on the table and she looked sternly at the dark elf.

Akahsha tolerated Aconitine. She hated how the ratonga’s eyes shifted and darted around nervously and it got on her nerves when she watched her whiskers twitch. Akahsha placed her hand on Aconitine’s and nodded at it.

“You know the deal, rat. No payment until I see the goods.”, Akahsha said flatly.

Aconitine sat back in her chair and released the scrap of paper. She waved over at the bartender and snapped her fingers to get his attention. She then pointed her clawed furry finger at her table to call over an ale.

Akahsha raised her eyebrows at her furry companion, a little shocked that her frail friend ordered a drink.

“Drinking tonight, Aconitine? This isn’t like you.”, Akahsha mocked.

Aconitine looked up slightly guilty and quietly said, “Meesa earneds it.”

“Why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were going soft on me. What do you have to feel guilty for? This is Freeport. Do you really think anyone cares who you killed to get this? Keep thinking like that and you’ll guarantee yourself a one way ticket to ultimate banishment.”, Akahsha said and laughed.

Aconitine was evil by class only. It was widely known that Necromancers were not allowed in Qeynos city. She tried to become a conjurer, but her mind just couldn’t understand certain concepts that defined that class. Every time she’d further her studies, it always came out to the same outcome; she simply grasped Necromancy far easier than anything else.

Truth is, Aconitine really hated killing anything that didn’t give her trouble. She delved in death because it came easy to her, not because she had an obsession with it, as most of her colleagues did. All of the Necromancers within the mages halls picked on Aconitine for this, calling her a joke to Necromancy all together. Yet none of them could deny her abilities. It truly was a strange situation the ratonga was in.

And in the time Akahsha knew Aconitine, everything about that ratonga struck the assassin as odd. Even Aconitine’s dialect, which seemed far different that any other ratonga she’s met. When you heard her speak, you just as soon shrugged her off as another ignorant beggar in the streets, but Akahsha knew better. Aconitine has proven time and time again that she can be quite clever when she needs, and Akahsha suspects her ratonga friend keeps the accent to throw off anyone else paying her too much attention. It was an ingenious tactic, really.

“It’s not thats. Its justs…”, Aconitine said and sighed, not finishing her sentence. Her ale came over and she picked it up, taking a rather long swig from her oversized mug. She coughed a bit, causing the what little head she had to foam on her whiskers. Akahsha laughed at the humorous sight.

Akahsha finally opened up the piece of paper and read the name and the address inside. She remembered the tales her mother used to talk about, in the days gone by. The stories her mother told were bedtime stories, filled with adventure and battles of days of old. Akahsha grinned at the name on the piece of paper as those memories began to flood back.

“Are you sure, this information is correct?”, Akahsha asked looking at the worried ratonga.

“Jes.”, Aconitine said as her rounded muzzle twitched.

“It would seem Fate is not done with our story, then…”, Akahsha said and slid the pouch of coins across the table to Aconitine.

Aconitine grabbed the pouch and pulled up her hood to leave. She got up and paused for a moment, to collect her thoughts. She then turned her head and spoke to Akahsha.

“Aconitine’s debts to youssa is paid. Meesa no works for youssa no more.”, Aconitine said and started to walk away.

“Have it your way, rat. I release you from your debt. Pray we don’t meet again.”, Akahsha said and opened up the scrap of paper again.

Akahsha felt the evil grin spread across her face like a comforting blanket over a warm bed.

“Thank you for the precious gift, Fate. I will make sure to give you a proper sacrifice.”, she said quietly.

Her dark finger ran softly over the words as her plan began to form. “It would appear our Houses intertwine once again, … Feja.. of the Darkfury Clan…”

She laughed softly to herself and placed the scrap of paper in her pocket. She silently left the tavern and began to make her way towards the spires in the Commonlands.

Aconitine stood in the shadows as she watched the dark elf slip away into the night. She knew what she did, and she felt genuinely bad. However, this act was not done without total and complete thought from her part.

Had Aconitine knew what kind of debt she was going to get herself into, she never would have allowed Akahsha to save her life. Not that Aconitine really had much to say nor could she have stopped Akahsha if she wanted to..

It had been a few years prior when Aconitine was just a young necromancer starting out in the world. And since she was much smaller than most other ratonga, she was easily taken advantage of.

Akahsha realizing that having a ratonga in her proverbial pocket was beneficial, she trailed Aconitine for a few weeks and struck out when the moment was right. It didn’t take long for the young necromancer to get in over her head with a simple quest in Thieves’ Way. One of the Darkblade assassins caught wind of Aconitine and began to stalk her through the tunnels. When the rogue assassin was about to strike, Akahsha swooped in and valiantly killed the “evil doer”, already causing the events of the Life Debt in motion.

Since that event, Akahsha has been using Aconitine as a personal slave, unless the job was dangerous and then she paid her. Akahsha knew that loyalty to the coin was a powerful bond and hard for anyone to break.

But Aconitine had had enough and she wanted out of the Life Debt she owed to Akahsha. And with this, she knew she could.

Aconitine turned to her spider pet and then watched Akahsha fade into the fog.

“Hemlock, meesa makes things right again.”, she said and paused. “Somehows…”
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*nibbles cheese*

Excellent as always.  More, please! :smileyvery-happy:

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Great Story, Mysidia!!!

I just started reading it today.  I couldn't stop scrolling down, LOL!  I've made myself and my husband late for work now, hehe.  SMILEY

Keep up the good work.


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Mysidia sat atop of a large boulder overlooking the narrow pathway into the meteor scorched valley of Thundering Stepps. She finally made it and she was feeling just a bit antsy to get underway. Not that anyone could really blame her. It had been 500 years since she had seen her husband last.

Her long tawny hair was out of its braid and fluttering gently in the breeze. Almost two weeks prior, they made it out of Stormhold and had visited the armory to finish up a quest that James had.

When they left Stormhold, James bade them farewell as he made his way towards WindstalkerVillage and Kryimsson, Xerbius, and her, made their way towards the huge wooden gates into Thundering Stepps.

Mysidia could hardly believe her eyes. She remembered this place being nothing but barren flat lands with a few animals roaming about. Karana made sure the rains visited the plains quite regularly then. She would have given anything to see something familiar left behind. Even the beastiary had changed. Of course, she new nature simply wouldn’t place a halt on evolution for her sake.

Kryimsson was a few hundred feet away speaking with a Dwarven merchant, if he had seen someone like Machene passing through. They were deep in conversation. There was something peculiar about her brother’s behaviors, however. He always kept looking over his shoulder and anything resembling a small group of people made him jump. Mysidia knew better than to ask, however. Old habits do, in fact, die hard, and she was certain he had gotten himself into some kind of trouble.

Xerbius, almost as if reading her thoughts, nodded towards Kryimsson. “You’re worried about him too?”

“Am I that transparent?”, Mysidia said looking at her cousin.

“Not you. Him.”, Xerbius said eating a sandwich.

“I do believe our brother has gotten into a bit of trouble.”, Mysidia admitted.

Xerbius was in fact, Mysidia’s cousin, but since the three of them attended the academy when they were younger, they all took oaths together and became sworn Oath Brothers. That made Xerbius brother to Mysidia and Kryimsson, despite the distant blood between them. If anyone outside of the family asked Mysidia about Xerbius, she proudly called him her brother.

“Kryimsson can take care of himself.”, Xerbius said with a mouth full of food.

“It’s not him I’m worried about. Different times call for a different set of rules. All of us can’t go about trouncing like we used to. He might have done something severe without even knowing it.”, Mysidia said watching Kryimsson talking to the dwarf.

“And knowing Kryimsson…”, Xerbius said thinking on it.

“Exactly.”, Mysidia said agreeing. “We might have to be extra careful crossing the Stepps. Keep our eyes peeled and so forth.”

Xerbius nodded as he continued his lunch. Kryimsson started to make their way back towards them both when Xerbius turned to Mysidia.

“Don’t you eat?”, Xerbius asked confused.

Mysidia blinked down at him. “Yes. When I’m hungry.”

“Th’ dwarf thinks he might have seen someone tha’ fits Machene’s description…but tha’ was neigh few weeks ago. We can try th’ docks ta get any other leads, sis.”, Kryimsson said.

Xerbius stood up and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, Siddie. We’ll find him.”

Mysidia got up and brushed off her hands and pants. She mounted her horse and began to nudge him into a trot. She turned to Kryimsson. “So who did you cross?”

Kryimsson, trying to play innocent. “What are you talking about?” When Mysidia didn’t change her glare at her brother, he coughed slightly and shifted in his saddle.

“I talked to Captain Abealla, because I heard she can point me to the right direction of the Orcish Wastes, and she had me stop some illegal supply runners…”, Kryimsson started to babble.

“And now one of the top dogs of the illegal operation wants to see you dead.”, Xerbius said in a mocking tone.

“Or something like it, yes.”, Kryimsson admitted.

“You’ve gone mad, haven’t you?”, Mysidia asked looking at him. Then she shook her head. “Who’s after you?”

“A group of thug orcs.”, he said quietly.

“Wonderful.”, Mysidia said sarcastically. “I can always count on you to make my afternoons interesting.”

She sighed and continued, “Let’s just get to the docks as quickly as possible. The sooner we find Machene, the better off we’ll all be.”


Akahsha traveled mostly by nightfall when she reached the borders of Antonica. She knew better than to wander around in the daylight with all the guards strolling about. She could keep to the woodlands and open plains away from the roads during the day, but the moment she had to travel on well known roads, she made sure to do it by starlight.

She was rather pleased to find out that the griffon tower operators weren’t biased in any sense and she could fly freely to get to her destination quicker. Through paying off some of the more shady merchants, she discovered that she would have to travel through the Peat Bog to get to Nettleville Hovel and that the guard coverage was scarce there.

Excellent, she thought.

She scampered down the Qeynos station and stood on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water. The snap of dampness was in the air and the moment that Akahsha recognized the weather and looked up, it started to rain. She pulled up her hood and pushed her long black hair back into her cape.

Unsheathing her dagger and placing it in her teeth, she dove head first into the dark waters below.

She grunted softly as she felt the colder waters crash against her skin and she surfaced soon after she jumped into the water. Her clothes, now dripping, sloshed in the bay around her and joined in the chorus of rain drops slapping the surface of the water. She began to swim quietly towards the grate that the merchant instructed was there.

When she reached the other side and looked up to see the sun parched white walls of Qeynos, she looked down to see the shadow of the grating below her. She snickered softly and took in a huge breath before plunging into the water below.


Feja sat quietly on her balcony, being sheltered from the rain from the overhang of roof overhead. She was meditating. Aust was downstairs placing price tags on the armor he had made during the day. These were the few moments Feja had to herself where she could simply relax and unwind from the day’s events.

Kay’je had been accepted into the Monk temple to start his training a few days prior and Feja couldn’t have been more proud. She had a huge feast at their house to celebrate the momentous occasion before Kay’je set off to be trained in Elddar Grove. The training took several months and he would be away for the better part of the year.

Feja was cleaning up after the feast and trying to get her house back to some semblance of normal. Maya still didn’t show any interest in what school she would like to attend to and Feja didn’t push her. She did help out her father in the shop and showed great talent for working the sewing machine. She was still finding her way, although Feja thinks some of it had to do with Mysidia being gone for so long. She had a feeling that Maya was going to ask Mysidia to train her and she had hoped that Mysidia would comply. Maya would be so heartbroken if anyone else trained her.

That day, when Feja woke up that morning, something just didn’t seem right to her. She simply felt “off”, almost as if she was working a step behind herself. She shrugged it off as stress due to Kay’je leaving but something deep down inside of her told her there was something to more to it.

The Vah’Shir were known to be in tune to their life’s cycle, knowing when there was a birth and when there would be a death. Death never frightened them and they didn’t frighten the Kerra either. There were only so many grains of sand someone was given, in their hour glass of life. Some had more, others less, but when your grains were gone, you were accepted into the new life with all of your ancestors, welcoming you.

Feja could feel her grains starting to grow unmistakably thin. However, she could feel the looming darkness beneath the instinctual internal vision.

“Feja, are you all right? You seem…distracted, tonight.”, Aust said placing a hand on her shoulder. Feja smiled softly and kissed his cheek.

“I’m fine. Perhaps tomorrow you can take Maya into the shop with you? There are some things I need to finish cleaning and it’s easier to do it without anyone in the house.”, she said smiling softly.

Aust looked at her concerned but nodded in compliance. It wasn’t unusual for Feja to focus on cleaning. Every season, she always started at one end of the house and worked towards the other, making everything spotless. And Aust had learned that staying out of her way was the best course of action when she was getting like that.

“Sure. Maya was working on a project for me the other day and she mentioned she’d like to finish it.”, Aust said and kissed her forehead. Aust looked out the window and nudged towards the open doors.

“You better close the windows. There’s a storm coming.”, he said and walked up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Feja walked carefully towards the window and watched the night sky churn angrily with the thick clouds. She watched them swirl and choke what little starlight was out that night.

The impending snap of rain carried its way towards Feja on a rush of a late night breeze and bits of debris swirled and danced around Feja’s feet. Curiously, she raised and eyebrow and snatched some of the debris in mid air, with her furry fingers and held on to it while she closed the doors.

She quietly made her way towards her kitchen counter and placed the debris in a large wooden bowl, adding a dash of this herb and splash of this potion. She began to swivel the concoction, allowing the debris to become saturated with the items she placed in it and to cover the sides of the bowl.

She paused for a moment as she began to read the debris, as the teachings of her family has been passed to her. She began to nibble absently at her lip, allowing her protruding canines to lightly scrape across the bottom.

“Well, well…”, she purred softly. “Fate does have a sense of humor.”

Aust, knowing his wife, shadowed himself in the hallway and watched her perform the mystic divination that her profession taught her. He knew she saw something. He watched her body language tell its own tale.

Something was definitely in the works and Aust quietly made his way towards the bedroom, his mind ramped with thoughts. Deciding to be proactive about the situation, whatever that situation was, he scribbled a note on a small piece of paper. Aust couldn’t tell what Feja saw in her bowl, but he knew it had a great deal to do with her behavior as of late and he wasn’t going to take any chances of her safety.

Mysidia was still out there, more than likely in the Thundering Stepps, by now. He had to find someone who could reach her quickly.

He attached the note to his Hawk familiar. Several professions had familiars and with each profession, the link between them was profound and irrefutable. What one saw, the other did. If one felt pain, the other suffered. It was a double edged sword with a link that powerful and Aust was betting that link would help him more now than it ever did.

“You need to fly swiftly, my friend. Karana give speed to you, in my hour of need.”, Aust said and ran his furry finger down the front chest of his hawk. He held out his arm and the hawk flew off into the distance towards Greystone Yard.

“Karana, protect us all.”, Aust said quietly into the night sky
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Shaping up nicely!
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Sorry it's taking me so long to post another chapter. I've been working on this: http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board/message?board.id=screen&message.id=21749 (A video that goes along with the story.)
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Sweet! :smileyhappy:

Now that's ambition.

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I loved it, great job. Keep up the great work.



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Mysidia sat barefoot on the sand near the ocean. Off in the distance to her left, was Thundering Stepps docks and all of the fish merchants and ship captains haggling back and forth was starting to give Mysidia a rather large headache. She just wanted to be by herself and told Xerbius that she was going to take a walk on the beach.

Of all the places nature had to offer, she was rather fond of the beach, simply because it had all the elements in one place. She favored the forest for obvious reasons, but the beach always seemed to rejuvenate her in ways she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She shoved her toes into the damp coarse sand and felt the cool water lap against her bare feet. A small smile crept on her face as she felt the contrast of sand and salt water. She watched tiny fish swim rapidly around her feet catching what small microscopic creatures she kicked up.

She gazed over the horizon and watched the sun melt behind the waterline in hues of gold, magenta, and deep purple. A serene calm lightly trickled over her face as she felt the stress of the day wash away out to the sea.

“Peaceful, isn’t it?”, a voice said behind her. Slightly annoyed by the disturbance, she looked over her shoulder to see a rather tall Iksar behind her. She sucked in her breath and felt the fear creep through her veins and cause a small panic to lump in her throat.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you.”, the Iksar said almost flinching along with Mysidia. She looked at the Iksar’s armor and saw the small crest of Qeynos over his heart. Despite her prejudices of the race, she eased up a bit realizing that he had betrayed Freeport and was considered among the “good” of the land.

“I find meditating by the sea to be a wonderful stress reliever.”, he said and sat down beside her.

“I don’t know how you meditate, but I do it in silence.”, Mysidia said coldly.

The Iksar, not budging from her words, closed his eyes and began to breathe slowly. The very presence of the tall lizard made her teeth grind and she found it hard to simply sit there and commune with nature.

She looked the Iksar over and noticed his leather armor and that he carried a large staff across his back. She looked down to his taloned hands expecting to see the monk hand wraps, but there weren’t any.

“Shaman”, she grunted to herself.

“Hardly. I’m a Warden. Same as you.”, Iksar said popping open a slitted eye, looking at Mysidia.

Mysidia’s face flustered with embarrassment and she was almost offended. “Warden? What god do you serve?”

“Tunare. The same as you, I would assume.”, he replied.

“Nonsense. Tunare wouldn’t allow such barbaric creatures to worship her.”, Mysidia said in a huff.

“Tunare is a forgiving Goddess. I see some of Her children, however, are not.”, the Iksar said offended.

Mysidia turned her face away, feeling the embarrassment creep up into her pointed ears. The Iksar studied Mysidia for a moment and nodded slowly.

“Not all of us follow through with traditions of the past, Rydian. Although I understand your prejudice, it would do you a bit of good to remember that.”, he said closing his eyes.

Mysidia sulked feeling horrible. “Old habits die hard, including unnecessary fear.”

“In all the years I’ve been alive, I’ve never even seen a sacrificial altar. My mother told me about them, however, when I was a young hatchling.”, he said looking out at the sea. “Truth be told, you’re the first Rydian I’ve ever met.”

The Iksar stood up and brushed the sand off his armor pants. He stuck out his scaly hand and gave a small smile. “Tay’lan Leafwind.”

Mysidia stood up and looked at the tall Iksar confused. She stuck her hand out and took his hand shaking it slowly. “M… Mysidia Drakkenbane.”

“An honor, Mysidia.”, he said, his voice soft.

“But…but your name is… Elvish.”, Mysidia said and blinked. Tay’lan laughed and nodded.

“I shed my Iksar name the moment I betrayed Freeport. I am no longer a slave to Lucan so I no longer need a slave’s name.”, he said and winked.

The Iksar noticed her white streak. “You’re a long way from home.”

She looked at him and said, “We all are.”

Mysidia didn’t know why, but the conversation with the Iksar pleased her greatly. It was odd to her, allowing this Iksar share the same space, but she found herself conversing with him over topics she never thought she would. They discussed briefly of cultures, religions, and before either one of them knew it, it was well into the night.

Xerbius watched Mysidia from afar and allowed the conversation to take place. Kryimsson casually walked up beside him and leaned on the rail of the docks looking at Mysidia.

“What’s she doin’ talkin’ to tha’ lizzy?”, Kryimsson said taking a swig from a bottle he had.

“It appears she’s learning.”, Xerbius said.

“What could she possibly learn from him?”, Kryimsson asked watching them.

“Tolerance.”, Xerbius said and picked up his staff that was resting against the rail.


Akahsha quietly padded her way through the damp lands that made up the Peat Bog. Several large rats skittered about sniffing whatever decaying corpse fell prey to the harsh conditions of the land.

Small wisps of fog began to band and form and weave into a thick blanket as the night crept on. The sound of heavy paws squishing on soggy ground made Akahsha keep her hand firmly planted on the hilt of her dagger.

She knew enough about nature to know that harsh conditions only kept the strongest animals around. Survival of the fittest was more than a mere cliché, it was a true way of life and this area seemed to wreak of it along with the stench of mold and slime.

Akahsha’s night vision gave her an edge over the wildlife that called the Peat Bog home. She began to search the ground for various dry vegetations so that she could build a fire. She picked up a cracked bone chip and ran her finger over the slime stained edges. A small grin flashed over her face as she placed the bone chip in her pocket and patted it for safe keeping.

She gathered what little she found and began to clear an area for her small campfire. She knew that smoke would bring the attention it deserved and then she could spring her plan she carefully put together.

Sneaking into the city was going to be taxing enough. Doing it without a solitary plan was suicide and she knew it.

A small rumble began to slosh in her stomach and she scowled a bit as she placed a hand on it. Plan or not, her hunger appeared would come first.

Shrugging, she withdrew an arrow from her quiver and began to knock it in her bow. She looked out over the swampy terrain and lightly bounded up a rotted out tree stump. She looked at a rather fat rat, large enough to be a small dog, scurrying down the path.

“It’s not wine and cheese, but it’ll do.”, she muttered and released the arrow, hitting her mark.

About an hour later, Akahsha sat Indian style next to her fire, trying to dry off her damp clothes from her recent swim to the Peat Bog entrance. A freshly skinned rat hung crudely off a gnarled fat twig near the fire and the smells of cooking rat flesh began to waft over the buzz of the night.

The animals kept their distance, although some of the larger predators were curious about the oddly delicious smells coming from the fire. She withdrew a small pouch of spices from one of her bags and began to drizzle a pinch over the cooking mammal. Granted, it wasn’t a fine dining meal, but there was no need to make it taste bland on purpose.

About a half hour later, a sharp snap was heard in the darkness around her and a small quick yelp was heard. Akahsha lifted her head from gnawing on her meal and chewed with an evil smirk on her face.

After picking the carcass clean, she stood up and began to walk into the distance of where the sound came from. She was picking her teeth with one of her sharp talon like fingernails when she looked up to see a guard hanging from a near by branch. She finished swallowing her meal and looked up in to the purpling face of the guard, who struggled to breathe.

“H..hh…help… meee…”, he managed to gasp out, trying to remove the tight noose from around his neck with his hands.

Akahsha laughed. “Now why in the world would I do that? You’re useless to me alive.”

She folded her arms and watched with a sick indifference as the guard’s life quickly began to slip out of his body. She tapped her foot with her profound impatience. Finally, after hearing the guard sputtering, she sighed frustrated and moved around the back of the guard with her dagger in hand.

She placed a hand on the blood filled face and pushed the dagger deep within the backside of the guard, feeling the tip penetrate the left lung.

“As much as your sputtering pleases me, I really don’t have time to watch you die.”, She said and felt the hot blood pour down her hand and soak the ground beneath them. She sighed and wiped her dagger on the corpse’s pants leg before beginning to untie the body and lowering it to the ground.

Before long, she had changed completely into the dead guard’s clothes and she managed to plunge the body deep within the bog waters, allowing whatever wildlife to chew away the evidence. She withdrew a small stone like object and the bone chip and grinned.

With one hand, she held out the bone chip and the other, she kept tightly clutched to her chest. She closed her eyes and began to activate the magic within the stone like item. The bone chip lifted from her hand and hovered above her head, shimmering with magical sparks.

The sparks showered her image and it began to shimmer and change into something different all together. When the sparks were gone, so was the bonechip and the dark elf that was once standing there.

In its place was tall human female, and the means for Akahsha to get into the city.


Xerbius, Kryimsson, and Mysidia set up camp near one of the sand dunes some distance away from the docks. The dotting of torches and small fires twinkled in the distance. They were warned about the undead that mingled in the area, but were instructed that the camp they chose was far enough away to be left alone.

They would have stayed closer to shore, if Mysidia didn’t already predict an unusual high tide for the evening. Luclin, in all its fragmented glory, hung close to Norrath that evening and that usually meant an extreme high tide.

They invited Tay’lan to join them in supper, as Mysidia prepared a hearty rabbit stew. They shared stories of yesteryear, of days of childhood. And for a while, Mysidia had to remind herself that Tay’lan was an Iksar. He was unlike any Iksar she had ever met. He didn’t hold that usual “lisp” she commonly heard and he was well articulated and intelligent. Every once in a while, he would say a word that would carry the dry hiss his race normally has, but she figured it was due to the way the Iksar’s jaw was constructed and just made it difficult to say certain words.

When the conversation touched the topic of the racial tension and the reasons behind it, Mysidia went to great lengths to explain to the young Iksar why she was so apprehensive towards him earlier. The Iksar’s face contorted with misery and compassion as he heard Mysidia’s tale.

“I had no idea, Mysidia. Stories of the war aren’t widely told as much as they were. Even the history books don’t really touch on the subject. Just what’s passed down from generation to generation, and even then, it’s nothing like what you described. I can say, that my Freeport bretheren don’t follow those barbaric customs anymore. The religions of the past remained there when Luclin split. Now we’re just all trying to survive.”, Tay’lan said looking at Mysidia over the flames of the campfire.

“I’m not entirely sure how to take that, Tay’lan. On one hand, I’m happy that your species has evolved. On the other, it hurts me to no end that all those lives have been forgotten.”, Mysidia said stirring the stew in the crude iron pot.

Mysidia began to dole out a good heaping of the stew in the anxious bowls that were presented to her. She weaved her delicate fingers in the air and summoned four small dark brown peasant loafs to dip into the stew.

Tay’lan looked at his bread and raised an eyebrow. “This is much nicer than what I can summon.”

“My knowledge is a bit older than yours, Tay’lan.”, Mysidia said and smiled softly.

Kryimsson happily grunted as he dove into his stew and dipped the bread deep within the mouth watering broth. With his mouth full of food, he exclaimed, “I’ve missed yer cookin’, sis.”

“Mmm.”, Xerbius agreed swallowing his mouthful. “The provisioners in Qeynos are well and good, but there’s just something about Rydian cooking that never seems to get into the common food. And there’s only so many Bear Sandwiches I can eat.”

Mysidia raised an eyebrow at Xerbius. “Xerbius snubbing his nose at a sandwich? That’s serious business.”, she chided.

After dinner was over, they all laid lazily around the fire continuing their nightly discussions. Tay’lan went into his story on how he chose the Warden path and how it came that he betrayed Freeport. Kryimsson lifted his large bottle and muttered a “cheers” before taking a rather large swig. Mysidia chuckled softly and looked down at the sand.  

“You keep drinking from that bottle. What’s in it that has your hand firmly grasped at the neck as though it were made from gold?”, Tay’lan asked curiously.

Xerbius laughed and Kryimsson looked at Mysidia with begging eyes. Mysidia nodded slowly and Kryimsson poured a small amount into Tay’lan’s mug.

“Drink slowly, lad. People have been know to go blind drinkin’ it too fast.”, Kryimsson said and grinned.

Tay’lan looked into his mug curiously and sniffed it cautiously. Shrugging, he took a small sip, allowing the strong ale to tickle his lizard tongue. The moment he swallowed the burning liquid, he straightened his tail out and coughed slightly, causing two small plumes of smoke to exit his flared nostrils.

Xerbius, hardly able to contain his laughter, laughed himself silly and falling over to his side. His laughter echoed loudly off the dune causing a brief silence to the crickets and night frogs chirping about.

“That never gets old!”, Xerbius said and laughed some more.

“What in the nine hells is this?”, Tay’lan asked looking into his mug. He looked up at his free hand and began to move it slowly, trying to focus on his fingers. He moved his hand around the front of his face and turned it over focusing on the colors he saw.

“Rydian Ale.”, Mysidia said softly.

“Good Gods, this is strong enough to clean the stains off of a troll’s teeth.”, Tay’lan said turning his attention back to his mug.

“I suppose ya could use it to do that. I just use it to get drunk.”, Kryimsson said and drank a heavy swig.

“Truth be told, Tay’lan. My brother does brew it rather strong.”, Mysidia said almost apologetically.

Xerbius and Kryimsson chimed in together automatically, “Is there any other way to brew it?”

“I wouldn’t finish your glass, Tay’lan. I’m not entirely sure how well it works on Iksar considering your cold blood. And since you’ve never had it before, you might be double susceptible to its effects.”, Mysidia said quietly.

“You drink this stuff?”, Tay’lan asked, his speech slightly slurred and his eyes out of focus.

“Are ye kiddin’ me? Siddie can drink most gnomes under th’ table. There aren’t many that has her tolerance.”, Kryimsson said and winked.

“I’m… not feeling so well…”, Tay’lan said and slumped down onto the ground.

Mysidia turned to grab a few herbs from her bag when a large explosion snapped her attention towards the docks.

Xerbius, Kryimsson, and Mysidia peered over the dune to watch in horror as orcs overran the docks. Tay’lan crawled up to see the commotion and he groaned as his stomach churned with the strong alcohol he just drank.

“Orcs? Here?? What in the name of the Seven Hammers are they doing here?”, Xerbius asked, hardly believing his eyes.

“Zek isn’t too far from here.”, Tay’lan said.

“Orchish Wastes…”, Kryimsson noted quietly.

“They’re not here for you, are they?”, Mysidia said and looked at her brother with a fierce look.

“More than likely not, Mysidia. They raid the docks quite often.”, Tay’lan said.

“So much for a relaxing evening.”, Mysidia said and strapped her buckler to her back.

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Alright, how is it that I go hunting for your tale, only to find it tucked into obscurity on page two?

And, coming to let you know that I wove a bit of your mythos into my own story, find that I missed a chapter?  And an excellent one at that?

The only answer I can think of is that you aren't writing enough. :smileywink:

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Thick plumes of black smoke choked its vaporous hand around the night air as the Orcs pillaged and set fire to whatever civilization found its way on the docks. Women ran frantically screaming, trying to find any hiding space where they would be safe. Men, some young boys, grabbed spears and fishing knives, defending their livelihood, knowing full well that a complete destruction to Thundering Stepps docks would mean starvation for them and their families.

There were a few adventurers around to help the fishermen protect the dock, but the docks themselves were mostly a conduit station to help people get to various other places on Norrath. The ships had all gone for the day and whoever was to arrive at the Thundering Stepps, had done so and already moved on.

Mysidia, Xerbius, and Kryimsson all stood with their backs to one another, with their weapons drawn and magic on the ready.

“Sis, can ye slow down th’ masses a wee bit? It would make it easier for me to deal them.”, Kryimsson shouted as he began to charge a large group of orcs.

Mysidia snapped her attention towards her brother and saw the small troop of orcs that were beginning to choke the docks. She reached over and grabbed Tay’lan’s hand.

“Tay’lan, concentrate with me. Summon the vines.”, Mysidia said and closed her eyes, saying the spell in her native tongue. The Iksar, too, closed his eyes and began to chant the words that were taught to him while he was a mere hatchling.

Torrents of thick seaweed vines began to explode through the dock planks and interweave among the boxes and crates that dotted the borders. Immediately, several slimy green vines wrapped around the orcs legs and caused them all to nearly halt their advance.

Kryimsson’s thunderous laughter echoed off the buildings as he began to pick up speed charging the snared orc group. He lifted his sword and a primal red energy fused around him, causing his body to almost catch in a magical fire. He sliced downward, causing several orcs’ legs to be sliced off at the knee and they collapsed in their own horror and thick black blood.

Xerbius snapped his arm out, causing a huge fireball to be flung from his hand and the four orcs that were charging them, all collapsed to the ground, writhing in pain from their flesh being charred. He walked over their freshly seared corpses and a wild look crept into his eyes.

“Boom! There is no spoon, [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]!”, he said as he walked towards where Mysidia was standing.

Mysidia armed herself with her buckler and sword. Two orcs sneered in her direction and began to swing their flails over their heads, coming towards her direction. Mysidia smacked the flat of her blade against her buckler and nodded at the Orcs.

“Bring it.”, she said and grinned. One orc charged her, swinging his flail down at her. With a swift movement on her part, she lifted her left arm up, blocking the fierce blow with her buckler and a thunderous crack was heard as metal spines met shield.

With her other hand, she sliced outward, slicing across the orc’s abdomen, and would have cut right through if it weren’t for the thick leather hide he was wearing. It did, however, make him stumble back to make sure he wasn’t seriously wounded.

“You’ll pay for that, lightie!”, the orc exclaimed.

The other orc, swung around the back and tried to clip Mysidia in the legs, to trip her. The only thing he succeeded was getting a buckler to his face as she swung back toward his jaw. One of his tusk like teeth cracked and a chuck of it went flying into the smoke filled air behind him.

Just as the leather armored orc was about to strike Mysidia, Tay’lan swung his tail and tripped the orc. With a swift movement, the end of Tay’lan’s staff met the face of the orc and a sickening “crunch” was heard as bone gave way to thick solid wood.

“Thank you.”, Mysidia said and smiled.

“My pleasure.”, Tay’lan said and bowed.

“I think perhaps your brother could use a little assistance.”, Tay’lan said as he pointed in the distance.

Mysidia broke her concentration for a moment to see her brother in the middle of a circle of orcs. She nodded slightly as she began to see some of the open wounds on her brother. She turned her attention back to Tay’lan, and much to her surprise and shock, she saw a treeant in his place.

“What…the…hell?”, she asked confused.

“It’s one of your abilities, Mysidia. Each weapon we use, we’re giving an affinity towards a special form. Go ahead. Try it.”, the dry voice said from the tree.

“Focus the will on the weapon when you shift.”, Tay’lan said.

And so, she did. She began to shut off the world around her just long enough to center her energy around the weapon and shifting her body with it. She felt the usual transformation with her body. She felt herself shrink. She felt her hands and feet form paws. However, when the transformation was complete, she looked at herself and saw the pattern of stripes instead of the peppered coat of a wolf. Instead, a tiger took her place.

“Siddie!”, Xerbius exclaimed and Mysidia popped open her violet eyes and looked around. Using her cat like reflexes, she darted out of the way just in time. An orc nearly ran her through with a spear, into her side.

Tay’lan swung wide and took out a few orcs, knocking them all to their backsides, with his huge branch like arms. Mysidia took a flying leap off of a tall crate and landed on one of them, mauling their face.

Several of the fishermen began to cheer on the four of them and they all began to gain a fresh new bout of confidence with the four of them on their side. Before long, the orcs were pushed back and the four of them were given a moment to regain their energy.

Kryimsson wiped the sweat off his brow and began to slow his breathing down. “We’ve pushed ‘em back, but for how long, I canna tell ye.”, he said turning to Tay’lan who now had regained his normal form.

“I’ve healed what I could. But even I feel stretched thin.”, Tay’lan said.

Mysidia’s eyes blinked as she watched the masses of the orcs starting to retreat. There was something in it that made her tail twitch. This wasn’t like normal orc behavior.

She shifted back into her usual form and looked around. She nodded to Tay’lan and Kryimsson.

“See to the wounded over there. Xerbius and I will see what we can do here. Keep your eyes open. I don’t like the ease of their retreat one bit.”, Mysidia said and walked off with Xerbius.

“I agree with you, sister. This isn’t like them at all.”, Xerbius agreed.

“I don’t care how many years of evolution there have been between then and now. Some behaviors you can’t change. Total retreat from an orc is one of them.”, Mysidia said began to heal a head wound on an older woman.

Xerbius turned his back and Mysidia made it further into the wounded masses. She healed what she could and bandaged the rest. She began to curse herself for not picking up specific herbs earlier. Then again, she really didn’t think she’d be protecting the docks from an Orc Invasion.

There were a few lower level clerics that began to aid Mysidia once they were healed up. Before long, the fishing shack was made into a temporary and emergency triage unit.

Mysidia wiped the sweat off her brow. She stretched out her back and was about to take a break when she heard a woman frantically screaming off to the side on the docks.

She grabbed her sword and shield and ran to where the woman was screaming.

“Please! Please… you must help me! My son can’t swim and neither can I. Please, you must help my son!”, the woman said grabbing Mysidia’s arm and pointing to the little boy trying to tread water to keep his head afloat.

“All right, ma’am. Please stand back and be calm.”, Mysidia said and took off her equipment.

She dove headfirst into the water and began to swim towards the boy. The boy managed to swim underneath the docks themselves and she followed quickly behind him.

“It’s all right. I’m here to help you. Here, latch on to my hand.”, Mysidia said and held out her hand to him. He quickly grabbed on to it and Mysidia gave an extra push with her legs to ensure they both didn’t go under when the boy began to pull on her.

“There we go. Now just hold on to me and let me do the swimming, ok?”, Mysidia said and smiled.

She began to swim towards the shore and the moment she felt sand beneath her feet, she walked him up and placed him down.

The little boy leaned over and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. Then he said “There are monsters under there…”

She thought it was an odd thing to say for a boy at that particular moment in time. She looked over underneath the docs and tried to peer into the darkness. For a moment, she saw something shift and what seemed like two pairs of red eyes flashing back at her.

Curiosity got the better part of her and she sent the kid running towards the docks. She turned back around and began swimming to where she saw the movement.

“Where are ye goin’, Siddie?”, Kryimsson asked.

“I’ll just be a minute.”, Mysidia said yelling over her shoulder.

The stench of stale seaweed and brine shot up her nose as she made her way under the docks. She carefully looked around to see what the little boy saw, but there didn’t seem to be anything around. She looked at the huge lump of tangled seaweed floating and bobbing in the water. She reached out and grabbed it, looking it over.

“Hmm…”, she thought. Perhaps this is what she saw. But those red eyes…?

She heard something grunt above her. Quickly she looked up and saw two red eyes looking directly into hers. Drool dripped off of finely shaped and defined tusks. Her eyes followed down what appeared to be leather armor, but she didn’t get a chance to scream out.

Before she could even take in a breath, she felt the crash on her head and darkness quickly came after.

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"Boom!  There is no spoon!"
Ah, that was great.   More, please!
(And thanks for not minding about the Rydian Ale... I couldnt resist.) :smileywink:
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Ekuth wrote:
"Boom!  There is no spoon!"
Ah, that was great.   More, please!
(And thanks for not minding about the Rydian Ale... I couldnt resist.) :smileywink:

It was supposed to read "Boom! There IS no spoon, B. i. tch", but the filter took out the word. =(When I read that part about the ale, my eyes bugged out. I couldn't believe it and became very excited. I was thrilled and HONORED that you put it in there. =)) You really made my day today, with that.
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Akahsha strolled down the streets of Nettleville Hobble as though she didn’t have a care in the world. A few people greeted her as though she belonged there and the little devil in her couldn’t help but keep the oily smirk on her face.

She looked down at the piece of paper clutched in her hand and tried to look for street signs. There was a part of her that was impressed with the layout of the small town that outskirted her enemy city.

The roads were taken care of. It was clean, the litter had been put in its place. There weren’t people running around being chased from guards. Even the scent of the town was just “better”. If it weren’t so “bright and cheery”, she probably could make this place a permanent home.

She looked up and saw the house she wanted. Using her assassin skills, she cloaked herself with her invisibility and snuck in the back of the house where she ended up in the kitchen.

She heard nothing. There was no movement. Everything was quiet and still. This made her uneasy. She ran her fingers over the cool rock countertop. The house was immaculately clean. Everything had a place and there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere to be found.

All of Feja’s spices and herbs were clearly labeled and carefully placed in jars. All of her pots and pans were shining and hanging in a row from largest to smallest. Feja ran a tight ship, from what Akahsha could see. And the house itself rang clear with the scent of white sage and a hint of cinnamon.

“I don’t have to see you to know you’re here, Teir’dal. I can smell your blood all the way upstairs.”, Feja said calmly coming down. She had on her armor and her two handed staff was firmly placed on her back.

Akahsha released the invisibility and her disguise. She sneered at the Kerran approaching her.

“You have something I want, Darkfury.”, Akahsha said.

“And what would that be?”, Feja asked, her muscles tense.

“Information.”, Akahsha said quietly.

“That, you don’t have to break into my home for. You could have easily met me outside of these walls.”, Feja said coolly.

“Regardless. What of the Rydian?”, Akahsha asked, slowly unhitching her daggers.

Feja sucked in her breath. “What do you want with her?”

“That is of no concern of yours.”, Akahsha said coldly.

“Actually, it is. You know of my task, Teir’dal.”, Feja said, her paw like hand glowing with energy.

“Your task means little to me. Either tell me what I want to know or suffer the consequences. I’ve wasted enough time talking with you as it is.”, Akahsha said, obvious her ire raising.

“I will not, Teir’dal, and you do your family name a disservice by continuing down this path.”, Feja said releasing the energy in her hand and a purple spiritual ward cascaded down her person, protecting her from the oncoming onslaught.

“Speak not of my family name. You know nothing of it, Kerran.”, Akahsha spat as her image began to shimmer into nothingness.

“Only that your mother loved Mysidia like a sister.”, Feja marked quietly.

Purple spirit sparks flew off Feja’s backside as the shadowed assassin’s daggers struck true and bounced off the spiritual ward Feja placed on herself. Feja snapped around and held out her bow, completely on guard.

“I’ve come back to restore my family name, Feja, and no one will stop me.”, Akahsha said moving effortlessly in the space around Feja.

“Your foolish ambition blinds you, Teir’dal. Your family name means more now than it ever did before. Your mother’s name sits in history books on well known scholar’s shelves…”, Feja pleaded. But her pleas fell on deaf ears as she felt the jolt from her ward again as an arrow tried to pierce it.

“Speak sense! My race has turned me out and made me no better than the slaves they keep.”, Akahsha spat.

Feja snickered. “There are events in place that are greater than society stature, child. Think!”

Feja’s image shimmered down and it her place was a large brown bear. Her red angered eyes fixated on the shadow that she could now see. Akahsha swallowed the lump in her throat when she realized that the playing field has just become even.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

Kryimsson and Xerbius tore up the ground, running their horses towards the large wooden gate between Thundering Stepps and Antonica. Tay’lan agreed to stay behind and aid the fishing camp healing those that were still wounded. There was little he could do as it was, considering he had no mount of his own and the camp still needed a strong healer to help.

They wasted no time when they realized what had happened. Kryimsson made the decision to go back to Qeynos and get Austforbeer. They needed a tracker, and a good one, if they were to rescue Mysidia. And with any luck, they would find Machene too. The more, the merrier, especially if they were to take on an entire encampment of orcs.

“I don’t know if crashing the camp is wise, brother. Not without a healer, anyway.”, Xerbius said in the midst of galloping his horse.

“We need ta get ta Siddie quickly. If ye know of a better suggestion, I’m all ears.”, Kryimsson said. He worried about his sister. Not that she couldn’t take care of herself, but he didn’t trust the orcs not to sell her off as a slave to Freeport. And while although Tay’lan had expressed that his race’s old traditions died with the destruction of Luclin, he didn’t entirely trust that knowledge either. Dark practices aren’t exactly widely whispered. And bodily sacrifices were as dark as you can get.

“Well, now that you mention it, I have a friend in mind. Faid can get us in and out with little exposure and quickly get us to Sid.”, Xerbius said nodding seriously.

“Can ye get to yer friend quick like?”, Kryimsson asked.

“I can. In fact, he’s waiting for me to return to Qeynos.”, Xerbius said.

“Let’s make tracks then. Th’sooner we can get there, th’ better.”, Kryimsson said and dug his heels into his charger’s flanks.


She wasn’t entirely sure how long she had been laying there. She could barely hear anything around her through the waves of pain that thumped deep within her skull. She didn’t remember the transport or the faces of those who captured her. The only thing she could remember was the blow to her head and the pain she was in that moment.

She groaned slightly, but even that was an effort. The sound cracked from her dry throat and she had to force herself to move and open her eyes. All Mysidia could see was darkness. Even her low light vision was no match for the blackness around her. She coughed slightly and a sharp pain caused her to suck in her breath. She had assessed that she had a few ribs cracked.

“Ah, good yer alive.”, she heard a gruff voice say. She tried to delicately shift her body to see where the voice came from, and that’s where she noticed the chains on her wrists and ankles.

She ran her finger over the shackle and groaned.

“Aye, lass, yer captured.”, the gruff voice said.

She cleared her throat. “Where am I?”

“In the dungeons of Deathfist Citadel.”, the voice returned. She could pick up the Dwarvish accent clearly. “Yer eyes will adjust to the darkness in a few days. Ye really should be worryin’ about that head wound of yours.”

She closed her eyes and began to gather her energy to heal the wound on her head. She grew confused as she felt the energy literally get sucked out of her and into the shackles on her wrists. Confused, she opened her eyes and looked around.

“Won’t do ye any good. Any magic you use just gets absorbed.”, the dwarf said as he continued to watch her.

She hung her head and placed it in her hands. Bloody strands of blond hair crunched as the weight of the length covered her face.

“Lovely.”, she managed to get out as the fear of hopelessness overcame her.

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Oh, wow! Another amazingly wonderful story (must resist playing the how-many-adjectives-can-one-fit-into-a-sentence game for this)! Read through it a little earlier, but never got around to posting on this. I love your style, and the characters are great. I eagerly look forward to more bits.
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A well written story SMILEY I'm enjoying it a lot!   
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Hi, i have been steadily reading this thread and well, all i can say is that there are few stories that are worth what i woud call "best sellers" this story is full of detail, life and feel. a true work of art and something that if in RL i would pay for. please continue to write more as i am really enjoying this story. a captivation read and in a class of its own. you have matched the best of them. :smileyhappy:
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danous wrote:
Hi, i have been steadily reading this thread and well, all i can say is that there are few stories that are worth what i woud call "best sellers" this story is full of detail, life and feel. a true work of art and something that if in RL i would pay for. please continue to write more as i am really enjoying this story. a captivation read and in a class of its own. you have matched the best of them. :smileyhappy:


You honor me. I should have another chapter up this afternoon sometime.

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It was a rather warm autumn day in Graystone Yard. Machene was busy toiling away helping Raevenwolf build her ship. She had more than enough money now, with that recent shipment of griffon feathers selling at top market price. She explained to Machene that it would keep his hands busy while Mysidia made her way back to Qeynos and Raeven had more than enough eyes watching, that the moment Mysidia stepped foot near Qeynos, word would have gotten to both of them.

Machene was happy enough with that. Norrath was still a rather large world to be searching for one person in and he had gotten word that her two brothers were with her. He felt safer knowing that. She was in capable hands.

Sweat rolled off his bare back and down his enormous shoulders. He stood up and wiped his brow with the back of his hand, stretching out his back. Raeven came by and handed him a large flask of water. Machene accepted it gratefully.

“Looks like it’ll be ‘nother warm t’day.”, Raeven said taking a breather. Large sweat stains “v’ed” down her traveling tunic on the front and back and a few sweaty strands wired around her red splotched face.

Machene grunted taking a rather large refreshing swig from the flask. “I think we can get your ship finished by the end of the month, if we keep at this pace. That and if the weather complies.”

Machene looked up and his brows began to furl as he watched a rather unusually marked hawk fly fiercely into town. He watched with great curiosity as the hawk flew into the open doors of Pergy’s tavern. He raised an eyebrow down at Raeven who was watching the flying bird intently.

“It’s about time for lunch, don’t you think?”, Machene said and smiled.

It didn’t take the two of them long to start making their way towards the tavern. And it also didn’t take them long to hear the frantic screams of Pergy trying usher the hawk out of her tavern.

“[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] it, bird, OUT!”, Machene and Raeven heard her scream. Machene couldn’t help but give a chuckle as they walked inside.

“Ah, good, Machene… Help me get this bird out of here.”, Pergy said as she was standing on a chair with a broom.

“Aw, come on, Pergy. You know your chowder is famous around these parts. Perhaps the hawk heard about it too.”, Machene jested.

“Ugh. The sooner you help me with this, the sooner you can eat.”, Pergy said with annoyance flickering in her eyes.

“Well now wait a minute, Pergy. There’s somethin’ attached to it’s leg..”, Raeven said peering at the scrap of paper secured to its foot.

After looking closer at the bird Machene nodded. “That’s no ordinary hawk.”

Pergy paused for a moment and peered at the bird. She sighed and got down from her chair and walked behind the bar. She pointed down and said, “Well? Are you going to come down or what?”

The hawk chirped and Raeven said, “How do ye know tha’s even fer ye, Pergy? Fer all we know, tha could be for summin’ else.”

“Familiars just don’t fly around all willy nilly, Raeven. If that bird flew in here, it has a mission to deliver that message to me.”, Pergy said then placed her hands on her hips looking at the hawk.

“Well?”, she said cross. The bird chirped at her again. She grumbled, “Fine. I’m sorry for trying to kill you with the broom.”

Machene wandered over to the door to get some fresh air. Working out in the heat all morning began to work its fatigue on him and he found the breeze quite soothing. He began to pick at a small loaf of bread he picked up while watching Pergy and Raeven usher the hawk down from its perch.

It was business as usual in Graystone Yard and everyone was getting ready for the winter that was coming. Various Dwarven and Barbarian women alike were buying huge mason jars as well as canning jars to store the food during the colder months.

Machene took another small bite of the loaf and watched the guards mill about, his green eyes calmly watching the dim around him.

“Bah. Th’ blasted thin’ is in Kerran. It’s not fer ye, Pergy.”, Raeven announced disappointed.

“Don’t be too sure…”, Pergy returned quietly.

Just then the huge wooden gates to Graystone Yard busted open and two large men came charging down on horseback as though hell itself was chasing their heels.

“MACHENE!!! MACHENE!!!!”, the larger of the two yelled. Machene looked up shocked at the sound of his name and immediately recognized the man shouting it.

“Kryimsson! HERE!!”, Machene said and waved his arms.

Raevenwolf and Pergy rushed towards the door to see the Kryimsson and Xerbius galloping towards the tavern door. They both jumped off their horses and marched right up to Machene.

Machene embraced Xerbius and Kryimsson. Smiles were wide all around.

“It’s good to see you again, brother.”, Xerbius said, “I had thought the worst.”

“Tunare still has need for me, apparently.”, Machene said nodding.

“I wish this were a happy reunion, brother, but…”, Kryimsson said and paused, his blue eyes were riddled with fear.

“Mysidia…”, Machene could barely get the name out. A large lump of white fear began to choke itself within his chest and throat.

Xerbius nodded, “She’s in danger. Orcs ransacked Thundering Stepps dock and…”

“Is …is she…?”, Machene couldn’t bear to think of the worst.

“Siddie was alive when they took ‘er. But I dunno fer how long.”, Kryimsson said gravely.

Machene turned to Raevenwolf with a plea in his eyes. Raeven nodded without even thinking.

“Go to ‘er, Machene. I can hire a crew to finish th’ ship.”, Raeven said patting his arm.

When Machene turned to Pergy, he raised an eyebrow when he saw a large bag with various herbs and salves, most of which he recognized as ones Mysidia used to use.

“The note was actually for you, Machene. A leather and fur trader by the name of Austforbeer requested your help.”, Pergy said handing him the crumpled piece of paper.

“He lives in Nettleville. His wife apparently cared for your woman while she was in a coma and he fears his own wife’s life is danger.”, she said and nodded to the note.

“So what are you doing?”, Machene asked looking at Pergy.

“Helping. You are needed elsewhere, Machene. I can help Aust.”, Pergy said smiling softly. “We all were something else before the shattering.”

“Go, Machene. I will watch af’er Pergy.”, Raeven said nodding confidently.

Machene’s green eyes softened as he looked at his friends. “Thank you.”, his voice fell soft.


Drip… Drip… Drip…

Mysidia sat in darkness listening to the lonely sounds of water trickling dismally through the cells. She surmised that this is what hopelessness sounded like.

She wasn’t entirely sure how long she had been up or there. The wound on her head started to heal, at least, to her knowledge. She could have been blind for all she knew. There was never any light down where she was…where ever she was.

Drip… Drip… Drip…

The sounds of the water echoed delicately off the stone walls around her and the stench of mold and dirt crowded around her. Her eyes had started to adjust to the lack of light as she began to see small shadows shift around her. In hearing the tight squeals, she knew them to be rats scurrying about.

The Dwarf across from her in the adjacent cell kept her company when he was there. They kept taking him at intervals during the day… night… day? It was so hard to determine what time of day it was down there. Regardless, she could hear the orcs grab the dwarf and drag him off where ever only to be dropped off a few hours later.

This time, the dwarf was brought back and she could hear the groans of pain escaping from his cell.

“Are you all right?”, Mysidia whispered.

“[Removed for Content] beat me good…”, the dwarf grunted.

Mysidia stood up and felt around on the walls. Her fingers stroked over a rather large fat vine. She snapped a piece of it off and took a small bite, hoping to recognize the taste. A starchy bitterness attacked her tastebuds and she spit out the little bit she had taken.

Good, she thought to herself.

“Here.”, she said waving her hand outside her cell. “Rub the juice of the vine on your wounds. It’ll help with the infection. Just…tell me where to throw it. I still can’t see that well.”

“Right in front of ye, lass. And a good toss.”, he said as he scooted near the bars.

She sighed and silently prayed her aim was good enough. She released the vine from her hand and heard a satisfactory “thung” of the vine hitting the bars. A wide happy smile spread across her face.

“Thank ye.”, he said taking the vine.

She heard the distinct sound of the dwarf sucking in the air as the familiar sting of the vine’s juice disinfected the wounds.

“Sorry to say, it does nothing for the pain, though.”, Mysidia added. “What’s your name?”

“Drus. Yours?”, he asked in the darkness.

“Mysidia.”, she said quietly. The dripping water took over the conversation for a few moments before she interrupted it again, “Where do they take you when you leave here?”

Drip… Drip… Drip…

“When they come for ye, lass, just do as they say.”, Drus answered dubiously.

Suddenly, the sounds of heavy footsteps dragging entered the hallway. Mysidia’s fear began to lump in her throat as the panic of the unknown began to choke her. She could see the glow of two red eyes looking down at her.

“The woo-man ish awake.”, she heard the orc say through his largely tusked mouth.

“Arrh. Bring her then.”, she heard a gruffer orc’s voice say.

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*cues ominous music* :smileywink:
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Bum,bum Buuuuuuuuuuuum! Sounds like Zek,the Orcish Wastes or something like that.
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Orcs are no stranger to torture. Many of the different races regarded the Orcs as nothing but ignorant war loving animals. And in partial, they were right. However, they were more intelligent than most would believe, and as long as the rest of the world thought this way, they could go undetected on what they were doing.

Days in the darkness had changed Mysidia’s vision, and suddenly being slammed into the light caused her nearly to go blind. The immediate headache shot behind her eyes and caused her to tear up. She tried to blink away the sudden shock and pain, but the only thing that she could distinguish were several moving blobs around her as her vision was blurry.

“Leave her.”, she heard a voice say. She looked up sharply as she couldn’t tell who or what was talking to her. The voice was deep, rough, like an orc’s, but held no lisp or typical garble due to overgrown tusks and teeth.

“You will have to excuse me if your vision is under par. It keeps our captives docile while we conduct our interrogations.”, the voice said.

Mysidia said nothing but continued to blink away the tears and blurriness. The only thing she could hear was the roaring of torches and scent the rank of orc sweat and dirt around her. There was also a faint scent trickling through the air that she could almost place, but due to the overhanging orc smell around her, she couldn’t focus on it.

“Where am I?”, she decided to say. The moment her mouth opened however, she felt the distinct pain of something smacking against the back of her skull. Whatever vision she had gotten back, was quickly taken away by the intense pain of being hit. She could quickly feel the lump being formed.

“I will be asking the questions for now.”, the voice said. “Who are you?”

Mysidia didn’t answer as the waves of thudding pain washed over her head. She then caught a good back hand to her mouth enforcing her to speak. She felt the shot of blood enter her mouth and spray on her tongue.

She growled and looked up sharply, “Mysidia!”

There was a small pause as she heard another orc laugh. “Der ish a lot of fight in dish woo-man.”

“There always is… at first.”, the voice replied.

She heard a quick shuffle on the ground as someone approached her. She felt a strong hand grab her chin forcing her to look up at them. She opened her eyes and saw the muscular blurry figure standing before her. She couldn’t make out anything else.

He turned her head from side to side to get a better look at her and she heard him grunt and return from where ever he was.

“Stand her up.”, the voice said.

She then felt two orcs on either side of her, squeeze her arms, pinching her underarm, jolting her up on her feet. She nearly tripped and fell over, but regained her footing.

“I was told that you, and a few others managed to take out most of my raiding party.”, the voice said. “When I first saw you, I couldn’t understand why. Now that I’ve had a closer look… Well, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes.”

Mysidia peered into the fuzziness before her and began to make out the figure that continued to speak. There was no mistaking it, the voice belonged to an orc.

“You are not an elf.”, the voice nearly accused. She wasn’t sure if it was a question, but decided to answer anyway to defuse whatever hit would come her way.

“No.”, she answered softly.

She heard him give a soft chuckle. “You learn quickly. So tell me, unless my eyes are deceiving me in my old age.”

Mysidia struggled with the answer a bit, as she remembered the battle with the orcs her people had. “They do not deceive you. I am Rydian.”

She heard several of the orcs grunt and growl in her direction. She held her ground, refusing to show her fear.

“Well, now, you do place me in a predicament, don’t you? I could sell you off as a slave to the Iksar. I’m certain the irony isn’t wasted on you. But I imagine you wouldn’t last long, with the Iksar I have in mind…”, the voice said in amusement.

Mysidia shot a look at him, fear draining the color out of her face.

“Ah, so you think the old traditions died with the past?”, he said noticing her expression. “For the most part, yes. But there are a few tribes that still remember their roots. Pity. That was one of the only reasons I had standing to like them.”, he said in a mocking tone. She heard a few of the other orcs snicker at the comment.

“But what to do…what to do…”, he said thinking. “What say you, bretheren? Do we sell her? Or… keep her for our own amusement?”, he said. And she could hear the grin coming through his voice.

A thunderous roar surrounded her causing her to flinch under such a sound. They began to chant “Keep her! Keep her!”

He snickered. “My bretheren have spoken. It looks like you stay.”

By this time, Mysidia’s vision had returned to her and she could clearly make out an older orc sitting on a rather ornate wooden throne of some sort. He wasn’t a king, she was certain of that, as he wasn’t wearing anything royal. But with the way he was dressed, he was held in high regards.

She was in a chamber deep within where ever she was and the floor was gore covered and blood stained. No doubt from previous interrogations. Several orc guards lined the walls and all seemed to be looking at her, frothing at the mouth.

She looked down at her shackled wrists and noticed a rather crude but distinct rune carved in each one. She surmised this symbol was the reason why her magic didn’t work. She then noticed several of the same symbols lining the walls and on the door. The whole compound was protected.

The older orc observed her looking around and nodded slowly. “You’ve been trained very well. Even now, you are still looking for a way out. I am rather surprised to say that I look forward to watching you.”, he said nodding to one of the guards. “Take her to the holding chamber. We’ll pair her up later.”

The guards picked her up and one of them pinched her underarm again. Raising her ire, she turned to the guard and headbutted him in the face, causing his nose to break. Green black blood gushed down the front of his face and sprayed on the front of her already stained slave’s clothes.

The elder orc grinned evilly at what he had witnessed. The other guard slammed his hammer into the back of her leg, causing her to fall. They quickly escorted her out of the room.

“Dis one hash more fight then the rest of dem.”, the massive orc said, as he stood beside the elder orc’s chair.

“She does, doesn’t she? There is something about this woman… Something I cannot place.”, the elder orc said, his voice drifting. “Place a guard on her to watch her. Bring the dwarf to the adjacent chamber. You said they were talking, yes? Perhaps she will reveal more with a more suitable…companion.”

The thought of having a Rydian in his grasp gave him new possibilities. He could break her and force her to teach his ranks the lost warrior secrets of her race. He thought about making her a breeder and creating a powerful half orc, half Rydian race to join in the army. It wouldn’t take much to convince a few of his men to [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] the woman. He already noticed how a few looked at her. He even toyed with the idea of keeping her as his own personal slave.

He thought it best, however, to just keep things as they were. He wasn’t about to change her status until he learned more about the violet eyed creature. She had the courage of a fully trained warrior, there was no mistaking that.

With what he did know, he began to piece together the woman’s past. Mysidia… The Empress Mysidia?? Impossible. She died on the battlefield over five hundred years ago. Her daughter, maybe. Either way, he was greatly amused at his recent stroke of luck.

Rydian.. Wait until the king hears of this…

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Don't you just hate the language filters? :smileywink:

Getting dark, Mysidia... I like it!

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Austforbeer and Maya had finished their tradeskilling for the day and were headed back to their house. Aust complimented Maya on her quick grasp of leatherworking. She was already on to some of the more difficult backpacks that were sure to sell during the early spring. Adventurers always wanted to get an early start on treasure hunting as soon as the winter thaw released its grip on the land.

And as they both rounded the corner, Aust caught a familiar face walking towards them in the distance. The moment he recognized the orange red hair walking towards him, he knew it to be Pergy from Graystone Yard. She was no stranger to some of the leatherworks he had done years prior.

“Pergy, well met. This is my daughter, Maya.”, Aust said with a smile on his face. The moment he saw the look in Pergy’s eyes, he furled his brow with concern.

“What is it?”, he asked. Pergy didn’t say anything but merely looked over at the front door to his house.

His heart fell into his feet when he saw the blood stains on the front. The door frame was slightly splintered and because so, couldn’t close completely. He saw the disarray of the flower pots that used to line the walkway to his house and a white fear began to choke the air out of him. He started to feel the ruff of fur on the back of his neck rise.

“Daddy?”, Maya’s voice said quietly. She looked up into his face for reassurance. She began to tremble from the inside out.

“Stay out here until I tell you its safe…”, Aust said looking down at her. He tried to force a smile to give the child some semblance of safety, but there was no way he could fake the fear that he felt.

Pergy began to speak quietly to Maya as Aust entered his house. The moment he did, he nearly fell to his knees.

What was once a beautiful home, now lay in tatters around him. The lovely wooden furniture that had been made for him and Feja when they were married, had been smashed and broken, laying in pieces around him. All of the ceramic bowls that Feja used to use to make her potions out of, were smashed and several of her herbs had been strewn about.

That’s when he noticed the two huge puddles of blood on the floor right next to the kitchen counter. Deep blood… fresh blood… Feja’s blood…

Aust let out a ferocious roar which caused Pergy and Maya to rush into the house. Maya screamed and fell to her knees when she looked at her home.

“Where is she?”, Aust asked through clenched teeth. His pupils were completely dilated. Had the assailant been in front of him, he would have torn them apart with his own furry hands. If any Kerran looked more like a wild animal, it would have been Aust at that very moment.

“She’s safe, Aust.”, Pergy said.

“…alive?”, he could barely ask.

“Yes.”, Pergy said and grabbed his hand leading him up the stairs into their bedroom. Aust could barely choke back the tears when he saw his beloved wife lying bloody and broken on their bed. Maya ran in and rushed to her mother’s side, crying hysterically.

Aust watched the two of them for a few moments before wiping his face with the back of his hand. “Who was it?”, he asked Pergy.

“I’m not entirely sure. Your wife was on the ground when I got here. The only clue I had was this arrow near her head.”, Pergy said handing Aust a very sharp and intricately cut arrowhead.

Aust could see where Pergy broke the tip off the shaft of the arrow and peered closer at some of the markings on the ironwork. Aust growled low.

“Teir’Dal…”, he mentioned. “What would they want with Feja?”

“I’m not entirely sure. She mentioned that Mysidia was in danger before she passed out.”, Pergy said watching Feja sleep.

“What are you doing here, Pergy?”, Aust finally asked.

“Your hawk dropped off your note. Mysidia’s brothers met up with Machene and said that she had been captured by Orcs. I told Machene that I would come in his stead. Raevenwolf and I have been taking care of Feja since.”, Pergy said quietly.

“Raevenwolf?”, Aust asked curiously. The moment he did, an image shimmered out of the corner of his eye and he saw a very short half elf woman watching him quietly.

“Aye. I thought th’ attacker would come back. Stayed ‘ere to watch yer wife.”, Raeven said.

“I … I don’t know what to say. If it weren’t for you two…”, Aust couldn’t finish the thought. He began to choke up again at the thought of losing his wife.

“Think nothing of it, Aust. I learned a long time ago that everything has a reason and a purpose. Tunare placed me at that tavern so that one day I could save your wife.”, Pergy said and placed a hand gently on his arm. “I’m just glad that I remember most of what my mother taught me.”

“Druid?”, Aust asked curiously. Pergy shook her head.

“Old world Shaman. My father was a Ranger.”, she said.

“How long until she wakes up?”, Aust asked concerned.

Pergy sighed slightly walking over to Feja. She placed a calming hand on Maya to try and soothe the crying Kerran.

“It’s hard to say. The main thing is, she’s alive and will be fine.”, Pergy said giving Maya a reassuring smile. Maya sniffed back her tears and began to quiet her sobs.

“W..Where’s… M…Mysidia?”, Maya asked between her shaking.

Pergy shifted her eyes uncomfortably trying to avoid the topic. Maya had just seen her house destroyed and received news that her mother had been at near death. Telling the young Kerran cub that a close friend was in danger might set her off again.

“You…you said she was in danger…”, Maya said looking with fear to her father.

“Yes, but her husband and two brothers are going to rescue her, Maya.”, Aust said kneeling down to his daughter. “She’s going to be just fine.”

“You… you have to save her, Daddy. Momma said she was in danger. The Darkfury’s are supposed to protect her from all harm. We made that promise…”, the child started to ramble.

Pergy eyed Aust curiously. What was so special about this woman that caused an entire Kerran clan a life pledge and Tunare to give a barbarian a Blessing?

“Your mother is sick, Maya. You don’t want me to leave your mother, do you?”, Aust tried to explain to his little girl. Maya looked down and bit her lip slightly ashamed.

“..Aust…”, the faint name trickled off of Feja’s lips.

Pergy turned to Feja and motioned for Raevenwolf for them to fall out of sight.

Aust quickly turned his attention to his wife and in a flash, was by her side, holding her hand. He winced slightly as he saw the various scratches and wounds that littered his wife’s beautiful face.

“Maya is right.”, she said weakly. “Mysidia is in danger and we must help her.”

“What happened?”, Aust asked, trying to hold back the waves of emotion from taking hold of him.

“Akahsha…”, she said softly.

“Why would she do this to her??”, Aust asked confused.

Feja licked her cracked lips and took in a deep breath. “Not that Akahsha… Her daughter. She is setting out to finish what her mother couldn’t.”

Feja grunted a bit trying to shift her weight in bed. When she felt the sharp pain of her stomach wound, she yelped and fell back into position.

She paused for a moment before continuing. “…We have to help them save her.”

“You’re in no condition to go anywhere.”, Aust said sternly.

“It’s my duty, Aust.”, Feja tried to explain.

“Begging your pardon, Feja, but I haven’t got that kind of power to heal you. I haven’t used it in a very long time…”, Pergy gently interrupted.

Feja looked at Pergy and shook her head. “No… you don’t… but she does.”, she said and pointed to her own daughter.

Maya’s green eyes widen as she looked back at her mother. “I … I don’t know how to do that, Momma…”

“Pergy will teach you.”, Feja said with her voice trailing off. Her dark blue eyes rolled to the back of her head before giving into exhaustion again. Pergy bit her lip and cursed under her breath. Now they were on a time clock.

Aust called out to his wife, but only silence returned. Pergy pushed past him, grabbing Maya gently around the arms.

“Close your eyes, child.”, Pergy said softly.

Aust tried to get to his wife’s side, calling out to her. Pergy turned her head and gave Aust a stern look. “This would go a lot easier if we had silence.”

She turned her attention to Maya who was now shaking with fear. “It’s all right. I’m going to teach you how…”

She bent over the child and held her arms out for her. “Close your eyes and picture this warm golden light…”, Pergy started.

Maya began to picture what the early fall sun looked like against the wheat fields by her house. That color of gold she held clearly in her mind. She stretched out her fingers in front of her as if she tried to touch each strand of wheat.

“Very good… Now picture that light entering you, gently warming your insides…”, Pergy continued. Pergy watched Feja carefully. Blood started to trickle out of the mother Kerran’s mouth. Aust began to pace the floor, trying to keep quiet. The energy within the room was so intense, it almost seemed tangible.

Maya began to feel the golden light warm her from the inside out, like how it feels to get into a warm bed after being in a chilled house from a crisp night.

Outside of Maya’s imagination, Feja began to gently convulse. Pergy closed her eyes and silently prayed to Tunare. They were losing her.

“Ok, Maya, now take that warmth and push it out of you and onto your mother. Like you’re giving her a warm blanket that you had.”, Pergy explained.

Maya’s eyebrows furled under the intense concentration. Pergy really hated putting someone so young through such a hard task, but they were running out of options. Pergy simply didn’t have the power to do what Maya would. And if she had any of her mother’s talent, she would be able to do what Pergy can’t.

With all of her inner strength, Maya pushed that golden light out of her and pictured her warming her mother. At first, nothing happened. But as she began to give her mother more of this “warmth”, a bright golden light began to glow over her mother’s convulsing body.

Maya could feel the knot in her abdomen. She tried with all of her might to push this “knot” out of her body and into the warmth. Somehow, her instincts told her that this was the right thing to do and that this is where her magic resided. Maya’s insides quivered when she began to focus on this knot. She could feel her breath growing short, yet she could feel this golden light around her and on her mother.

The light grew brighter and brighter. It had gotten so bright that Pergy and Aust couldn’t look at it anymore and had to turn their heads away from such intensity.

When Maya couldn’t “push” on the knot anymore, she gasped and limply fell into Pergy’s arms. Aust looked at his daughter in complete awe. He had witnessed his wife casting spells before, and he had seen the same amount of intensity, however this came from an 8 year old girl. No child should have had that amount of power.

Feja opened up her crystal blue eyes and looked at her daughter who was magically fatigued. She gave a huge proud smile and placed her paw like hand on her cheek.

“Did…it work?”, Maya asked faintly.

“Aye, lass… I’d say ye healed th’ rest o’ the block, too..”, Raevenwolf said jesting, but she too was completely speechless about what she had witnessed.

“Yer daughter has quite o’bit of fire power…”, Raeven mentioned quietly to Aust.

“So it would seem.”, he mused back. Aust folded his arms across his chest as it puffed out in pure pride.

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Wow.  Bravo!


I like your description of power residing in the solar plexus area... I'm guessing you've done a bit of studying, hmmmm? :smileywink:

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