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With thanks to Feldon & EQ2Wire <3

Get to EverQuest II Beta in 15-30 Minutes
Once you switch to Beta in the EQ2 Launchpad, the launcher will start downloading the entire Beta client including 18GB of data. You can reduce that to less than 1GB (and reduce patch time to 15-30 minutes) by following these instructions…
1. If your EverQuest II launcher is running, close and reopen it.
2. Click the game version (US English, etc.) in the lower left corner next to “Version”:
3. Change the Game Version to “Beta” and click “Apply”:
4. Allow the Launchpad to start downloading and run for 60 seconds. Now proceed to step 5.
5. Click the Gear icon in the lower left corner of the Launchpad and then click “Open Game Directory” to open your EverQuest II folder.
6. CLOSE the Launchpad and then follow either 7a or 7b below:
7a. FULL DOWNLOAD (default): Ctrl-click on your music and paks folders, and then press [Ctrl]-C. Click on your BetaServer folder and press [Ctrl]-V. It will take a few minutes to copy your live files to beta.
7b. STREAMING: Click on your assetcache folder, and then press [Ctrl]-C. Now click on your BetaServer folder and press [Ctrl-V]. It will take a few minutes to copy your live files to beta.
8. It will take a few minutes to replicate your EverQuest II graphics and music files from Live to Beta. You can click “Replace” whenever prompted to overwrite any files.
9. Now that the copy is complete, re-run the Launchpad and it will take another 15-20 minutes for patching to complete.
10. Click Play! If Beta is up and running and you have been invited, you will now be able to play.
CAUTION: Do not copy the entire EverQuest II folder into your BetaServer folder as there may be potential file conflicts which could cause problems playing the game — also you don’t want to copy over your Logs and Screenshots folders to Beta as this is just a waste of space.
NOTE: If you use a custom UI such as ProfitUI, DrumsUI, DarkUI, Fetish Nightfall, etc. you will want to use the default UI until the authors of these scripts have updated them.
NOTE: If your Launchpad crashes before it gets you into EQ2, delete your EverQuest IILaunchpad.libs file.
NOTE: If EQ2 Beta crashes immediately after launching, go to your main EverQuest II directory and copy the D3DCompiler_43.dll and D3DX9_43.dll files to your BetaServer folder.

Original post from his awesome KA beta coverage
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