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Upbeat Tempo buggd right now? Been tesiting it and it seems to have no effect on peoples dots, triggers, or anything.  The casting speed and what not works fine tho.

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You're better off directly asking the wizard of oz,

given that troub bugs come after the design of the next xp pack

in the devs' eyes.

Sonic interference has been speeding mob's dots since EoF,

Harmonisations has been increasing the timers of immunities since EoF as well,

then there is the bug when two players start casting the same buff on the same target

and both spell timers start refreshing, wheras only one buff sticked. More than a pain in regards to Jester's Cap.

And there is the one where you cast countersong while the mob is casting it's spell,

so yourpell sticks, starts the immunity countdown but dosn't do anything.

Then we can go back in time, when bard stealth was supposed to add stealth runspeed,

and instead of bringing it back they took it out of the spell's description ;

or the fact that troubs argued 3 years to get the penalties removed from PotM, only to see more efficient versions handed to enchanters and inquisitors.

Edited for spelling, pardon my english.

P.S why was troub's deaggro buff nerfed twice as hard when compared to the dirge hate buff ?

see numbers on eqflames, out of reach of the fachist like rules of this forum.

"Il faut seulement chercher Ã* penser et Ã* parler juste, sans vouloir amener les autres Ã* notre goût et Ã* nos sentiments; c'est trop grande entreprise."
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