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Old 10-19-2012, 03:58 PM   #1

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Why not on the website when an item is submitted, allow players to vote on ones they like and then actually take some of the top ones and finish them so the players are getting what they want in the game which ultimately equals more sales for SoE and the player who made it?

Instead of just the devs picking ones and throwing them in?  Would give you an easy way to make money without having to guess which would sell best etc.

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I don't think it will work that way. Provided that any entry the devs receive qualifies for submission, it's not a matter of them picking which ones they like, but rather the time it takes for them to implement the content into the game. From what I have searched and read on the matter, all qualified content will be implemented. After that, you can vote by purchasing it or not.

Now if you still want a voting method to filter what content gets released, I would have to voice my disagreement. I do not think content should be filtered by popularity. In fact, I personally would be more attracted to less popular or purchased items. Too much existing content has been handed out to everyone already when it should have remained limited availability...

Having a voting system is a good idea, but I think it should be on content already released. If this was the case, it would not limit what is available to players based on popularity; yet it would reward the gifted artists that truly present a spectacular contribution.

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Old 10-20-2012, 04:21 AM   #3
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Great idea I think. Why should SOE choose what we get to see? Have you seen some of the stuff SOE has put into the game, hell, look at the default male pants... ugh... fugly burlap sack pants that we are forced to look at anytime we remove our stat/appearance pants. And the EOF guardian armor that looked like patchwork metal armor, a buncha plates randomly welded together. That's just a couple expamples but SOE has put some REEEEALLLY ugly stuff into this game that makes me wonder.. why.... can their fasion sense possibly be this bad?? And what in the world is their affinity with the color brown? They take the very same shade of brown seen in feecees and plaster it all over at least one of every item type in the game...

God no... let the players make choices on appearance items, please!

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