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It has come to my attention that while questing in dov there are nor thrown weapons for a brigand/swashbuckler to use and the questes only offer bows which causes the brigand to loose the abilitie to use double blast and the swashbuckler from using artic blast

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Nah rthat changed them attacks, or were suppose to. With gu 60 you should be able to use a bow with those attacks. Though I was told that they added thrown weapons anyways with some of the Drunder stuff, not sure if its true or not on that part but still your bow should work fine with your combat arts.

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Both statements hold true... you can use a bow with double blast and they did add some throwing weapons.  Linked below are the best Throwing weapon i have access to and the bow that i currently use seeing as the damage spread on the throwing wep seems to be in need of adjusting.

aITEM -806661478 1969429641 0 72852936:[Pouch of Mirror Shards]/a

aITEM 1644920399 828573629 0 72852936 2 -1555519813:[Fanatical Bow of Bloodsplattering]/a

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