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  • You can now enter very large values into the Set Price popup UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the Guild search functionality was excluding matches that only matched on tradeskillers.
  • The Recruiting tab in the Guild window now allows you to specify separate Adventure and Tradeskill Levels. The filter options dialog in the Guilds Looking For Members window also has controls to match and will auto-populate your character's tradeskill and adventure level. All dropdowns for specifying levels have been replaced with input fields so you can just type level filters in directly.

  • Your group members list can now be reordered on the client. This will change the order they're drawn in the group members window, and will change which character your F2-F6 keys (or whichever keys you've bound the "target_group_member 0-5" actions to in the Options menu) will target.
  • Right-clicking on a member in your group members window will offer you three additional actions: "Move Up", "Move Down", and "Reset Group Order". "Move Up" and "Move Down" will swap with the next or previous group member. Selecting "Move Up" on the first group member will wrap to the back and vice versa for "Move Down". The "Reset Group Order" action will restore the order to what is seen by the server and other clients who have not reordered their group members.
  • When somebody joins your group, the ordering will be preserved. If a group member in the middle of your reordered list leaves, then the ordering will reset automatically and notify you about this via chat.

Plane of Magic
  • Mournthing will no longer eat pants.

  • Most Potency conversion abilities have been converted into fervor buffs.
  • Most Crit Bonus conversion abilities have been converted into Crit Bonus Overcap buffs.
  • Level 110 Fighter's have had the ability Bulwark of Order added to their spellbook.
  • Triggered effects that have a trigger limit and a trigger limit variance will now display that variance.
  • Balanced Synergy has been added to all class files as a level 110 ability.

  • Items now show NO-TRADE flag even if they are also ATTUNED.
  • Items now show flags indicating when they are NO-SALVAGE and NO-TRANSMUTE. Previously NO-TRANSMUTE was spelled "RESILIENT"; now it is spelled "NO-TRANSMUTE".
  • Triggered effects that have a trigger limit and a trigger limit variance will now display that variance.
  • Battleclock Whirliblade - Item can now be changed into a house item, even if you already have a Mounted Battleclock Whirliblade.
  • Most items that grant state immunities or resistances will now only make the wearer immune to a single state.
  • State immunity adornments have been restricted to the waist slot.
  • Galatia is now correctly listed as a brigand.

  • Raid the Goblins! - Players that already have "Goblin Diplomacy" active or completed are now able to successfully gather the goblin documents.
  • Material Support - Quest journal now specifies Clockwork Zapper is to be used on haywire clockwork spiders near Klak'Anon.
  • Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring - Tserrina's hairbrush, brooch, picture, and love sonnet can now be gathered even if your inventory is full.
  • Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring - Love Sonnet to Tserrina is now easier to see, as it is now laying flat on the table.
  • Multitudinous Extermination - The voice of Adephala is harder to miss when approaching from the south, even if flying. And the voice of Adephala can now be heard, even if already within the hive caves, by approaching her.
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