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I've gone 4-4-8-8-1 WIS but think I'm going to change.  What sort of Zerker am I?  I'm not a raid tank (and never will be).  I just group with friends/guildies (and tank for those groups typically).  I want to max out my DPS so as to not lose much tanking ability.I think I've decided on 4-4-8 STA as an absolute min.  Using a buckler almost requires you to spend the next 8 on STA to negate the negatives.After that I'm not so sure.  The mitigation and stance mastery on WIS are nice but not nice enough (for what I want).  4-4-8-8 STA leaves 25 for the rest.  4-4-8 AGI looks tempting.  24% chance to hit everything combined with 78% DA could be a lot of damage.  The other 9 points would probably go 4-4-1 STR (or I could dump another 8 into DEF on the AGI line).The other choice is something like 4-4-8 STR (or even 4-8-8.  So its coming down to the choice between crits and AE damage.Thoughts?
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They're all good. It's personal choice. Do what makes you enjoy yourself more.

Like you, I'm no raider. I tank for my guildees and our friends. My AA choices are mine, less for the group than they are for me to further enjoy my zerker - I fulfil my role, and beyond that it's icing on a cake for me.

I like axes, and would most often be dual-weilding one in my primary with an aggresive looking club in the off-hand - and so the first line I chose was Str. When I got enough of that I briefly went Wis, figured I could swap the weapons over, but never did. I felt like I'd gyped myself, having a combat art (shield bash) and an AA (belly smash) going unused. And after over  a year of dual-weilding the novelty was wearing off. I respec'd and took the buckler line to compliment the axe line. Armed with a juicy buckler and vicious looking axe, it felt good, and different. The mathematicians ya get on here can spout numbers to suggest the 1-H and buckler line can do more damage than dual-weilding, and while I can't be bothered with numbers, it feels right to me.

Just the bare minimum in the Str line to get all but the ultimate gets me grinning at the crits I do, and the increased hate generation makes keeping agro easier. Most of the points dumped in the Sta line, make for juicy damage, and the ultimate keeps you from being the one to call for a rest let power replenish itself.

For me, life is good with Str and Sta. Proper RAWR! :smileytongue:

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STA+STR=winyou attack faster because of double attack etcand your crit chance is higher. and STA line isnt too bad for a little extra avoidance, like 1%, but hey.
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