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Tiles, blocks and columns. No more insulting us by putting these on SC first whilst our apprentices research jewellry :S

Glass panes, both see through and leadlight - which might have light effects

More mirrors

Home fuel vendor

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I would really love to see:

  • different color versions of the Crmson Fire Tapestry (solids, not crazy patterns)
  • different color versions of the Burgandy Spuncloth Throw Cushion
  • Windows
  • Additional Door styles (pre-mounted in frames would be ideal)
  • Triangle versions of existing tiles (stained glass/festival ones included)
  • Carpenter made building blocks
  • Pre-fab staircases
  • Water tiles
  • Fuel Depot Box

Click Image for link to decorating consolidated works website

Consolidated Works Fourm Thread
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Some of these have been mentioned, but I'll mention them as well, just to give them some weight.

  • The ability to turn my pets into plushies.  I love them, but THEY WON'T STAY PUT
  • Arches, of any kind
  • Circles.  Flat circles of any colour
  • I'd love to see more of the red velvet tapestries, but in multiple colors and without the wooden dealies at the top. Just flat velvet we can lay anywhere.
  • I want the ability to turn the eleventy scrillion capes I have in my bank into tapestries.  Tapestries without the ornate dealies on top, please.  Just flat tapestries.
  • I'd also like a wardrobe where I can actually STORE the clothes I keep for appearance.  
  • More decorative food.  The only time we get to craft any of this is during the holidays, with the exception of a few muffins and some bread--maybe a fish here and there.  I'd love some that isn't holiday themed.
  • More plants, trees and shrubs.  
  • More statues.  I adore the Sisterhood statues and would LOVE more like this in the game.
  • True opague coloured tiles.  Not threaded marble--real black, real orange, real red, etc.
  • More plain carpets and rugs, in various shapes and sizes and in multiple colours 
  • Whatever that thing is you guys use in zones that "eats" light--the void monsters have it, it's used in the Tower of Shadows--I WANT THAT.  I would be able to do so many awesome things if that was a placeable item, like the fog banks

Okay, some of my requests are NotD-themed, because I'm a Sad Olde Bat-loving Goth.  ttobey is well aware of this by now.

  • I'd love skeletons (or other things) we can sit in chairs.  I have a spooky dinner scene all done, and nobody ready to eat it.
  • Jack O'Lantern, pumpkin or bat tiles
  • Pumpkin- or Jack O'Lantern- or Bat-themed wall dividers, like the Frostfell ones
  • Orange light sources, like the sconces or eerie candelabras
  • Floating pumpkin lanterns, like the festival ones
  • Floating black and orange candles
  • Dead/autumn leaf mounds, like the grassy mounds, but with leaves blowing from them instead of fireflies or butterflies
  • Dead trees with bats hanging in the branches
  • Dead trees, period.  I don't think we can craft any of those
  • Really big, ornate gravestones
  • More elaborate iron fencing--the pointier, the better
  • I loved the covered chairs you guys did.  More covered furniture, please
  • More spooky statuary, like in the Somborn haunted mansion quest.  I ADORE that skeleton bishop statue, whatever he is.  I want him
  • Shaped topiary
  • Blood splatter
  • Blood drips, like the icicles, only flat
  • Black and orange fairy lights
  • Black and orange fairy lights that drip bats or pumpkins, like the snowflake ones you could buy with the E'ci tokens

I'm sure I'll come up with more, but that's what I've got after a long day at work.  

Oh, and here I go:

I know this isn't a house item per se, but I'd love for the setting of things to be able to persist.  For example, the magical brasiers I buy from the Marketplace.  I choose the setting of those to match the "theme" of the house I place them in.  I zone out, I come back and bam.  They've reset to the default red flame setting.  The same thing goes for the fireplace flames, the Frostfell trees, etc.  I use these objects to set a theme and a look--especially for visitors (and voters).  What's the point in having these things with all the settings if they don't stay on for other people to see?  Can this be looked at and changed?

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This post got me so excited, I just hope it's not all ment for SC!! Alot has been said, but ill repeat them anyway

Dead/Fall tree's/crazy trees from the void daily craft zone (the pink ones in SOL (I think!!), and fall ones from the goat area in greater divide)

Light switch "dimmer" of sorts, turn down lamps, or turn up!

Music that stays on when turned on (pianos, music boxes, snowglobes etc)

Something to make it totally dark if wanted

Building blocks to match the dividers/tiles we all ready make. As much as I loved the stone ones on SC once I seen (Thanks to someones SS) they didnt line up/match up for squat, ill stick to wood/metals!

Water water everywhere, I cant get enough of pools, ponds, water without edges /drools

I loved the jack'o lantern floaty lanterns idea  would be adoreable

I'd 2nd any of the "evil" stuffs, skellys, more covered furnitures/pianos etc

You cant go wrong with windows/doors/frames/glass tiles of many colors ftw

More foods/drinks/dishes/shapes of breads/soup pots etc etc

Tree's, full size tree's I dont have to lock myself in a mushroom zone to get! AAAHHHH

Fall leaf piles blowing around would be fantasticly fantastic

Fuel box for in the house, and more room in the harvest depot

Rocks/stones that can size HUGE or tiny

I havent seen a thing here I wouldnt take in a heartbeat! All super ideas!

Lastly, the ability to turn/flip/roll my house items without making someone "learn" me on the layout editor. I know people ask for it endlessly and it's close to the top of my lists for most wanted in game abilities (right under wardens having 400ish mulit attack AA /grin)

Housing and dungeon building is getting huge, and thats fantastic, what are the odds some of those item sets we buy from DM could be used in our house? Say for 500 extra dungeon tokens you get your endless supply for IN the dungeon and ONE of each item to use in your house or GH!?

If you can't play nice.......don't play!
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How about different sized piles of coins (scattered loosely). I know we have the gold coin tile and the SC (big) pile of gold coins, but if you scale them, the coin size changes and looks off. I'd also love if the existing piles of coins and tile could be a bit more defined, they seem to be really low resolution.

A Frostfell crafting station, for use all-year round.

Hedges of different shapes and sizes, maybe creepy animal shaped hedges.

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wall and particularly floor textures from Shimmering Citadel and Poets Palace, some of the paintings as well - I like the frames on them. I'd also like to see parts if not all of the 4th floor of the Poets Palace available as a house - built in bath/pool and garden area.

Plants without planters, and more flower bearing plants and some fruit bearing ones, some of the flowering shrubs you cant really tell they're supposed to have flowers or fruit on them - they just look kind of smudged. More colorful foliages. Hedges/topiaries.

Wall dividers half the height, I hate having to sink wall dividers into the floor or ceiling and have them appearing in the room below or above just because I want to make a railing or short divider. Used to be able to do that without sinking them when we had small versions of them, the large size (which was kept when the resizing went in) doesnt reduce as small as the small dividers did. Cut the height of the dividers in half and leave the length alone.

I like the idea someone had about fish/animal nodes - maybe extend that to birds, butterflies, dragonflies and flies as well.

More fireplaces. Maybe empty ones that you can put grate inserts in of the different fire states so that you'll always come home to and your visitors are always greeted with a cheery fire or a blazing fire or cold ashes. etc... - whichever is your preference. I've heard the fireplaces are supposed to remember the last setting you put them on but mine always default to embers everytime, so I dunno. If not a way to do that would be nice - could be extended to include candles with toggle-able effects on them and the frostfell trees. (though maybe that got fixed this year? I only got to play during Frostfell for 1 day so maybe it did.)

More stoves/ovens, like to see some that are nicer looking - not old and rusty.

Would like to see the range pets can travel adjustable in radius so they stay relatively where I put them. Set them to stay, leashed, and roaming so they'll either stay put entirely (maybe sit, stand, laydown at random), walk short distances or go everywhere like they do now.

Stairs other than the kejekan stairs and how about a set of spiral stairs like in the freeblood home?

Picket fence sections, wrought iron fence sections and stone fence sections

Add more tableware to the hungry halfling in Thundering steppes, or find him a friend.

Maps/charts, globes (maybe one of luclin), sundials, compass, sextant

Edited to add: Not a house item but.... change, add or remove music/sound effects from homes - I dislike having sound effects or music playing in my home that doesnt complement the effect I'm trying to achieve with the decor. We could purchase zone music that could be added onto a home like a house item or vault expander.

Something I would like to see updated - why cant some of the old heritage house items that were stuck in crates, chests and boxes be redone? All of the chests and boxes look very blah and are re-used graphics seen everywhere - except for the Dwarven Ring Mail chest - these are special items, the containers should be as well. Why not turn the Flowing Black Cloak into a wall hanging like the white dragonscale cloak was and have a mask (Guise of the Deceiver) you can hang on the wall.

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Plushies of raid mob/monsters that don't currently have a plushie, despite looking cool:

Roehn Theer (Good and evil wielding their swords), Delahnus, Waansu, Toxxulia, Mosaasus, Oxdaxius, Klaaktuus, Tallonites, Cerberus (SF)

Vrewwx Icyheart (Icy Keep Retribution)

Zarrakon, Anashti Sul (live and undead), Munzok, Gynok, Ykesha, The Avatars (TSO)

Venril, Leviathan, Nexona, Druushk, Phara Dar, Khalen Dar, Xygoz, Kluzen, Silverwing, Hoshkar (RoK)

Barakah and Siyamak, Undead Sphinx (DoF)

Venekor, Darathar, Vox, Nagafen (The original dragons of EQ2...still a bit surprised we don't have these yet)

Xux'laio, Chel'drak (FD)

Mayong Mistmoore, Lenya Thex (EoF)

Tarinax, Lord Vyemm, Harla Dar, Talendor, Gorenaire (KoS)


Roehn Theer glowing, color changing floor tiles

Placeable water volumes that can be swam in if made tall enough

Waansu in a specimen jar

Actual placeable waterfall particles

Roehn Theer energy bridge/platform

Something that suddenly changes the lighting when entering an area, like in Vasty Deep: Conservatory

Invisible (visible while placing or in edit mode) platforms to create invisible walkways

Large fountain, at the end of Vasty Deep: Conservatory

Ability to set gryphon mount plushies into the hovering idle animation

A set of at least 5 plushies that automatically take on the appearance of our character (physical appearance/race, appearance items etc) when placed. Pick up and place again to modify.

Activatable object that shakes the screen, simulating an earthquake.

Skybox tiles that don't look fake

Object that can bounce players around, like the repulsor sentinels in Silent City, with a strength setting

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Old 01-04-2012, 05:17 AM   #38

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  • Doors that actually fit the openings in the Kelethin Acorn Houses.
  • Pet Plushies that allow you to set a tether point and wander range (I want my ducks to wander round my duck pond not my bedroom).
  • Arc shaped tiles that will conform to the shape of the Kelethin Acorn Houses (Triangles will do at a pinch).
  • More variety to vegetation
  • Rocks, I want to line my rat den with lumpy rock walls not smoth flat surfaces!
  • Windows
  • Animated objects that can be built on to make rotating features
  • Fountains
  • Pools with rocky/grassy sides and sandy/muddy bottoms.
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I haven't read this thread through, so I don't know if this has been posted yet.

I would like to see signs or boards with player written text. We currently have the 'magic mouths' that display a text on screen when walking over the trigger point or a book that need to be read, but I would like to be able to place a sign that shows my text directly in the house. Maybe it could be possible to select different nice looking fonts and sizes for the characters.


Corbolu Sanguinius

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just to add my 2 bits, I want craftable lettering that canbe hung on walls, laid on the floor, or stood up right on the floor .  And thats on top of everything else already listed here.

And, I have this sinking feeling that the only place we are going to see any of this stuff show up is in the SC marketplace.

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I'd also like to add my request that these be in game obtainable, not station cash.

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Basic Building blocks that match current existing tiers of tiles and dividers.

More trees. Such as the trees outside Timorous Deep. Dead swamp trees like in Innothule swamp. Swampy bubbling bog items.

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I just wanted to come here and put my vote with everything that has been suggested so far (and anything new that comes up after this post).

The one thing that stands out for me on top of everything else is the ability to rotate items ALL ways.  You gave us the new decorating interface.  And it's great !  I love it.  For someone like me who games using a trackball instead of a mouse with scrolling buttons...the new interface is a major change for me.  Why can't you just add one more choice to it for us "flippers" ?!  Pretty please ? SMILEY

On a side note:

I am so glad to see this thread here.  I think its more than a coincedence that this appears when just a week or so ago we all sat in the Homeshow channel and talked about all the things we would love to have for decorating.  Someone took notes and submitted it as a /feedback in game.  I'm sorry that I can't remember who that was.  But, whoever it was, thanks !  SMILEY  I think it made someone sit up and take notice.

Can't wait to see what may come of all this.

Happy Decorating !



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I love the request above about revamping heritage quest house mounted items to look like the items.

I also second the request to make settings of fireplaces and tree lights and such persist.

Something I have not yet seen mentioned in this thread but would desperately like to see addressed is the no-trade tag on house items.  I think all house items that are currently no trade should be flagged as Heirloom instead so we can pass them down to our other chars.

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My Primary Creative Suggestions:

I think a ton of creative decorating could come from adding pulley suspension cables (angled from wall to ceiling, and straight up and down ones that could hang from ceiling). Even better if these were interactable and let users raise / lower the cable and whatever is *attached*.  This would not only let players build their own in house elevator systems, but also make for dynamic multi-leveled areas to be designed, and for many existing items to be used and combined in new ways.

Real Gardens - essentially in home harvestable nodes.  Player's ability to harvest the node would depend upon them taking care of the plant(s) - kind of same mechanic as the tradeskill apprentice.  The garden could proivde a rare on occation, or spawn a shinie (oooo lookie what I found while digging in the dirt).  Plant appearance changes as the plant matures (from little sproutling all the way to something blooming or ripe - doesn't have to be super complex ... four stages of growth or something would be nice).  Could add more plant models over time (corn, wheat, flowers, tomato vines, etc).  I don't think it would matter at all if the harvestable results in any way matched the plant appearance, in fact all of them could just function same way offering randomized harvestable reward in the end.  That way the plant models could be limitless with what you guys choose to add to the game for us to pick and add to our gardens.

Seasonal trees - Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Absolutely anything you would be willing to add to game that would allow for a garden area or home design inspired by that color spectrum or theme would be massively appreciated.  Trees with multi-colored Autumn leaves though would be heaven


So agree with a previous poster - triangle tiles, fuel merchant, glass tile / divider, windows (don't care if the view is real or limited but sunlight relative to time of day and clear glass would be my requests (okay to have window show a little fixed garden view or something) 

Personal Harvest Depot - PLEASE - PRETTY PLEASE - make this thing capable of holding ALOT more stuff, or make it possible to have more than one in a home.  P - L - E - A - S - E !!!!! 

Increase number of items allowed within homes and / or provide more expanders than are presently available.

While looking in your moving crate - ability to move items from one home's moving crate to another home's moving crate.  This would be huge for people with multiple houses who change decors frequently.

Make it so fireplaces or other on / off items can be PERMANENTLY set to stay on and at the chosen setting   Or add an option to housing door that would allow owner to set all items to automatically turn off on exit, or to retain whatever setting is selected even if the user exits the house or game.

Please fix the tradeskill apprentice mannequins so that each apprentice can have a unique appearance.  This has been bugged since AoD release and has remained bugged   Mannequins when placed are not always taking on a unique name, and that is the problem causing the glitch.


Transportation Suggestions:

Housing / Guild Hall transportation ... the addition of the portals for prestigue housing are really wonderful, but could we have something similiar to the purple circle used in guild halls that would let us travel to any home or guild hall we have access to?  It would be nice to have this in ONE placeable item that facilitated access to everything at once (including non-prestigue housing and any guild hall you have access to).

House Guest / Roommate Token - item that could be given to roommates, spouses, dear friends, or that gnome you simply can't get off your sofa.  Would allow that person to teleport to your house, maybe 1 hour refresh?  Would make it easier for unguilded players who share housing, or players who have multiple accounts and like owning lots of homes.  Would also provide a fun roleplaying element for those interested in that aspect.  The transport token when used would pop up a list of houses / guild halls where the caster has been granted access and let user pick their destination (basically would offer an interface like the purple circle in guild halls).

More in-home portals - increase number of site to site transporters allowed in a single home.

Vallar (90 Mystic)

Guild Leader - Devil's Rejects (Guk Server)


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The redwood trees from Kylong planes (and the winter version from near Teren's Grasp-which REALLY SHOULD be all over the place in Gread Divide the upper reaches of the Eastern Wastes AND all around New Halas. )

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[email protected] wrote:

Transportation Suggestions:

Housing / Guild Hall transportation ... the addition of the portals for prestigue housing are really wonderful, but could we have something similiar to the purple circle used in guild halls that would let us travel to any home or guild hall we have access to?  It would be nice to have this in ONE placeable item that facilitated access to everything at once (including non-prestigue housing and any guild hall you have access to).

I would much prefer that portals actually be house tchotchkes of some sort--some little fun thing that represents the zone.  A snowflake for the Halas House, a Djinn for the Maj'Dul one, a burbling lava blumb for the Lavastorm one, etc.  That would be much more creative and offer more decorating options that the portals, in my opinion.

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How about MORE FISH! I would love to be able to make an aquarium that does not have all the "deadly" species of fish.

Pretty fish like Coi, goldfish, or the little bundles of fish you actually see when you havest. Make it a chance to harvest the house item when you go fishing instead of something to be crafted,, each teir would have a different type of "tame" house item fish.

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Some things I'd like to see:

more trees of various types (birch, dogwood, pine, conifers, "dead", moss covered, etc.) Hanging plants/vines, wall of ivy/vines

More stones of various sizes and shapes (brown and sandstone colored)

Wallpaper that conforms to the shape of the wall (plain colors as well as patterns) -thinking the corridors of MCE. can be done with tiles, but ugh.

Scaleable chess boards (4 or 5 different colors/styles) also scaleable chess peices (traditional set and fantasy set)

Wall mountable weapon and or shield display racks (think mannequin but for multiple weapons/shields)

More lights that give off bright illumination. (more colors of light)

Statues both in stone or metal. crude to elegant in design ( crude = Easter Isle statues, elegant = David ) Actually if you look at the prequels of Star Wars, they have a lot of interesting statues in various places. People, animals, insects, etc.

Stained glass "windows" that have actual patterns or scenes (knight fighting dragon, princess standing in front of a sunburst, etc.)

More mugs/steins of different styles (ceramic, stone, horn, bone) also more plates, silverware, glasses, pitchers.

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Bah, double post. Oh well, found a couple of things I suggested before that I thought I throw out there again.

Manta ray plushie, maybe an eel plushie or school of fish plushie, column of bubbles, different types and colors of coral, various rock formations, parts to a sunken ship

 I was thinking it would be cool to be able to get sets of the ballroom dancers from DPoB Adriana/Roley EQ1 encounter as a reward from a NotD mission or someother appropiate questline. Maybe a music box that summons 6 sets of ghostly or vampiric dancers for like a 2 min duration. (possibly dancing in a circle around the music box)

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Storage items that are usable by anyone with Trustee access, such as:




a bigger, or the ability to place more, HARVEST DEPOT(s).

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Carpets/table cloths that are draped over the side (kinda like the watches in Dali's Persistance of Memory) but can be used on any surface

Clock face that actually works.

Tile strips, retangle tiles of either a solid colour or a 'tile' pattern (like one of the 'strips' of the Thrugadin tile)

Plushie character races, preferably customisable (i.e. change hair, height, eyes, tatoos, wings, etc) and with the ability to have changable clothes like a manikin.

Tethered wandering plushies (pets with a limited radius)

More varieties of trees and other flora

Storage containers for appearance gear, even if it was limited to only level 1 equippable items, that look like wardrobe closets.

Graveyard statuary like angels and gargoyals.

Particle effects that can be laid over house items: snow to overlay a statue or a tree, fire to overly on a pile of wood, sparlies to add to flowers, etc.

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craftable building blocks

premade house / building skeletons (think for tenb island prest home)

more small odds and ends for the final details (would be nice if items in this would be the same as books and not count to the total) (example, bottles, cups, plates, crumpled clothing, etc...)

more tent selections, some with all sides closed and just an entrance instead of opened up like the current ones are...

more craftable plant , shrub, underbrush items

coloring option for some exsisting furnature, like a lighter and darker version of each, or a way to tint exsisting furnature peices

the ability to rotate on other axis then default (to lay weapons on a table without having to use a third party editor)

the ability to place items on a surface other then the normal place

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I'd really like to see some of the early LON paintings that are so hard to come by  now.   SC for those

wouldn't bother me. 


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I’ve not seen anyone really ask, but if it’s possible how about pre built building structure such as the Inn that was removed from West Freeport? The upper rooms could be made into one big room with doors into it so that we can put the walls in or not. The only thing I see a problem with this is pre structures of this nature may need to be locked to certain houses and guild halls because of the size of it though. There was a Building in East Freeport too that was removed that could be used as well. Other Structures could be used too that are still in game like some of the Mara structures or the Windstalker Bar, Horse Stables in West Freeport or even South Qeynos, Mage Tower’s in Ant., The Tree house Structure in Darklight Woods, There is one in Fallen Gate too that could be use that has I think 3 floors to it?…. I am sure others could think of some other structures of this nature that would really be a time saver and reduce item count if we already had pre structures and I wouldn’t care so much if these were added to SC for that matter either since they are kinda special and not game breaking either.

and I did say more options for Trees and Folage/flowers please...   Really love the one tree with a white bark in Darklight Woods too..

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I love many of the suggestions given so far. In addition I'd really like to see the following:

  • Lights that actually emit light and allow you to change the color of light they cast (i.e. blue, red, white, yellow...)
  • Round tiles of various colors and textures
  • Way more statue options
  • Wallpaper tiles that go beyond wood or stone appearances (florals, artistic, patterned, etc.)
  • Various "stands" that can be used to place items on (or as building blocks to create other items)
  • More rugs! And they don't all have to have elaborate patterns, some plainer ones in different colors would be excellent.
AND I would LOVE for SOE to fix the issue with pets (and spawners) falling through objects! (PLEASE!!!)
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YEAR ROUND craftable foods. Stocking up on a years supply of hams and turkeys and cranberry sauces at Frostfell is a PITA.

Higher limits in the Personal Harvest Depot.

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Some suggestions for new Carpenter made items.

Looking at this from the perspective of what we don't currently have that would make home furnishing more personal and attractive

1)  Picture frames with a "blank" canvas.

 By this I mean a canvas that can accept any picture from a web link, or if that is not possible from a "storage" area on the EQ2 servers.

I do believe that for security reasons, linking to a picture on the web would be innapropriate, but linking to an area on the servers would overcome these shortcomings and make the build easier.   The picture should be linked from the owner of the frame, not the crafter who made it.

This would allow many many options for personalisation, and would also allow windows into the real world by taking a screenshot in the game and using that picture as a window.

It could even be truly blank and allow the finished picture to include the picture frame or window frame for even easier integration into the game.

Now..  problems.. 

a)  downloading those pictures when needed  and inappropriate images.

The problem of downloading could be resolved by only streaming into a temporary cache when you visited the building that had the pictures in it.  Yes, a small additional wait, but so worth it for the added ambiance.  examples...   windows, as mentioned above..  pictures to enhance the house theme..  for Guildhalls, pictures of members Avatars in world...  achievements and battles fought etc.

The most obvios way would be to have fixed sizes of pictures (both pixel and max size" that coould be incorporated into the frames.  After all, the picture is generally only a texture applied to a surface, so would retain the scaleability etc.

b)  innapropriate pictures..    there will always be some whose idea of a laugh is to have something totally innapropriate in this sort of freeform area and so there would need to be a reporting mechanism..  eg  click on picture and report it, but again, that should be an aeasy option to implement.

If Sony wished to make some money of this, I would be happy to make this Gold only and with that have a storage space of x kb on the server with an "expander" for more storage made available by SC. 

2)  Doors to Guildhalls. 

option a)  Put an option on ALL city festival doors to make them link to guildhall....  whilst I love my "guildhall" door, it's so tatty that it has to be hidden somewhere,  if we could use better doors, it would be far superior.

option b)  As with the prestige housing, add one of those fluffy circlet portals that we get with the prestige housing as a link to guildhall item.

For an added bonus, give each door a door frame that it opens in to make working with doors easier.

3)  Stairs.

Whilst the inventiveness of the community in creating stairs is admirable,  some standard staircase units for straight and circular would be awesome.  By making these in fixed increment heights of say 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 units, the floors in houses could be set as appropriate. for the design.

In addition, this multi height could lead to L-shaped or U-shaped staircases by using landings at the mid point.

Extra Credit..  bannisters and railings for both the stairs and horizontal for landings / balconies.

Extra Extra credit..  stair carpets

4)  Portal pads..  I know these are available from some one off word events,  theres never a one off world event when you need one.   Packs or 2 or 4  one rare per portal  (therefore 2 or 4 rares as appropriate)  probably tier 9 made , or a quest chain from some NPC to learn the secrets of portals.

5)  Complete some of the sets...

Most furniture is pretty much one off in the lower levels  (and some of the higher ones as well),  or where there are a few pieces, there are not all of them.. It's very hard to make a complete room design and theme from the existing items.  Again, some decorators have done remarkable things by tipping tables over and using them as seat backs (for example) but to have complete sets would be awesome.

6)  More nicknacks.. 

Mainly flowers and detailing stuff.

7)  Lighting.. 

Whilst over enthusiastic use of lighting can drag even the most amazing computer to a crawl, I feel that the ability to control lighting in our houses is vary limited.  Lighting is as important as the placement and usage of the furniture and currently, isn't done justice in the limited number of lights that actually produce light and there is no control of that light for effects.

I hope that some of this will be considered for the future.

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A water source... that could be placed to make a fountain !  then we could add it to building blocks, bath tubs... it should be just the water, so it can be hidden into something easily.

Its really tough now to take a gigantic fountain or pool, shrink it, attempt to hide it...just to get the effect of running water. I have tried to even get water to flow from a keg that way!

also, brighter light sources in white and different colors. They could even be small balls of light so they could be hidden into an item to make it a light source for the room *like a personal torch for an item with choice of colors

Thanks for making this thread and hopefully there will be some ideas you can use!

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Is it possibly to get some developer feedback on what has been mention by some players so far that may make it into game any time soon? I would like the reason why this thread was started? Was it started for SC furniture ideas or stuff we may get to eventually craft? At least acknowledge that it has been read and what things they have read that they like the most so far? In doing this it can also give us more ideas too.

Is it possible to give us western theme things like saddles, tumble weeds, saloon doors, and guns? Even though I think 'Guns' have been something a Senior Developer said would never happen. But I've seen the word 'Never will happen' and then seen it happen so I am asking anyway. I am asking because I've always wanted to design a house with a western themed to it but we do lack some essentials.

I would like see more pre built items then having to create everything for most of the time we run out space to create more, so anything that can save space and time would nice. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some really creative houses that players have design but at the same time these same players have empty spaces in the rest of the house because the item count it took to be so creative.

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