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House Address: 3 Walk of the Dead, Neriak

Character Name: Amrius

Server: Antonia Bayle

Published on housing leaderboards

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Hello everyone. This is my first time posting in the homeshow area of the forums... and I'm posting here because I would like to get some feedback and reviews on my first completed house in EQ2. 

My house is named "House Darkleaf" on the housing leaderboards in game. It's listed under large homes... but I seriously doubt anyone will ever see it unless they're looking for it, with how far back on the list it gets pushed now.  I think its number 59 at the moment. 

" />

I actually entered this house in last years Haunted House Forum Challenge, so maybe some of you have already seen it, I don't know.  I have added a few new things to it here and there from this year's nights of the dead recipe book. Unfortunately, a 1000 item limit just doesn't give me the space needed to do everything I would like to do with the house, especially when little things like jars and cups take up the same amount of space that a much larger item---like a chair, does on the 1000 item limit.  At the very least, I think smaller items should have a larger item limit. 

" />

Anyway, I would really appreciate some feedback and reviews on my house. I spent about a year working on it, on and off. I didn't use house editing mode or anything else to help design it so it was definitely put together the hard way---so please be forgiving of any slight imperfections you may come across.  It's certainly not anywhere near as extravagant and customized as a lot of houses I've seen are... but I still put a lot of effort and thought to detail into it, both as a high fantasy lover and amateur game designer, I tried to make the house tell a story of sorts in a very subtle way.

" />

I did my best to make it a very creepy house, that gets creepier and creepier the deeper you venture into it. This is the home of a Bertoxxulous Necromancer, so be prepared to encounter lots of dead things and nasty stuff.  I've left player writable books laying on the floor or on tables here and there, with flavor messages directed at visitors, meant to enhance the (hopefully) foreboding atmosphere.  Be sure to check each room carefully for small details, my house is all about the smaller, subtle details that can easily be overlooked if you're rushing through it or distracted.  First person camera view is definitely recommended to get the full effect of the house---unless you're visiting with a smaller character, you may need to zoom out then to see some stuff. 

Just to warn everyone, my house does have the zombie that pops up on the screen, so be prepared for that. lol  (Makes me jump all the time.) 

" />

As two of the player writable books will hint at, there is a secret to be found in the house's kitchen. I don't really want to give it away though, since I think it's a pretty easy secret to discover if you're paying attention. If you want to see the entire house though, be sure to search for that secret. 

There's definitely a lot more to see in the house than what the screenshots show in this thread. I won't screenshot the best parts of the house, if you want to see that, you should come visit then.  

I also want to say, I'm not doing this because I want to compete on the housing leaderboards or anything like that, feel free to rate me if you want to but its not necessary. I know I'm not the best home decorator in EQ2 and I don't really care to be. There's definitely much, much better decorators on the game than me and I've seen some of those houses and they're truly breathtaking in complexity and ingenuity. My intention wasn't to create anything that complex or ingenious really... I just wanted to create a straight forward, traditional creepy/haunted house of sorts with lots of personality. I put this house together in my spare time, purely for the fun of creating it and because I've always loved haunted houses, ever since I was a kid. 

Anyway, that's all I have to say about it I think. I hope some of you will take the time to check my house out and I really hope everyone who visits the house enjoys it.  Please feel free to leave feedback about the house in this thread or you can send me mail in-game. 

Thank you for your time and I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

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I think you did a really great job! I went and visited it myself. I like the big monster waiting out in the balcony outside of the office. The whole theme goes together very well. It fits a "creepy" house very nicely. 

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Definately going to stop by and check this out, I love creepy places SMILEY Definately like the idea of the books adding to the atmosphere!

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