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Was just wondering why we're not able to manaburn a couple of the new names in Skyshrine.  Can't remember encountering it before and it's just annoying.  Are any of the new names immune to other class's more / most powerful spells or abilities now?     

I haven't seen anything about it in the updates or anything.  

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there are actually a number of mobs in DoV2 that ~"you cannot use burn spells on this creature"~

those are MANAburn, SOULburn, LIFEburn....can't recall any other burns, but I know on my necro i have encountered a number of them, contested/dungeon in the last day since I got her up to SS and started working on access quests etc.

And, from what I recall in another post elsewhere it is "working as intended", these mobs are not supposed to be able to be burned and the ~no burn~ script was placed on them deliberately....Queen Gwarthlea in Cella is one that can't be burned, something to do with the dragon buff and burn spells being too OP or something stupid like that.

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