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i don't understand why in *one* group only, i was drawing the aggro with almost every encounter...never happened in another group...i sure don't start out with nukes...i mean...i'm lvl25 and i think i know how to play...does that mean the tank is not doing his job?
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Treveur wrote:
...does that mean the tank is not doing his job?

That's pretty much exactly what that means. If the tank is using his power to attack, he's not using it to taunt. If he's not taunting, he's not keeping aggro on himself, because his attacks are pretty much useless compared to the damage capabilities of other classes (wizard included). A tank who doesn't know that he has to taunt by level 25 is pretty clueless. In groups such as these, it's probably best to get out of it as quickly as possible, because a tank who isn't doing his job means lots of debt for you.
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If the tank is a few levels below an Adept 3-equipped wiz, you can easily steal agro from him. In easy encounters I do that all the time to [Removed for Content] off the healers. SMILEY Start with Whorl, then HO, Ice Spike to advance, then BoF to finish the HO, that's 700-800 dmg in a few secs that the tank will not be able to taunt back if you keep going. SMILEY Or buff and cure arcane him while he's pulling. SMILEY
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