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Old 01-10-2005, 07:59 PM   #1

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Ok so my own guild was going to have a mini raid in CT yesterday. Turns out the quest were were going to do is bugged (GRRRRR), well no "tanks" were around to tank after that. I was in Ferrott mining away and said I can tank.Well after teaching a Paladin that Monks are not Scouts (honestly), we grabbed a group and headed into ct. They were all apprehensive at first so we sticked to the top initially. Once that got boring and a warlock friend of mine joined the team, we went underneath.There was some weird named boss in the room with the cauldron thing, he was lvl 51 and conned pure red to me. I threw down all my defensive skills and pulled, this honestly is the first time I have been main tank during my whole career as a Monk. We then proceeded to kill the mobs, and didn't need to evac.The best part was I finally did what I created my character to do, tank. And for once I got to pull/position like I wanted to. (And trust me, after 44 levels of watching it was nice to finally position mobs so that if there is an add, *I* am the one to get the add.) I hate tanks that zerg into mobs and then complain about wandering adds. But thats another rant.There were times when we had 2 groups of 49's, and I survived. We only had a Templar and Inquisitor, and they managed to do ok, and never once complained about how I couldn't tank.Can we finally get people to use this whole third of the fighter tree (Bruisers included) as we are meant to be used? Clerics just seem to need to get used to healing in a different way. This isn't eq1 where you could put a timer on your heals and heal the tanks. You are meant to be observant in this game, I have been, and it looks like it paid off.And Monks, get upgraded defensive skills and armor should be white+ in all slots. Use your group buffs when adds come and all is golden.BTW, I am a Dark Elf Monk, so I am technically not a ideal min-max Monk. Gage, thanks for the tips on aggro management, I had been waiting to use the damage buffs to help keep groups mad at me for a LONG time. It works like a charm, I used to pull mobs off my berserker friend alot until we figured the reason out.
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Story at 6, Nerf at 11. Keep watching !
I want fun back in my Berzerker.
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Trolls aren't pretty :smileytongue:
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