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New options have been added to the Merchant window:

  • You can now ‘Hide Unusable’ items, ‘Hide Outleveled’ items, and show ‘My Class’ useable items within any merchant window via checkboxes.
  • A text field has been added which allows you to filter items in a merchant’s list.
  • There is now a ‘Double Click to Sell’ checkbox in merchant windows that once checked will allow you to double-click on items in your bags to quickly sell them.  You can also auto enable ‘Double Click to Sell’ in the options under User Interface - Game Features - Default Click to Sell.




Blade of Universal Conflict's proc chance should now be 2.2 times a minute.

Revered Bangle of Dracurion Accord should now have the appropriate stats.

Deathmonger's Armlet of Obliteration should now have the appropriate stats.

Private Armlet of Equity should now have the appropriate stats.

Almsgiven Bracelet of Draconic Awe should now have the appropriate stats.

Stalwart Pouch of Skulldugger's Ire should now use ranged throwing. It can now also be used by Beastlords and has AGI.

Caragoth, Hammer of the Blight-Priests - Deception of War will now proc on any hit, spell or melee and also proc when a beneficial spell is cast.

Forceful Apocalyptic Cape now has 10.5 crit bonus and 10.5 potency.

Stalwart Cloak of Dissolution now has 11.1 crit bonus and 11.1 potency.

Vallon Zek [challenge] now drops the correct fighter chest pattern.

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