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SOEmote Your Way

SOEmote is finally ready to go live on August 7!  After showing the feature at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year and getting a lot of interest and feedback, we opted to spend more time developing it to make it fit easily into the game experience so it felt fun, natural, and easy.  You will find the SOEmote listed in the main EQII menu in game, as well as in the game Options. Some features we added are:

  • Auto-Enable SOEmote with Webcam. To start with, we wanted the feature to be easy to use. If you have a camera set up, SOEmote will automatically send you a message to enable the feature and options when you log in. After that, when you log in with a webcam, you will be reminded that the feature is active.
  • SOEmote Group Window: Included by default if you set up SOEmote, you can easily watch group members' faces next to their names in the user interface. 
  • Mini-Chat Bar Additions: We integrated SOEmote buttons into the mini-voice chat bar under the chat window for easy use and access. 
  • Mirror Me: As we've been using SOEmote in the studio a lot, we wanted a quick and intuitive way to be able to see ourselves (because it's fun) and also to ensure SOEmote is calibrated without having to use the large set-up window view.  With this addition, you see a small version of yourself with a quick Calibration button to set the default facial tracking position for those times when you leave your PC and return. TIP: When calibrating, make sure your own face is in a neutral position with no smile, eyes open and no expression. You get the best results this way!
  • Voice Chat/SOEmote Options: We took some time to work on the usability of the existing voice chat controls as we integrated the SOEmote options. It seemed natural for us to pair voice chat and SOEmote options together.
  • Local Proximity Chat in Guild Halls and Houses. With SOEmote or Voice Chat activated you'll have the option to join a Local Channel so you can listen and talk based on your location just like walking and chatting into a room in real life.
  • Voice Fonts. We added a selection of voice fonts for male and female voices for you to experiment with in the main SOEmote set-up options.  You will find the voice font selections in a drop-down list. We also added an option to record and play back your voice so you can hear how it sounds with a font.
  • FAQ. We wanted to add a fairly deep FAQ for SOEmote to help users with common questions.  We can tell you now that if you are experiencing issues with tracking your facial movements, try increasing your lighting! And if that fails, you might want a better camera. Check out the FAQ and Tips at SOEmote.com/guide.




Casting bars on raid mobs should be a lot more reliable.




Withered Lands

Hexapola's adds should no longer spawn at level 110.





Scout Combat Art damage has been increased.



Manashield now has a negative lethality component.



Fixed a bug where elemental blast was not following max PVP spell damage rules.

Elemental Blast now does less damage in PVP combat.



The damage of Stampede has been reduced in PVP combat.




Level 91 belt recipes now have appropriate reaction arts.

The Swift Creation AA properly functions once more.




Dracurion Buckler of Defense again has block chance.

Fortified Drakizite-Studded Tunic of the Underdepths now has riposte chance.

Tempered Drakizite Cuirass of the Underdepths now has riposte chance.

Obsidian War Scimitar's proc Obsidian Shatterstorm no longer debuffs Crit Bonus on the mob, it now buffs the user.

Fierce Royal Sword is now correctly identified as a sword.




The betrayal quest, "Freeport Bounty: Nor'sona A'tyel," can now be completed.

On the Qeynos froglok racial quest “Royal Recognition” the Spirit of Krys’lo will no longer kill higher level players outright.

On the Qeynos priest quest “Divine Intervention” each player will now zone into their own instance.

In the fae racial quest “A Rocky Beginning”, the completion of Freeport quests should no longer impair your ability to see the mysterious figure.

In the Quellious deity quest “The Gathering”, purchasing the items on the second step should properly update the quest. Additionally, the pie salesman formerly found in the Baubbleshire has taken up residence among the other refugees near the shire entrance.

Kaedrin Ironforge no longer reflects damage dealt to him by pets.

You should no longer respond to Antonia as if you've defeated Kyle Bayle before you actually have when on the quest, "Blood Ties."

For the quest "Lending Your Skills", players who fail to properly train their trainee in the arts of stealth and get him killed will now be able to speak with the trainee again within the caves in order to try again!

Neezer's Survey - Drundo Parn is now willing to speak with you, even if you’ve completed the halfling quest Helping Some 'Friends'.

Fixed Lilly Ironforge so that it is no longer necessary to press "h" to hail her when on the appropriate step of "Blood Ties".

Fixed Antonia so that it is no longer necessary to press "h" to hail her after the meeting with the members of the Circle of Ten in the quest "The Price of the Crown".

The Circle of Ten members should leave properly when the meeting is completed in the quest "The Price of the Crown".

The item "essence entanglement device" for the quest "Seeking Answers" will now show up as a bauble in the quest tracker.




Fixed a bug where the number of tokens displayed in the leaderboard would be incorrect. NOTE: The Number of tokens shown in the chat window and awarded to you has always been correct, just the display in the leaderboard was not.

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