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So far the only buff you get is the endless SC amount and the exp increase, which is VERY wonderful. However, in being that the time we have to raise a character to 90 from the start, grind the AA to progress past that and then, raise your tradeskilling properly for the upcoming expac. How about bringing back the SC/MC Armor Merchants back, just for that server. That small concession could be made for the Beta Testers....no? There is no /betacopy or /copy anything feature in place atm.

I'm not saying that the bottomless SC isn't wonderful, but all the mounts and goodies in the world, won't help me level faster lol To test the content in this short amount of time we have left. Nor will it help me harvest and grind my tradeskill up in order to test the expac content.  With the SC/MC Armor Merchants in place there, at least we could face the world a bit more prepared, and have more time to focus on content for release to the general public.

I've tested many, many games from Beta on, and the "buffing" process is an important one, for the "serious" testers. It's not intended for those who are bored leveling and just want to see what endgame content is like. We are trying to help provide a quality service, through practical trials; before release. And if these characters are to be wiped, no harm no foul. I realize there were problems with the SC/MC Armor Merchants on the live servers. But can't they just be here on Beta, and perhaps Test too?

What do you all think? {waits for thrown shoes and booing}

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As I said in game, I assume buffers will be there when beta starts so there's no need to build a new char from scratch.

I'm happy to see that infinite SC is back, it's a massive help for testing.

Seing this new server and Test_copy gone, I assume that the copies for GU testing will now occur on Beta server and Test_copy is gone forever?

EDIT: ok, just saw my answer in In Testing Feedback:

Gninja wrote:

Tesy_copy is currently being used for the beta server.

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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