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Old 07-24-2010, 02:49 AM   #1

The Quiet Type
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What's the theory in scheduling the EQ and EQ2 expansion previews in the same time slot.  What if you want to see both? These seem like some of the premier panels out of the whole weekend so I'm a bit confused why players have to make a choice to attend one panel or the other.  Seems like the schedule could be adjusted so that players interested in both expansion previews could be accomodated.  Thoughts?


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Old 07-24-2010, 10:06 AM   #2

SOE Community Council
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I wondered that too, but I'm guessing that the majority of people play only one game or the other, not both, which was likely the reasoning.

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Old 07-24-2010, 11:13 AM   #3

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Yep no matter what you will have to pick and choose panels, I would love to attend the Dc Universe one, but the EQ2 panel wins out.

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Old 07-30-2010, 03:54 PM   #4

The Quiet Type
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Quite honestly, I play both games, and would love to attend both of these panels. Unfortunately, being a raider in EQ and a casual in EQ2, I am choosing EQ specifically to see what is in store for raiders. That said, it's truly disappointing to see both of these games' featured panels regarding expansions taking up like time slots.
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