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I suppose technically it would be because they are made of metal, but really, its tinkering. The items are not going to ever be worn as just armor. The armor class restrictions on various pieces serves no purpose in the game.

 And just to clear up any possible confusion, I mean that if you do not wear chain or better armor, there are several tinkered items you can not equip.

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They didnt used to be. They were all "chain" (for no good reason), but were explicitly (I imagine domino was doing this manually), set to be "All Classes", so that anyone could use them.

In the great Automated ReItemization Debacle of December '11, all items were re-classed based on their largest primary stat and material type. All plate stuff got re-stamped as the plate wearing classes, chain to all scouts (but not beastlords lol)+chain wearers, leather etc. (My leather wearing monk was stuck wearing a number of "All Scout" jewerlery items when this happened, because they had slightly higher AGI then STR)

You need to /bug each single item that is tinkerer skill restricked, that also has class restrictions (should only be chain issue afaik). They will fix them eventually.

If you dont want to bug each item, post them here, and I'll gladly file them each.

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