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  • Removed the heroic damage spell "Noxious Spray" from A Residual Slime.
  • Removed the immunity to control effects from all encounters in City of Mist solo zones.
  • Removed fervor bonus from Enhance: Jester's Cap
  • Researcher Thelzik now only cares whether you've completed "Proof of the Pudding", regardless of your faction standing with Bathezid's Watch
  • The collection pages for the Dalnir book should no longer be under objects
  • The book collection quests now correctly reward the recipe to tailors, sages, and woodworkers as intended. If you already turned in the collection and are stuck on stage 3 of the quest because you didn't receive the recipe, the tradeskill beta buffer in Isle of Mara or Maldura will give you the recipe.
  • The forges in Dalnir should now be more cooperative (we hope).
  • The incense used in Dalnir is no longer separately flagged for beastlords, although beastlords on the quest can still use it of course.
  • The timer now displays for the Pingyuan Diqu stage of "Time is Short"
  • The empowered relics crafted during "Time is Short" no longer also appear as an inventory item
  • Page 2 of the Legend of Dalnir book is now correctly labeled page 2
  • Corrected a typo in Brytthel's dialog
  • Kunark Ascending: Opportunity 'Noks - Players on this quest now respawn by Trooper Sotek in the Crusaders' Cave.
  • Lightning Bug Hunt - Lightning Wand range has been increased.
  • Remains to Be Seen - Deletion of quest now removes Whispering Medallion from inventory.
  • Remains to Be Seen - Whispering Medallion update locations should be easier to trigger.
  • Remains to Be Seen - A Kramdul defender now attacks you, and will now accomodate multiple groups at the same time.
  • Giant Impressment Effort - Added some direction to the quest journal and Arcanist Chaarex's dialogue.
  • Giant Impressment Effort - Deletion of quest now removes enslavement vessel from inventory.
  • Giant Impressment Effort - Arcanist Chaarex replaces the enslavement vessel if it is lost.
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