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Like the title says!  Really, what is up with this?  I remember reading that it has something to do with protecting players from losing items by placing them in a hall and not being able to pick them back up.  But then, some items ARE placeable in halls, so that reasoning flies out the window.  Battleworn pieces are placeable.  The furniture sets are not.  The malfunctioning clockwork worker plushie is placeable.  The werewolf plushie is not.  Of eight house pets, one is placeable.  My new Halas pioneer rug, just what I want for my hall weapon room, is NOT PLACEABLE there! 

It seems to me that the number of people who are being saved from the tragedy of losing an item because a meanie guild leader won't return their stuff must be relatively small. although I'm sure it has happened on occasion.  In my own experience, however, I know a number of players who find this seemingly arbitrarily-applied policy of some items being placeable and some not to be unnecessarily limiting and inconvenient.  Frankly, I spend way more time in my guild hall now than I do in any of my houses -- I have a small guild, small hall, and very little reason to visit my houses these days.  I'm a lot more likely to buy items for the hall than for any of my houses.

Please let me take the chance of losing a piece of my SC furniture in my guild hall because I won't mail it back to myself or let myself pick it back up.    Pretty please?

I'm willing to send cookie bri....incentives.

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