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  • Damage the Trust- Should update for the group now. There is still a possible issue with who lands the killing blow and the quest updating properly, so that will be addressed here next.
  • Shattered Lives:- Moved both of Grigissa's eggs to more visible locations.
  • Updated Tissik's dialog so that he isn't parroting the player's response any longer.
  • Changed the respawn time on the egg guardians so that they aren't instantly spawning.
  • Littered Along the Pass- Updated the use predicate on one of the updated relics. It should be usable on the proper stage now.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - The "Speak with the three Cae'Dal mages" quest update feather should now be associated with Scrollkeeper Sataleeti instead of Runekeeper Talisyn.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - High Arcanist Faxalim should no longer be heard chanting, unless you are on the appropriate steps.
  • All Cae'Dal language collectibles have been increased, and any rarity removed.
  • Case of the Missing Headpiece - Thaalia Faerel's dialogue now includes the name of the quest target.
  • Case of the Missing Headpiece - Garden geodes now carry the quest target icon.
  • Growth in an Arid Land - Forest soil should be easier to spot, and there is more of it to gather with faster respawn time.
  • Arid Roots - The root-rotted typharush is now view predicated for this quest.
  • Dying of Bore-dom - The damaged typharush is now view predicated for this quest.
  • Taelonar and the bag of seeds Growf wants have been relocated to an area easier to reach.
  • The Charm of Lost Things for Glibnox's quest "A Finding Charm" should now work on both stage 1 and stage 2 of the quest.
  • You now actually have to capture a chokidai pup for "Pup Piper".
  • There are now more twark soil samples spawning near Growf for Lyraquel's quest "Soil and Trouble". You also will not continue to see any soil after you have found it.
  • The injured version of Growf should no longer be visible after you have finished the quest to rescue him.
  • Several quests have had wording of directions clarified.
  • Skethusk is now located in the Greenmist Crusader caves
  • You now cannot see the Goblin Relics tradeskill collection until you have completed Glibnox's 4th quest, "Scrying Eyes". This should prevent Glibnox from getting confused if you obtain the relics quest before completing his other quests.
  • the Torsis Bench house item is now shorter than the Torsis Table
  • Dalnir chair house item is now slightly larger
  • The note that Queen Alwenielle leaves you in Thalumbra now has bright eyecatching sparkles as well as sign text, to help the impatient quester
  • Mastercrafted recipes now accept rare harvests, for real this time
  • Carpenters and sages have new recipes
  • Adjusted placement and scale on some carpenter crafted house items
  • Oogthor now sells a climbing ivy house item
  • Collectibles should no longer spawn under the world around Slaver's Point.
  • Chokidai should no longer drop cockatrice meat.
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