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I was wondering what exactly is considered to be an 'ability' and what is 'spell'?

[as of my understanding a 'spell' are the ones you can buy as 'masters' and rest are 'abilities']

The thing is I just pushed on reforge Spell reuse speed +30% and checked every single thing in my inq and no reuse speeds dropped even 0.1s. So, switched to another way and pushed +30% up to Ability reuse speed and I still only see couple speeds increased.

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It's quite simple. Everything you can use is an ability. This includes combat arts and spells. (Or to say it the other way around spells are also abilities.) Spells is everything that is in the Spells tab of the knowledge book. While every ability (including spells) benefits from ability reuse only spells benefit from spell reuse. Also both stats are added for spells. Remember there is a cap at 100% reuse speed, which halves the recast time of the ability. And as it a 1 / (1 + speed %) formula the gain for the first percent is quite good per % and gets worse the closer you get to the cap. So if increasing your reuse by 30% does not shorten your reuse speed you are most likely already capped. Remember that our mythical buff and our heal stance both also include reuse for beneficial spells / heals. This bonus is not shown in any persona stat. So your heals can already be caped with only 30% ability reuse and 40% spell reuse. Or an other possibility: There is reuse and recovery. Recovery is only the 0.5s time you normally need after each ability to use the next one. This can also be shortened with 100% recovery only reducing the time to 0.25s. Be sure all gear is actually reuse speed and not some of it is just recovery speed.
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