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I recently bought the game and am planning on making my first character an INQ, as I like to Heal and have heard they have good solo/grindability. I have tried to read the Sticky but my knowledge of this game is almost non-existent, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good tskill, race (thinking Dark Elf). Also, 1 Hander + Symbol or Buckler, or Two Hander? Is switching Spells to CA required or optional, also thats AA related right? Further is there any advice, warnings or things y'all wished you had done from the beginning? I tend to like completionism so I am looking to experience a lot but I also want to leve, and I believe I can go back and do that usng mentoring right?


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I know the Sticky is quite long and the 1st part is just about knowing the classes benefits and drawbacks without ever mentioning how to play, but this is the most important part. If you don't know why to press which button you will never really understand the class. But there is also a section with advices how to play solo or in group near the end including the weapon question and other advices. Also the CA are not mandatory, but they define the play-style of the class. An Inq without CA feels completely different as one with CA. Also it is not like there are so much else useful options in the EOF tree. That is why I think and Inq that does not spec CAs would be better of playing a Templar. And about the race. I almost doesn't matter at all. Most benefits some classes get are small and don't matter much later on. There are only a few features that are harder to get by through items: - Ability to port to an other player within the same zone. - Trapfinding - Track - Runspeed shorttime boost - (Maybe save fall, but there are many cloaks for that) - Maybe stealth speed Everything else will be useless or a less then 1% increase of your abilities later on. So if you really want to min max your race look for the ability that you would like the most from the ones above.
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