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Old 11-19-2008, 12:33 PM   #1

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Hi fellow Necros,

I've been experiencing an issue since GU50 wnt live in that my pet will often have the spells for healing or whatever greyed/shaded out even though the little fella is standing right next to me.  I'm guessing it is linked to ...

. Pet buff icons will now tint when out of range.

which is a note from the GU50 notes.

The thing is that this is happening on many occasions even though the pet is within range.  For example, I had the pet underneath my feet and the spells were unusable, so I had to move away from my pet to get them to work again!

I have /bug reported but hoped to draw this to the attention of otehr Necros so they can either let me know it's an issue for me only, or raise a few more bug reports to get it noticed.



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Old 11-19-2008, 03:40 PM   #2

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Not just you, and conjurors are bugged similarly.

Hopefully they take another stab at the problem soon.

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Old 11-20-2008, 05:38 PM   #3

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I've noticed it but most of the time it's been in pathing.  The pet appears to be ion the floor or underworld entirely and all the icons grey out but I can still use them.

A few times the pet was right next to me and the icons were greyd but I have still been able to use them.

Several times however things like fire pits and clickable objects are in between me and the pet and I cannot get line of sight to use them.  Notcied this alot in the thullosian area.  Even those little runes on the ground were enough to block line of sight until after I had harvested them.

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