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I just make some tests on the beta with the new infusers that we get from the keys.

potency and crit bonus : +22.5
ability mod : +3750

I also make some tests on some equipement that I got in solo zones that I infused with my plats

potency and crit bonus : +30
ability mod : +3000

Considering that we potentially could infuse 21 equipment slots that makes a total of:

potency and crit bonus : +1100
ability mod : +141.750

If we now apply the bonus from the prestige tree (8% total crit bonus and 8% total potency), if we assume that a player could "easily" get to +25 total crit bonus and +25 total potency with the deity points, and that we get a +13% total potency bonus with a level 10 ascension class that makes:

potency: 1100 + (8 + 25 + 13)% = 1600
crit bonus: 1100 + (8 + 25)% = 1460
ability mod : +141.750

Now if we compare to what we would get from the equipement (and adornements), I would say that we will reach the following values for a player with a good equipement, with the same bonus as above:

potency: 20.000
crit bonus: 3.300
ab mod: 350.000

That means that a player that fully infuse is equipement will get a bonus of:

potency: +8%
crit bonus: +44%
ab mod: +40%

Is that intended ?
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Adderall is a hell of a drug.
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