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The Personal Memoirs


Gumgan Bellum'Vir

Born to a mother who didn't want me (as she devoted herself to the Dismal Rage and Innoruuk) and a father who didn't care about me (as he was a Dreadnaught), I grew up in the streets of the Big Bend and the Sprawl.  Over the years, I grew to use my brain more than other trolls, it was that or die. 

At the age of nine, I was challenged to a fist fight with a full grown human and I left the human with a snapped neck.  An Orc Berserker saw this and grinned at the opportunity.  He trained me in the use of heavy armor, all varieties of weapons, and how to use my rage to help me fight.  At the age of twenty, I was forced by D'lere as well as many other able-bodied individuals to go to the Overlord's Island. 

I was taught a lot of skills there.  Survival, the meaning of unity, and what it meant to truly feel the adrenaline of battle.  After I discovered the taint of Qeynosian Infiltrators, he did his best to leave no survivors.  In a frenzy, I massacred well over a hundred as well as the leaders.  After Lucan heard word of my exploit, he sent a ship for me immediately.

I was immediately sent to the Ruins as a Freelance Agent.  I worked with the Freeport Militia to help cull the heavy influence.  Eventually, I got a title amongst the Freeportians as a Hunter of Orcs.  After that, I met a Paladin who didn't smite him down, but spoke to him.  Kelas Ky'nerik, an Iksar Paladin who had left the grasp of Lucan for a life as a Qeynosian spoke with him.  He spoke of freedom, safety, security and I was immediately intrigued.

Kelas converted me to the side of the light.  However, I would have to prove my loyalty to the Qeynosian people, especially after the Massacre of the Overlord's Island.  For months, I single-handedly cut down the infernal priests of the Dismal Rage, the bruisers of the Dreadnaughts, and saved several Qeynosian Spies and Soldiers from the Freeport Militia.

After I became a citizen of Qeynos, I enlisted in the Qeynos Guard.  I needed a way to live, the citizens didn't trust me as far as they could throw me and I was a natural warrior.  My XO was Knight-Captain Steelgaze, the ranking officer in all of the Guard save for the unseen Knight-Commander who was my Commanding Officer.  Over time, I grew to worship Mithaniel Marr with several other guards.

For months, I strived as a warrior.  Hundreds of foes of Qeynos were felled by blade, which got me promoted to the rank of Private (from Squire).  After that, Sergeant-at-Arms Ironcast sent me to the Feerrott with a four fresh squires.  We were sent there to search for Freeport Agents that had supposedly been slaying Qeynosian Settlers.  After we found them and killed them (As well as a small army of lizardmen) we returned home.

The squires were promoted to private, but I still had more work to do for my promotion.  I was then sent to the Temple of Cazic-Thule with the aid of several other privates and under the command of Knight-Captain Steelgaze and Sergeant-at-Arms Ironcast.  We wiped out the place of any and all life, save for our own.  Then we found Venekor.  With as much speed as possible, we escaped.

When we returned to Qeynos, Knight-Captain Steelgaze promoted me to Sergeant-at-Arms Bellum'Vir.  Under his command, I was sent to the Ruins to help push back the orcs in hopes of saving the squatters.  It was there that I saw the brutality that they were capable of.  Corpses that had been whipped to the point where there back seemed to have more dried blood than skin.  After freeing several squatters, I returned to Qeynos with them.

In Qeynos, the Knight-Captain gave me orders to go to the Orcish Wastes with a crack squad of soldiers and a Celestial Watch Missionary.  We headed to the Deathfyst Citadel and were ordered to leave no survivors.  Over a thousand orcs were felled that day and we all became known as Slayers of Orcs.  The Emperor lay decapitated in his throne-room.

The Green Hoods thanked us that day and made us each honorary members.  For the next year, I was doing simple duties (such as patrolling, training recruits, pushing back the gnolls).  It was the Knight-Commander himself who gave me the orders to head to Ro.  We were going with the same crack team of soldiers as well as a Celestial Watch Missionary of Marr.

We were sent to the Clefts, where we butchered most of the Rujarkian Orcs.  However, the General and the Advisor were absent from the Clefts visiting the Ruins to check up on their Lonetusk and Brokentusk Minions.  However, even though they didn't die it was still a mortal wound to the Orcs of Norrath.  With the Rujarkian Empire beaten and battered, they became less of a major threat and more of a nuisance.  We were written in book, song, and tale as the Destroyers of the Orcs.

When we returned to Qeynos, I was knighted and given the title of Knight-Captain.  The first troll in Qeynos history to ever recieve that title.  Although the bigots didn't particularly like me, they knew Queen Bayle trusted me with as one of the highest ranking military officials in all of Qeynos.  I had earned my status and had an army beneath me.  I moved to New Halas under orders of the Queen herself to serve as a bridge between the New Halasians and the Qeynosians. 

It was there I bought a tavern.  Over the past couple years, a bunch of people became permenant patrons.  Some beastly races such as Sirens and Aviaks, even a Ravasect named 'Trikeen' found a feeling of sanctuary there.  The enchanted scarecrows served as pianists and downstairs as interrogators of traitors and infiltrators.  The Dueling Room became a popular area for training, sparring, and watching the prisoners.

After I helped the New Halasians with a great many tasks and slaughtered a powerful beast, I was granted the title: "Rabid Wolf of the North" by the people.  I was proud of what I had done.  I had seen a great many adventures, went face-to-face with death more times than most people could imagine, and yet, my story isn't even close to over...

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