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The Soon to End Life and Times of Borbil McGubbins
Having numerous level capped/upper level characters and not feeling the ambition to grind another up there I've decided to try starting a new game and add a little spice by adding a few self-imposed limitations.  I've decided on a halfling swashbuckler beginning in Halas as I've not been through the new Halas quests in there entirety yet; and what better combination than the complimentary charm of halflings and swashbucklers?
1) Dead is dead.  While Borbil can be resurrected by any of the usual means, I cannot click the "revive" button to bring him back.  After a period of thirty minutes as a corpse, he will be considered to far gone for even a resurrection.
2) No twinking of any sort (including gifts).  Borbil's working completely from scratch.
3) Must eat and drink!  A long stretch without food or drink will be grounds to consider Borbil "dead".  I really don't anticipate this limitation as having much of an impact given food and drink's readily available state.
4) No use of "Call to city", "Call to guildhall", or "Call to Ro" (As if he'll live long enough to get that).
================================================== ==================================Adventure!  Freedom!  A quick kiss for mom and a handshake for dad and Borbil McGubbins is off to fame and fortune!  Spending every last copper on some chain linked clothes, a few rusty old kitchen knives and a ticket, I hopped aboard the first ship bound for Qeynos.   I remember it like it was yesterday (probably because it was).  The sea air was crisp, the gulls were chipper, the mince pie I'd wrapped up was delicious and the sky was a beautiful blue!  Except for the looming clouds in the distance, of course.  Life was indeed quite grand and a happier halfling in the whole of Norrath there was not.  Such was my sunny disposition that even when the dark clouds overtook our boat and tossed us about like billy dolls I, in true halfling mariner fashion, happily deposited the mince pie I had so enjoyed right into the ocean.
Some time later (and I've no idea how long) I found myself shivering awake  in the midst of a snow drift; my ship having apparently wrecked.  Now, one may believe this to be an unhappy predicament, and indeed I may have been inclined to so agree had not a vision of halfling beauty stood before me.  Up to my feet I was in a flash.  A moment spent to ensure my muttonchops were looking sharper than Trakanon's very own teeth and soon I was chatting up this beautiful, kind and considerate halfling lass.  Turning on all of my dashing charm it was inevitable that one thing would lead to another and before I knew it, I was off to speak to her friend over... wait what?!  Oh well.  I was commited now.  I was quite positive the friend is every bit the woman the last was.  The journey itself while quite short was long enough to demonstrate to me the folly of buying cold hard chainmail and having opted not to buy arm covering in the name of "mobility".  Perhaps though I could use this to my advantage.  Surely the beautiful friend of the sweet halfling lass would be as cold as I, and delighted to cuddle up by a warm fire.  Surely she would be...  
A barbarian.  Bugger.  Not just any barbarian, mind you, but a barbarian who insists I chase walking rocks and stab at them with my rusty little knives.  Try as I might, I simply could not reason with her that one does not stab a rock or that rocks do not move on their own.  I was just about to tell her where she might try and find some rocks moving on their own when she mentioned a bit about a reward.  Why hadn't she said this in the first place?  Off I went to scratch a few rocks with my rusty little knives to placate the large scary redheaded woman when, what's this?  Little rock like men wandering about.  Round one to the redhead.  They quite seemed to be minding their own business, but surely she would not have wanted them dead had they not been very dangerous.  So, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I charged forward bristling with my rusty little knife and low and behold the rock fell apart!  Victory! Bittersweet victory, however.  Round two to the redhead.  If my hat had survived the shipwreck I'd have eaten it right there.  I repeated the process a few times to ensure she would be quite pleased with my handywork and learned a few tricks along the way (like: it's easier to stab things from behind than it is from in front).
Proudly I returned to her with word my viscious rock slaying acts of heroism.  She fawned, of course (charming hero that I am), and asked me to now chase walking mushrooms.  After another rather long argument about mushrooms that are able to walk, round three went to the redhead as well.  It was going to be a very long day.
Borbil -- Level 3 Halfling Swashbuckler.  Currenly saving Frostfang sea, one man eating (own business minding) rock monster at a time.

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Sounds fun.  SMILEY

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Great concept, I will be watching.

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