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Carnagh wrote:

Cronon wrote:However, I grouped with a swashie on Friday in Nest and he was the same level as me. He was laying waste to me. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 while I was doing 450. When I mentioned the disparity (and I have all masters and A3's at this point), they said they don't have any group buffs either and that Swashie's should be in T1 as well. I'm pretty ignorant of the Swashie, but something doesn't smell right. Why haven't they been mentioned. Everyone seems to focus on casters.Not looking for a nerf of swashie's. I'm just asking the question. Has anyone else noticed being outDPSed by Swashie? That shouldn't be happening if we are close in terms of LEQoS (level, equipment, quality of spell), should it?

The meaningful comparison currently is between a Swashbuckler and and Assassins.

There are Rangers reporting being out dpsed by a broad swathe of classes because currently they have issues... so I'm not sure what the special case here with a Swashbuckler is.

And, we've no idea if you suck or not. Lots of really badly played toons were able to hide behind a stelar dps output on the Ranger pre-nerf and now their dps is in the sewer while some of their peers are reporting significantly better dps. I figure there's a better than evens chance this is so in this case as I maintain Ranger meleeing alone produces damage output just shy of a Swashbuckler.

In short... have any Swashbucklers been out dpsing Rangers at the moment?... yes... what rock have you been under?

Wow... did you put me in my place or what? I wouldn't say my DPS is in the sewer. I'm DPSing higher than many of the Rangers I've grouped with and I'm comparing to a lot of the DPS numbers I've seen posted in this forum. I would say that the case is not that I have a poorly played toon. I was playing my toon long before Rangers got any significant DPS, and wasn't doing badly, so you can put that away right there. What rock have I been unders? I said I hadn't grouped with a swashie before and I've not read anything in the forums about them. Where does everyone get the supreme attitude from? My god.
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I'm at work right now so having a hard time accessing some things, but:


When they nerfed proc rates for all proc items, I assume they took away our ability to multiproc on ca's such as triple fire and storm?  If this is so I am quite certain that I would like to see it put back in since there are seperate rolls on the triple fire to see what hits and misses.  Also we are not spending 1 arrow for triple, we spend 3, hence we should have multiple procs, since each is counted seperately. 

Another skill I would like looked at would be trap?  The one we got in DOF with the 3 minute reuse aoe root, restore it  back to what it was pre lu20 it was quite useful, but not much anymore that I can tell unless yer dead on when the mobs path through.  And we all know EQ2 has, and will always have pathing problems.

I also agree that the two ca's that where mentioned in an earlier post triple fire and ? should have had just a bit of an increase.

I really wish we had a true upgrade for cheap shot that works for all mobs except epic no  matter how many arrows up or down it  has, and that the length of time would also be the same.  If this makes us overpowered, at lower levels, make it so that you don't get the 6 seconds until you get adept 3 or master 1 etc of it.

I've been watching alot of the changes unfold and I am pretty happy with most of it, though looking at the AA nerf the 4 sec root/stun whatever is really disheartening.  I use cheap shot as much as possible and becomes very helpful in a tight pinch.  most of the time 4 seconds is not enough to survey your surroundings for adds, step back and take a bowshot.  This is where cheap shot has excelled in my book, I have plenty of time to step away and take 2-3 shots, or step through the mob and use a combo. 

Alot of the content starting with DOF and becoming much more prevalent in KOS is the use of up and down arrow mobs there are tons of solo mobs running around with one arrow up, which makes cheap shot useless, I can do blue ones, but no way can I do a white.  I've tried doing solo writs that are requiring me to go and kill 15 of these white con 1 arrow up mobs, and they are virtually impossible.  Though I have also beenable to barely solo a yellow con 1 arrow up mob.  Mob types after the KOS expansion and lu20 are very very hard to discern and we are stuck with picking and choosing our targets very carefully, which in turn most mob types are not advertised until they close with you and beat you to crap.


Anyway just my 2 cents on things.

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