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I fully understand physical mit, arcane mit, elemental mit, etc. What is the new Combat Mitigation buff that mobs have all about? I see some classes will be able to debuff it. How important will these debuffs be ? What are some numbers we can look out for ? Thank you in advance.
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Good questions.

The combat mit debuffs and debuffs in general are crucial in Kunark Ascending (we discovered just how important in testing). They will determine if you fight the mob for 2 minutes or 15 minutes. I can only speculate past that. All Kunark Ascending heroic and raid mobs have 8000+ combat mit.

I'd love to know how fast the mobs regenerate the combat mit after it's removed; or if they even do.

As far as I know brigs and swashies have the highest number of debuff potential. Not sure on recast. So if the mob has 8k and a brig and swash debuff it 3 times each (hypothetically) that's only around 300 combat mit removed. Seems pretty ineffective to me. If everyone has the Greenmist equipped, that's maybe another 500-600 on a 10 minute raid encounter? Ascension classes maybe another 50? You can clearly see it on the parse when it happens. But the numbers don't seem to match the 8k combat mit. Meaning, a little goes a long way.

It would be nice if Caith or Kander would give us a better idea of how combat mit works.
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