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I went and picked up the earrings and charm to test and right away noticed a few issues. First off on inspection all the earrings were Greater Relic tag. I equipped the Etherealist first (class I had active) I then tried to equip the charm just to see if two greater relics were allowed and low and behold it equipped. Confused, I hovered over the earring and it was changed to normal Mythical. I tried to do this with the Elementalist ear next and it kept its Greater tag. Now in my inventory I have all four Mythical earrings. all but Elementalist is flagged as normal Mythical. I am guessing this is a bug and all 4 should have a normal tag.

Earring Screenshot showing one as Greater

My second concern is with the charm's Greater tag. This is a reward that is supposed to come after all four classes are maxed which could be upwards of 8-10 months or longer if you miss double events. There are talks that Epic 2.0 may be Greater flagged to force a choice on the Myth Hammer but if it is a choice between the charm and epic 2.0 I doubt anyone will choose the charm if the epics are as strong as they are supposed to be. I feel like with how long it will take to get all four classes maxed out this charm should be a normal Mythical.

My final issue as stated in another post is the four hour recast of the charms ability. While it is pretty cool to have a 20% bump to Ascension abilities damage that lasts for five minutes, the terribly long recast almost makes this pointless. One wrong pull and the effect is wasted for an entire raid. Additionally, even if you don't get it dropped by a wipe with how long the recast time is on Ascension abilities is you will still only be able to cast each ability 1-2 times during this five minute window. I suggest making this like the mushroom clicky and have it persist for three hours and only use-able every eighteen hours. If this 20% is too much to have active for that amount of time with master tier abilities +, drop it down 10% or something more in line with an actual upgrade but that is also a usable piece. The 20% recast still makes this item a great upgrade to grind for if the Greater Relic tag is dropped, but as it sits the clicky is basically an epeen flex for one fight a raid.
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if the charm stays GREATER RELIC ist definitiv no target to be worth for grinding 4x lv 10 ascendions, but it's a long long time for changing it Wink
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