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It was a dreary day in Antonica, and it didn't appear that it would change as the day wore on. Harbormaster Larra looked around the small dock that she was in charge of and sighed, this posting was a punishment for taking several verbal liberties with the captain of the Qeynosian guard. The only thing or person she had seen in days was a party of adventurers heading out to make their fortune in the land. She smiled at that for most didn't come back, but this party did. About an hour after they landed here they came running at full sprint and screaming their heads off. Several in fact didn't even realize that they reached the docks and had run right into the cold water. That made her smile even more. Larra was snapped out of her reflections now by the roar of a large cat and the barking of a dog. She looked up to see the pure white dog loping towards her. She was a little startled by that, but was out right terrified by what was behind the dog. It was a very large battle cat, a Prowler as they had been known to be called and this one was being ridden by a person. Larra tensed and began to calling to mind the few meager spells she knew and realized that none of them would help her in this case.

The prowler came thundering down the dock with the dog in the lead, and the small group came to a sudden halt before Larra with the cat rearing up and roaring. The rider dismounted , patted the cats neck and whispered in its ear. The cat seemed to nod and walked to the other side of the dock, the rider made a hand signal to the dog and it immediately sat down with its eyes scanning the way they had come for any sign of pursuit.

Larra now got a better look at the rider and was surprised to see what looked like a human boy, then she saw the ears. Slightly pointed ans she realized that this must be a half-elf. He walked with confidence and an air of danger. “Hail there stranger!! where ya be heading??” she said and he walked towards her. He was wearing well maintained Etched leather armor with a carbonite short sword at each hip and a long bow in his left hand. He looked as though he could use them all with proficiency.

He had spent several months roaming the lands that lay just outside of Qeynos, having been hired by the royal guards to do detailed recon of the gnolls in the land. Now that task was finished and it was time to go home for some well deserved rest. However he had one stop to make first. Looking out over the water he nodded at the keep on the island a bit off the coast, turned back to Larra and said “that keep there.” Larra gasped “you can't be serious?? that keep was just taken over by the Dragons !” “Dragons?” he asked, puzzled for that wasn't what he has heard in recent weeks. “err um.. the Legacy of Draconis I mean” she stammered. The stranger smiled at her “yes.. then that is most definitely the place I wish to go.” She looked at him more closely now and guessed that his age might be about 40, still young for a half-elf and asked “what business could you possibly have there??”

Now he smiled warmly and talking in a friendly voice that put Larra at ease “That's my new home... I am Raddison, Ranger of Draconis, and I hear that there” he pointed over his shoulder at the island “ is now Legacy Keep”

Rangers Lead the Way !!
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