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Ok, I've looked @ all 6 mage pages. The left-right trees make sense to warlocks/wizards/conjs/necros. I'll not comment on the left/right tree for Illy/Coercer. The endlines for Warlock and Wizard (Gift of Bertox/Surge of Ro) and Group Power Regen on using our self mana regen spell are extremely weak. Additionally, Conj's and Necro's get better endlines in those sections. +Group Max Health and +Group Max Power temps will boost Soul Burn, Life Burn, and Mana Burn, but Warlocks will not see an offensive boost from these buffs.That means for balancing purposes, the other 3 mages will gain more dps from Prestige points 11-25 compared to WarlocksIt is hard to balance this the way the Prestige Points Page works. I could toss out some suggestions, but Warlocks already regen power to the group with Dark Siphoning. I'd like to see something to replace our Mana Regen Prestige ability worth taking that also compensates for the boosts that the other 3 dps mages get from the +Max Health +Max Power temps.

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