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I am not looking to start any riots over any feedback I leave in the post, I wont argue my cases or anything, these are just my thoughts and specific things I found after the first day of playing. I will check back incase any clarification is needed.


Brief Description: Podiums off the ground
Zone and Location(/loc): Arcanna`se Spire : Revealed
Quest: Kunark Ascending : Beyond the Veil
Severity: Cosmetic
Frequency: Always Happens
Detailed Description: The podiums are not on the ground like id assume they should be
Two are off the ground at (-119,3,-40)
One off the ground at (-113,3,-132)
Brief Description: During Quest- Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil Got zoned into Arcanna`se Spire Revealed Early
Zone and Location(/loc): In Thalumbra
Quest: Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil
Severity: Annoying (Affects game play)
Frequency: Happened once, haven't tested again
Detailed Description: While working on this quest a group member, completed the step and zoned into Arcanna`se Spire: Revealed. It zoned me into my own zone unprompted while I was 6/8 gathering Blushing Umbrite. It allowed me to do the entire zone until I arrived at the large red crystal, where I realized a dev wasnt utilizing me to test a solo zone. LOL
Brief Description: Gazebo off the ground
Zone and Location(/loc): Obulus Frontier (674,-133,-664)
Severity: Cosmetic
Frequency: Always Happens
Detailed Description:
I can see through the bottom of this gazebo
Brief Description: No Group wide update, in fact if some one in group got it and it made the update unavailable to the rest of us.
Zone and Location(/loc): Obulus Frontier (707,-154,-665)
Quest: Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
Severity: Time Consuming for those questing in a group
Frequency: Always Happens
Detailed Description:
We were working in a group on this part of the quest, any time some one clicked the pylon, every one else would have to zone out and back in to be able to click the pylon also. This only negatively impacted us on the first click of the Pylon not the second.
Brief Description: Hierophant Prime Jarrakas, typo
Zone and Location(/loc): Obulus Frontier (625,254,1336)
Quest: Kunark Ascending: A Chosen Weapon
Severity: Typed error
Frequency: Always Happens
Detailed Description:
When receiving the quest Kunark Ascending: A Chosen Weapon, first choice in the final part of the dialog says "I have found it pointless to fight fate (exp13_sig_x6 offered)"


Feedback Summary: Two types of magma elementals but only one updates quest
Zone and Location: Obulus Frontier (610,203,738)
Severity: Just confusing
Frequency: Always
Feedback Description: When working on the quest "Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer", you are given a task to kill "Magma elementals", there are two mobs named "a magma elemental" in the same area. Only the mobs down in the lava update, the flying ones do not.
Suggested Change: Either change the name of the flying mobs -OR- make it so both mobs update the quest
Positive Impact: Less Confusion
Negative Impact: I cant see one
Feedback Summary: Umbrites are hard to see in Sig. Quest
Zone and Location: Thalumbra, around Kralet Zone in
Severity: Causes major frustration
Frequency: Often
Feedback Description: When working on the quest "Kunark Ascending: Beyond the veil", the Umbrites cannot be located until they are within 10 meters sometimes worse. I play at extreme quality with an I7-6700, 32 GB ram and SLI 980 GTX Video cards. Multiple people in guild had this issue also.
Positive Impact: -
Negative Impact: -
Feedback Summary: New Features Unavailable in Custom User Interface
Zone and Location: N/A
Severity: Severe
Frequency: Depends on User Interface
Feedback Description: People utilizing custom UIs have trouble obtaining updates for those UIs, it would be nice to give us an easier work around if at all possible.
Suggested Change: Make these tools available through the EQ2 Drop down feature, like you did with the Deity button.
Positive Impact: Folks with old User Interfaces will have more accessibility to new features, instead of waiting for third party, third party players to bandage it.
Negative Impact: I realize that there are many UIs, and there may not be a Universal answer.
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