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There isn't really a good place to put this, so I'm going to throw it here.

Without having the ability to test it, I'm going to bet on this being broken. I'm guessing on every single encounter (and there are a ton of them) that when you use power you take damage, that damage is going to trigger these and you lose an increment. Basically making the whole lot of Prestige abilities based on this useless, because they are going to be gone in no time flat. If you really want them to function like this, there should be a damage threshold before it fires, something like 25% of hp.

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Even if the increment reduction only occurs when dmg taken is > 25% max HP then you'll still see yourself losing an increment almost every time you are hit with an auto attack or and AE from a raid mob.  I'm pretty sure the dmg procs on mobs will be eating away at the increments hence auto attacks from raid mobs will strip increments rather quickly.  

Think of it this way... most crusaders have higher HP than Guardians... and look at everything that gets past DA in raid zones...  For the increments to last for any significant period of time you'll either have to not be getting hit (which makes the dmg reduction pointless), or significantly raise the threshold for an increment to be consumed if not remove this "feature" completely.  

Personally I'd be a fan of the increment reduction "feature" being removed completely.  I'd even be willing to say it'd be fair to just reduce the dmg reduction by 1/2 so that it would cap at 3% per increment thus granting the Guard 9% dmg reduction.  Unless I read something incorrectly since I believe it was stated that the effect can only increment 3 times... unless that was on top of the original 1 for the ability...  I haven't lvled my guard on beta yet to test this.  However, if you were allowed 4x the effect then you'd get 12% dmg reduction with my proposal which is still within reason imho.  

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