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Well the jolly one has dropped in depositing a nice little gift for MMODomination.com .  For quite some time I have been saying/promising/hoping to put in a search engine on my site along with an item database.   I'm proud to say that MMODomination.com is now equiped with a search function.  As a present from me I have added in 20+ items to my brand new item database folder.  As many will see I have included the "item Code" from EQ2 and a picture of the item from in game.  I will be continuously updating the item database when I have time. 

A link to the new search engine can be found on the front page in the december update/news.

As an extra present with the incomming search function I have modified existing files.  Instead of seeing Home, Quest, or Quests displayed as the title you'll now see the name of the file itself in the title.  This will help you out when trying to find what you want on my site instead of fumbling around clicking on everything.  

Here's Hoping Everyone has a happy holiday this year. 

FAQ Guide:

What is an "Item Code":

In EverQuest 2 each item you obtain/gain or already have has a code on it.  This code shows up if you use the guild chat program or if you use the /log function.  If you copy and paste this code into your chat bar in EQ2 it will generate a link to the item. 

Why is it a big deal for you to rename the titles on your site:

Unfortunately when I was making my site I used a "Template" file that I had created with the help of the community.  At the time when I did not have the search function I payed no attention to the function.  However now that the search function is in the is used to name the file for the search function. So when your search results came up and I had not renamed the files it would say Home, Quests, Quest, and other stuff such as that. 

Now that they are renamed you can have an easier time finding what you need. 

I found a file that says Home, Quest, Quests, etc... what do I do?:

If you find a file of that name you can email me at [email protected] stating you found a file named that.  After that copy the address and paste it into the subject of the email then send it off.  I'll quickly fix the problem as soon as I receive the information.

How do I use the search function?:

The search function for my site isn't super complex and all you have to do is type in the text you want then click search.  It will search my site for information and if it finds the information it feels is valid it will display it in the search results window.  You can modify the search function to be simple or sensitive whichever you feel is best.

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