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I am dual boxing two characters. One character can't get any Orc Smuggler Requisition to drop to initiate the language quest "An Order of Orc Tongue". This quest is not listed under my completed quests, and I don't have Orcish available to select as a language to speak in. They dropped for other character frequently, and whenever I'd try to loot with the problem toon I'd get "this corpse containts nothing you can loot". It's almost as if the game thinks I'm finished the quest, but I'm not. Now that the working toon is finished I have killed about 100 orcs not a single one has dropped.

Anyone know whats up? Should I petition?

I wouldn't care except you need to know Orcish about half way through the Zek timeline and I am not leaving that AA behind SMILEY


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I'm not 100% certain on this but it sounds as though the alt who can't collect the pages may have one somewhere in the bank or perhaps in the house vault.  If you have one from some earlier time and just accidentally put it away this will stop any further pages from being available.

I've had this happen too and it took ages to find when I had to look through every possible location.

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yep, you have a requestion somewhere in your inventory, bank, house vault, etc. you need to find it and examine it to start the quest, then more will drop

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