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Old 12-31-2011, 04:28 PM   #1

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Ok, this has been a problem since the mercs came out. I was raid leader, I made the 4 groups to begin with, invited till my group got full then tried to move people around to develop a full raid. Error: Can't move people between groups that have a mercenary. I did not see any mercs out or next to their owners, but still got the message.  I had to try and get people in the other groups to invte to their respective grps. The error does NOT say who it is who has the merc out, or I would have booted that one person.  Just like in some quests if you have a merc out, your merc is not allowed in, this should be the same way in a pq, if the merc is out, can't join. Once in can't pull it out. Because we tried to work around this problem the raid was only 3/4 full it diminished our rewards and we got an ornate chest.  This needs to be addressed.  Is there a work-a-round for this merc problem???? No matter who I tried to move in my group, I got the error, and they all said they didn't have their merc out......any ideas?

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Welcome Beta - Live style... um j/k

Ive had this happen several times at RW.  Not sure if everyone needs to drop mercs before setting the raids fully, not sure why they would bring mercs to RW unless its that dead of a zone, but regardless...

It does seem really odd if there is 1 merc in the raid you can't switch any one around even if it's one person to an open slot.

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It is not just PQ's and Ring war but any raid. Any time you get merc in a multiple group set up the raid window bugs and you can't move people.

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