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Level 89

wife leveled me about 9 levels a few expansions ago, but I stopped raiding at least 3-4 expansions ago easy.

I think my alts are in the 70-80 range Sk & Coercer, but even less AA

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I don’t think starting over would be needed. As link as you like the class and race of your character. work on getting our AA up and your level up. Gear will come from questing in the Waking Lands or the new expansion when it comes out. If you want a place to start looking an AA spec to work from…. Done use the one I am using, there are something you would want to change for Pre raid geared characters. for the beginning I would recommend you start with an AA spec like this. when you get better gear you can move AA out of some Agro things into CB and other things, but Agro will be hard in the beginning. http://beetny.com/eq2aa/#GU63;ct250...t300a00aa08a001
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