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Starting a Focus Effects bugs and feedback thread.

Moving the traits into the focus effects seems like a good idea however physical mit was not included with it.  Physical mit was really the only good choice when choosing resist traits as it is much harder to come by than spells resists.  Would be nice to have this included.

Will these focus effects be added to alternate setups placed in a mirror?  It would be nice to spawp out certain effects depending on what you are doing.

Focus: Stalwart is very underwhelming at only 5% chance to resist; would be nice if bumped up to 8-10%.Focus: Speed is also a little underwhelming and would be nice if increased a little bitOther generic foci are set to reasonable amounts without making them must haves.


Focus: Death Swarm has a 5% critical chance reduction on it.  With mobs that no longer crit why is it still this way?  I know it can be useful in PVP but why not change it to decrease potency by 5% to make it viable in all settings.

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