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Old 11-01-2012, 05:36 PM   #1

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The Sig line in Eidolon Jungle is broken. The quest, Power to the Tower requests that you "Speak with Zeeil at the newly restored Tower of Drinal" but Zeeil is no where to be found. There is no way to progress on the quest.

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As said here, Zeeil is invisible but he's within the tower. type /target Zeeil and then "h" and you should be able to progress

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Issue is that the tower is an object that has to load. If Zeeil loads before the tower, he spawns on the ground below. Then the tower pops in on top of him. Fun times, no? I just flagged him top stay where he spawns (and not drop to the ground), so hopefully after next update he'll stop doing that.

In the meantime, as Whilhelmina mentioned, you can /target zeeil near the eastern edge of the tower and hit "h".

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