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The Beta Buff Bauble will now increase your adventure level to 100 and your Alternate Advancement points to 350.
Oliver in theTranquilSeawill now buff your tradeskill class to 100, and grant you the advanced recipescrolls for your profession upon request.
Fixed a bug that was causing a client crash when adventuring in the new island zones.
Fixed a bug that was causing a zone crash in the new island zones.

New amenities have been added for level 100 guilds.

Castle Highhold [Solo] and [Advanced Solo]
Reduced Gudre Blackhand's damage reduction debuff by half, and it only reduces physical damage now.
Grimling Poison inflicts less damage now.
Curse of Vyanemis no longer reduces casting speed.

Castle Highhold: Thresinet's Den
Thresinet should no longer appear to change targets when casting Flesh Decay.
Thresinet's Spinneret Strike and Extract Life should pose a greater threat.
Kladnog Shralok no longer heals when attacked with noxious damage.
Wrek Shralok's incrementing buff, Shralok Surge, no longer increments riposte chance.

Ssraeshza Temple [Heroic]

Unatu's Demolish will no longer damage you if you are stunned by his ability, Stonewalled.

Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack [Heroic]
Salty Dan should no longer teleport away and break the encounter.
Brokenskull Guards in the Triage Medic encounter should no longer be quite as formidable.

Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls [Solo and Advanced Solo]
Lady Bipsie no longer calls for backup.

Added a resurrection and evac point to Ossuary of Malice [Contested].
Fixed an issue where Ossuary: Resonance of Malice [Solo] had a level 107 NPC.

Tempered Body is currently disabled on beta. It will be replaced soon(tm).

Divine Waters should now properly apply the Divine Wave effect at the correct increment amount.

The Altar of Malice tradeskill beta achievement now requires 23 quests, not 25.
Harvesters (guildhall, goblin, and pony) no longer return mangosteen, and do return hylocereus fruit.
Most spell and recipescrolls are now stackable.
Corrected several issues with Conjuror Grandmaster recipes above level 80.
Tranquil armor recipes now point to the correct level reward.

In "A Deino Saved is a Deino Earned," trapped deinos should now consistently be able to be examined.
Shattered Seas: Refuge Return - The Greymast clues at Crestrider'sStrandhave a larger use distance.
Shattered Seas: Chasing Greymast - Karrabukk responds willingly now, as does Charr, if you have completed their quests prior to having this quest.
Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - Quest now works in bothBrokensullBay: Bilgewater Falls [Solo] and [Advanced Solo].
Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - an Agent ofFreeport& an Agent of Qeynos now given level appropriate buffs and weapons.
Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - Pella Saltbreeze now carries the appropriate quest feather.
Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands -Pella's directions toSouth Dshinnare more accurate now.
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