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Fixed an issue where the animation for Praetor Pheris Bonewall and the damage were not properly synced.

Zavith'loa: The Hidden Caldera [Solo, Advanced Solo], and [Heroic]
Added an exit widget (a pteranodon) after defeating the Fiery Effigy.

Zavith'loa: The Hidden Caldera [Solo]
Pterotrainer Yu'lua no longer summons his bird pets as rapidly. He will not summon more than two at a time.
High Priest Hamanu'akaloa now summons his elemental adds at specific health percents, instead of on a timed basis. He now heals the adds, not himself. This should make him less punishing to low dps characters.
Fiery Effigy of Clotl'thoa received a number of changes to make him easier for low dps characters. His advanced solo difficulty has not been altered.

Unda Arcanus Spiritus now also increases its damage based on the caster's Doublecast chance. It now has no cast time and no recovery time.
Skull Focii and World Ablaze now use ability modifier and can trigger procs.
Soulshot's heal now applies to the channeler's group.
Marauder's Vaunt now persists through death.
Shadow will now properly apply damage through the duration of the spell.
Berserker Rampage will now trigger when using non-physical weapons.

Wild Beating now has a 10 meter radius.
Shiftiness now deals damage and has the threat values increased.
Holy and Unholy Warding are now group effects.
Bulwark of Mana has had its recovery time, health and power costs halved.
New Prestige Abilities have their visuals attached.
Earthshock now deals 5 times the damage. It now taunts for 20% of the caster's health per increment.
Boneshattering Combination now deals 5 times the damage. It now taunts for 40% of the caster's health per increment.
Vital Trigger now deals 5 times the damage. It now taunts for 30% of the caster's health per increment.

Devour now can be cast on the move.

Impenetrable now grants immunity to strikethrough while active.

Mastercrafted armor potency and critbonus have been lowered to be more in line with heroic gear progression.
Resists have been adjusted on all accessories
A merchant has been placed in the South Seas that is displaying several examples of Altar of Malice gear.
Raffik's quests will no longer leave the following items behind in your bags: Adornment of Pirate Energy; Charm of Expertise; Brew of Readiness. The quest reward book for "Castaway!" now requires level 10 to scribe, not level 100. And the "Essence of the Zephyr" reward recipe will now scribe. Note: the recipes in these books are still not yet available however.
Raffik's recipe for the Brew of Readiness now actually uses the flowers you pick to make it as an ingredient.
The Abandoned Isle for Raffik's questline should now properly put everyone into their own instance of the zone.
Wanderer's Dock on Kithicor Island now has a fuel merchant.

PvP Adornments will now work on a PvP Server, or a BG server, but will not apply their benefits on a PvE server.
PvE Adornments will now work on a PvP Server, PvE server, but will not apply their benefits on a Battleground server.

Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor - The Bloody Kithicor Phylactery can now only be used on a defeated spirit, and only once per target.
Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor - Calmseas' Blessed Salt can now only be used on a defeated Teir'Dal spirit, and only once per target.
Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - A chest of booty now drops the evidence of the Far Seas Traders.
Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot - The Agent of Qeynos / Agent of Freeport no longer aggro and lock on other group members when initially spawned.
Deino-bite! - steam wurm mud mounds are now only seen on the appropriate step of the quest.
Shattered Seas: Revelations in Highhold - The body of Duke Jaesten Ferrin will no longer spam you with notice of his death.
Touch of the Undead - Players will no longer see double bodies.
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