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Oliver will now grant advanced adornments volume 11 when asked for dropped recipes.

A new option to disable automatic auto-attacks has been added to the Auto Attack Mode section of the Options menu in the Character window. Please mail delicious baked goods to...
Corrected an issue where the numbers displayed in the spell examine information for wards were not receiving the full benefits of ability modifier.
Fixed a rare issue where Guild achievement data could become corrupt.

Castle Highhold: No Quarter [Raid]
This zone has been enabled within the Phantom Seas. The zone in requires someone in your raid to have defeated the Crumbling Icon within the Molten Pools to access.

Castle Highhold [All Versions]
Gudre Blackhand's grimling vialtossers should no longer continue attacking you after evacuating or reviving.
Smouldering Combustion will now trigger reactives.

Sailing the Phantom Sea- Altar of Malice quest achievement added.
Tranquil Sea- Altar of Malice quest achievement added.
Shattered Seas - Altar of Malice quest achievement added.
95th Season Adventurer - Incremental adventure level achievement added.
100th Season Adventurer - Incremental adventure level achievement added.
100th Ranked Artisan - Incremental tradeskill level achievement added.
Herd Master - Incremental mount collection achievement added.
Raising Your Potential - Incremental AA achievement added.
The Shiny Eyed Monster - Incremental collection quest achievement added.
Quest Obsessed - Incremental quest achievement added.
Mission Controller - Incremental mission quest achievement added.
Magnificent Signature Stalker - Incremental signature quest achievement added.
Resplendent Signature Chaser - Incremental signature quest achievement added.
Monumental Signature Pursuer - Incremental signature quest achievement added.

Uplifting Effects can now only be triggered by the wearer. The trigger chance is multiplied by the number of players in the wearer's raid. This change was made as part of server optimizations to reduce latency and increase gameplay performance.

Xiocite Lodaka Buckler is now correctly a mastercrafted recipe.
Marauders Vaunt may now be crafted by jewelers.
Xiocite accessories have been added to advanced jeweler recipe scrolls.
The wandering guard in the Mistmoore’s Research Library no longer gives any XP (or loot). He is also meaner looking, but there is now a clearer warning and hiding place.
The research notes in Mistmoore’s Research Library are now available on both stage 2 and stage 3 of the quest, in case you need more. Also their positioning has been adjusted.
The Duality’s notebook locations have been adjusted somewhat to accommodate people who don’t float in the air all day like the Duality does.
Strange though it may seem, after 10 years vulriches now drop vulrich meat when killed.
Young Spiteweed can now be tracked using Track Harvestables.
Pickles for “Sour Tooth” no longer clutter up your inventory.
Tunarean trumpetflowers have been repositioned around the Blessed Knoll to match the terrain update.
You should no longer have trouble harvesting them.
Far Seas bookcases are no longer large enough to be used as halfling bunkbeds. Disappointed halflings, please ask your local carpenter for proper bedding.
Corrected some missing quest text in “In A Pickle”
If you completed “Better Barricades” from Quartermaster Robbins but did not accept “Return to Refuge”, she should now offer it again.
Pack ponies, harvesting goblins, and guildhall harvesters now return more cadmium ore and less iodocus, also fewer fish.
Iodocus ore is now called iodocus cluster (and corrected all recipes that used the old name)
The site marker for the explosives for “D.I.R.T.Y. Explosives” should now be more visible against darker ground
Gnorbert’s backpack is now larger, closer, and covered with giant white sparkles.
Gnorbert’s exploding barrel no longer affects anybody but the person who sets it off.
The quest “Shipwrecked!” now helpfully also includes the message in the bottle. If you already got the quest and did not get the bottle, delete the quest then re-read the in-game mail to get the quest again, hopefully now with bottle attached.

Many quests offered in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea now also have house item rewards.
Ceremonial Vestments and Condiments - The Allu'thoa High Shaman Illusion now suspends mounts, and gives a 30% ground speed buff.
Taking the Thunder Pass- Map regions are now highlighted.
Taking the Thunder Pass- Players can no longer get stuck within the pygmy spear-walls as they place them.
Field Bandage - Map regions are now highlighted.
Crew Cuts and Bruises - Map regions are now highlighted.
To Cast a Trap - Map regions are now highlighted.
Allu'thoa Abduction - Map regions are now highlighted.
Ceremonial Vestments and Condiments - Map regions are now highlighted.
In Remembrance of Grugz - Map regions are now highlighted.
Procuring Armor Plates - Map regions are now highlighted.
Deino-bite! - Map regions are now highlighted.
Toxic Troubles - Map regions are now highlighted.
Zaveta's Blade Runner - Map regions are now highlighted.
Caustic Collection - Map regions are now highlighted.
Redoubt About It - Map regions are now highlighted.
Zaveta's Treasure Hunt - Map regions are now highlighted.
Plagued With Questions - Striped sharpfins have been added as possible quest targets.
Touch of the Undead - Spell description of Corpse Run is now accurate.
Clerical Error - Text now identifies the quest targets as "Highhold clerics."
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