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Equipping an equipment set will no longer unequip a quiver in the ammo slot, if one exists. This will eliminate errors where the system was seemingly trying to equip a random item at times.

Brokenskull Bay: Bosun's Private Stock [Heroic]
Erroneous exit widget removed.

Ossuary: Resonance of Malice [Heroic]
Bosses have been tuned to have correct damage and health.

Tradeskill Prestige Points should now be purchasable.
TheFarSeasship’s wheel now mounts on the wall correctly.
The final quest from Robbins now grants an additional reward.
There is now a fuel merchant on the Isle of Refuge, beside the mender.
The red collectible on the dock of the Isle of Refuge has been reprimanded and relocated to the beach where it can no longer taunt crafters by being unharvestable.
The damaged notes for Skrit’s Repairing the Records quest now remain harvestable until you have successfully crafted the repaired notes, just in case you need more.
Dogwood shrubs and tunarean trumpetleaf plants are now no value, just in case any harvesting profiteers got any clever resale ideas.
The Pygmy Charm house item now mounts on the ceiling.
The Empty Far Seas Bookcase no longer thinks it’s a wall-mounted item.
The waterlogged boom should now be found among in theTranquilSeasred collectibles.
The healing poultice you make for Rescuing the Ratonga should no longer end up in your inventory.
Taking Stock of the Strangeness no longer requires the Twisted Sentience.
Northward Bound completion text should no longer give an error.
There was an issue where several quest recipes required level 96 to scribe, not level 95, so if you obtained the quest at level 95 you would not get the recipe, breaking the quest. All quest recipes should now require only level 95.
Most of the recipes required by daily and weekly missions were asking for fuel types that do not actually exist. This has been corrected.
Altar of Malice harvestables have their final icons.
Armorsmith shields now have icons and apperances.
Plate Breastplates now have apperances.
Corrected several provisioner typos.
All Alchemist potions should now require more Alchemy and less Jewelcrafting.
Several spell recipes now have the correct finished product.
All woodworker recipes should now correctly use sandpaper.
Quartermaster Robbins should now tell you to wait till next week once you complete a weekly mission.
There are new tradeskill quests available a short while once you have finished the questline ending at Quartermaster Robbins. Keep an eye on your in-game mail.
“Spiteweed Brew” now uses candles as fuel rather than kindling
If you delete Hyggin’s quest “Shopping List” you should now be able to get it from Hyggin again.
The runner for Skrit’s daily mission “Grim Runnings” has relocated to near the dig site, and no longer continues moving when he’s stunned flat on his back. He may also occasionally drop an additional item.

The priest starting prestige abilities now increase maximum health instead of physical mitigation. The class restriction has been lifted.

Xiocite Terrus Tower Shield and Xiocite Deathwatch Tower Shield now have icons and appearances.
Mythical Cloaks from Plane of War can now only be used below level 96. Upgrades to select cloaks will be found within the Altar of Malice raids.

Touch of the Undead - Group mates that have already completed this quest will no longer be targeted with the "corpse run" spell.
Touch of the Undead - If you helped a group member complete this quest, and were stuck with the spell "corpse run" approaching Waulon Highpebble at the Wanderer's Dock on Kithicor Island will resolve the issue.
Added more ROIs toTranquilSeaoverland quests.
Aillena Belzia should only offer "Pushing Ahead" if "Falling Out" and "What ARE Those Things" (Clackwhinge and Shortspanner quests) are complete.
Quest feathers and books should be more accurate throughout the Death Weave Isle questlines.
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