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Added texture quality options to the patcher's "Game Configuration" program.

Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea now have speed buff waterspouts in-between Islands to help with travel.

Mass Production will no longer give you multiple quest updates while "Repairing the Records".
The books on the Abandoned Isle should now be visible from farther away.
Carnivore dens on the Abandoned Isle no longer contain tuber strands.
Alchemist level 97 tradeskill writs now require appropriate numbers of potions.
Essence of the Zephyr recipescroll can now be scribed at level 80 rather than 90.
The Clockwork Salvager Stun recipe now uses level 30-39 harvests
The recipe scrolls rewarded by Raffik’s quests are now consistently no trade and no value (although they still do not contain their final recipes).
The weaponsmith recipe for the tranquil rapier of the deathwatch is now correctly named.
Fishing nodes have been increased in the North and South Seas.
Increased tradeskill quest experience rewards.

Coggin Body Shots - All Malefic Quartz spawn above ground now.
Flora Versus Undead Fauna - Added casting animation to Rune of Aggressive Growth.
Flora Versus Undead Fauna - The Rune of Aggression can no longer be unleashed upon a risen Mucktail or Shraloks that are already fighting a force of nature.
Grim Reaping - Grey geodes now have quest target icon.
Grim Reaping - Gathering Crystal Cores from Grey geodes is now a group update.
Grim Reaping - All grimlings on Grim Shales (except for Brirgorf) are possible targets for the Vial of Grim Dealings.
Grim Reaping - Grim Dealings is no longer targetable, or attackable.
Diving for Defenses - Captain Greymast should have the appropriate quest offer icon now. No more telling you he wants to update a quest when he really doesn't.
Allu'thoa Abduction - Corrith Midner should have the appropriate quest update icon now. No more telling you he wants to offer you a quest when he really doesn't.
Allu'thoa Abduction - an Allu'thoa high shaman respawn much faster now, but he still has many respawn points.
Shattered Seas: Dark Forest of Legend - Tamm Gloryday should now show a quest offer icon.
Shattered Seas: Dark Threats on Dshinn - Quest now rewards "Anchor of Wanderer's Dock."
Shattered Seas:Temple of Doom- All 6 "Shissarian Codex" spells are now granted to the player in order to help defeat the Shissar attackers and close the Luclin portal.
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