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Ok, I agree with most the cb and pot mixed with half a chance to crit was a really ^&*% idea, but majority of what's wrong with pvp is not even that, it's the playerbase.

When you people learn that Wf's and Bg's are not the only place to pvp you might get somewhere. Till then you run the same zones over an over then wait on a wf or bg to pop and remain bored.

You complain about getting jumped and how things are one sided, but then turn around to complain about not seeing any pvp. Make up your mind. 

You always seem to say another class is op, rather than fixing your own and not worrying about other players. If this case was true why has there always been an exceptional player of each type? 

PvP is going to die, and it's not going to be majority of soe fault. You can't find a fight if you never go look, and that's not to everyone still a very few around that do, but being on a open world server and the only time you actually fight is in raids or groupd every 2 hours is your own making. 

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